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Technorati’s Philippine Top 100 Blogs

top100.gif I was googling for my name and discovered that my blog is now on Technorati’s Philippine Top 100 Blogs (View stats here). In fact at the bottom rank at number 92 with Rank: 71,446 (103 links from 41 sites). Not too bad at all considering the official launch of this blog was on February 2006. A big thank you to all my beautiful readers who believe my blog is link worthy. Please sign my map so I know what part of the world you are coming from. (Thanks to Cathy for the link)

5 thoughts on “Technorati’s Philippine Top 100 Blogs”

  1. Hey Noems, how do you work the technorati thing anyway? I gave you the link but I don’t even know how to navigate around it. Duh. I mean, how does one get counted as a Philippines blog by Technorati?

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