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Update March 26- Mommy Blogger Contest Entries with the top 3 most number of Qualified Comments 1. Tina Ong 191 2. Cai Sio 147 3. Tin Dychiao 131 DEADLINE is March 21: Get a chance to win a PictureMate PM245 or a LabelWorks LW-300. Check out my contest/giveaway below the cut for Read More →


No, it is not part of the 12 commandments so we often think that is perfectly alright to gossip especially when we are offended by someone. It is a nasty way of getting even. Some people even call it therapy so they make fun of their victims. No wonder back-talks are so rampant. It happens Read More →

online libel

Originally posted at the Philippine Online Chronicles/ Blog Watch As one of the petitioners in the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) versus the the Cybercrime Prevention Act  or Republic Act 10175 , I believed that the law only increases the lavish power of Philippine libel laws.  United Nations Human Rights Council is correct in calling Philippine libel Read More →

depression 1

I get many emails from readers after reading my Suicide Prevention page, saying they are depressed or feel hopeless. Sometimes I also get tweet mentions calling for help. One should remember there is a difference between depression and sadness. Watch this video: Depression in young kids may go unnoticed especially if one is hyperactive or Read More →


In all the 36 years that Butch and I have been a couple (as steadies for 7 years and as married couple) , not once have we celebrated Valentine’s Day outside the home. During the 7 years that we dated, he’d say “I don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s day but let’s go on a dinner Read More →

PUP Mabini media awards best blog

Tired with my hectic day yesterday, I sipped fruit tea at the gym’s lounge. I didn’t realize I fell asleep until I was awakened by a phone call from Noel. He prodded me to check my email and I told him that I will do it once I reach home. Maybe he could not contain Read More →

safeter internet day

In support of Safer Internet Day, I wrote about How my daughter turned me into a digital mom in 1996. Wow, that’s over 18 years ago. There were just websites and online journals in those days. The internet was not complicated as it is today with so many new technologies. The question remains : “How Read More →


How could I not resist Lauren, my then 9 year old daughter’s question in 1996? One day while I was busy with my emails, she walked up to my desk begging to create a web page using HTML. The question seemed so natural like she was asking for candy but running inside my head was Read More →

uphold rh law

Did the parents of this poor boy know that they had a choice on the size of their family? Did they know about sex education? It saddens me that the Philippine bishops misrepresent the RH Law as something that promotes abortion and of adolescent promiscuity. I feel these bishops have been intellectually dishonest and ignored Read More →


I am keeping this entry short and sweet so the words speak for itself. Everyday, we face a gamut of emotions but just remember three simple tips 1. Don’t promise when you’re happy 2. Don’t reply when you’re angry, and 3. Don’t decide when you’re sad Finally remember the five simple lessons in life to Read More →

sex education lectures

*Cringe*. I am sure some of you are not too comfortable about the topic especially with our children. But….Let’s not be in denial. Parents need to wake up to reality. 32% of the youth aged 15-24 engage in sex and 78% of this is unprotected sex, according to DRRP and UP study. Data from YAFS Read More →


Helicopter parents take away a child’s character and his ability to do things on his own. This type of parenting is backfiring. – Lisa Hein I only heard of term, helicopter parenting from Cookie when I asked for suggestions on topics. I did a little research and found out that helicopter parents are so named Read More →

world cancer day

As a young teen, my almost perfect world started to crumble when my mother died from breast cancer complications in 1976. Life was never the same without a motherly touch but  dad pulled it off so well. He became our mom and a dad at the same time. In In 1999, my 40 year old brother, Oscar died of leukemia (AML- Read More →

dancing the night away

The attire on the invite read :” Drop dead gorgeous for the ladies and metrosexual for the guys.” Bernie, my gorgeous best friend wanted to celebrate Frank’s (her husband) milestone in life, as he joins the distinguished Senior Citizens’ Club. My task was to make sure my husband will wear the required “metrosexual” attire. “What Read More →


Photo via @HiroshiShih Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hey Fat Choy! I enjoy surfing through the various Feng Sui sites on what lies ahead for the Rooster, the year I was born based on the Chinese Lunar year. I know that it is just a guide but it is fun nonetheless to read about my Read More →

president noynoy aquino and photo ops

How time flies. It’s been four years since Blog Watch interviewed then Presidential Candidate Noynoy Aquino for his platforms. It was an intimate tête-à-tête and I thought we would have more of these talks if elected as President. These days, I am often asked this question “so what happened to the social media plan of Read More →

graduate school

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela “One of the best investments we can make in a child’s life is high-quality early education.” —US President Barack Obama in today’s State of the Union Address “Wasn’t it just yesterday that I held your hand on your first Read More →

me and my ex bf

I wrote this seven years ago but I thought I’d share it again because today, January 26 is the day we met 36 years ago. Yes, we celebrate the first day we met (January 26), the first day we became a couple (March 7) aside from our wedding anniversary (May 5). Our anniversary is a Read More →

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