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Mom blogger, making a difference in the lives of her children by advocating social change for social good.


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Work and Money
Before I was married, I was a Research Associate at the UP Institute for Small Scale Industries . Although the pay wasn’t that much, I found my job very fulfilling. I worked on a wide range of projects involving small and medium enterprises such as A Study on Possible Expansion of Planters Bank’s Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Activities, Informal Sources of Credit and more. One of my case studies “The Unique Character of the Small Firm – Mang Jose’s Dilemma.” was published in Business Day (now Business World). 1987. It seemed awkward that I gave advice to entrepreneurs when I myself was not one. Of course, I dreamt of becoming an [tag]entrepreneur[/tag] one day. I did not seek employment after my second daughter was born. I became a licensed real estate broker in 1989 (License No. 8920) and worked for my husband’s family real estate properties. Although the pay was quite good, I wasn’t too happy with the arrangement. You know how it is when one works with family. It can get personal. So I resigned in 1998 and lived off the salary of my husband. How nice , no? That was all about to change.

pinoy_real_estate_broker.jpg Just recently, I revived my real estate brokerage which you can view at my real estate blog where I specialize in condominium projects of the top real estate developers in the Philippines.

New Media Publisher

I often get tapped as a new media publisher in product launches or public relations events.

My PR policy is a combination of Anton’s school of thought “for the awesome experiences which would include eating at a restaurant I can rave about or meeting awesome people. ” and Yuga’s third option of “full disclosure to your blog readers ”

A disclosure will at least serve as a warning to your readers if later on you make a positive review of their products/services, it was influenced in some manner.

Read my disclosure policy.

I graduated at UP Diliman with a degree BS Food Technology in 1978. I worked for a couple of years in the Food processing industry. Then I took my Master’s In Business Administration in Ateneo Graduate School of Business. At that time, I thought getting an MBA was the way to enhance my career. When the kids came into my life, I enjoyed motherhood so much that I gave up my research career and became a full time mother and got employed as a Property Manager for my husband’s real estate properties. I went into real estate and in the mid 1990’s played around with the internet as a hobby. Today, that hobby has transformed into an income generating project.

noemi dadoAfter my son was born in 1993, I became overweight and never bothered to lose the excess pounds. Well, there were many failed attempts. By 2003, I was diagnosed as hypertensive, [tag]diabetic[/tag] and due for angioplasty. I accepted my fate… that if I died, I would soon join my son in heaven . But it wasn’t meant to be. An angiogram revealed no major blockage in the arteries. Instead they found a “spastic heart” . That’s how much grief affected my heart. It made me realize that I was not meant to die yet. I started to lose weight on May 2005 after joining a fitness gym (because Lauren wanted a yoga class and I was forced to be her driver). I was 163 lbs (I’m 5 feet 2″) and was borderline obese. Two months later, I lost 20 pounds with the help of healthy diet. Today, I am 129 pounds but still need to lose 10 more pounds . My blood sugar is stable. My blood pressure is normal. My eye angiogram has no bleeding and kidney function is normal. I am not sure how much damage my body has encountered after those years of neglect .

imageLeft-TheBook.jpg I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person. However , when my son died, I questioned God : “how could God do this?” , “Why my son?”, “Why not me”? I stopped going to church too only because I would cry everytime a song was played. Everytime I mention that I was angry with God, I get a few “Whoa-you-are-a-sinner” looks. In the back of my mind, I heard Luijoe berating me for not going to mass. Then sometime November 2004, as I was sitting in the couch where Luijoe used to stay, a light dawned on me. It seemed like my son was reaching out to me. A voice called “Mama, pray!” Then I just surrendered my pain. This was the moment where I changed…my transition to a new and better me. Then I attended The Purpose Driven Life by the Ligaya ng Panginoon on November 2005. The seminar inspired me to move beyond my pain . Thus, I initiated the formation of The Compassionate Friends Philippines. On the last day of our seminar, I was invited to share my ministry to the participants of the program. Here is the Powerpoint Presentation of “The Positive Resolution of my Grief Journey“. (1 MB)

““We are healed to help others. We are blessed to be a blessing. We are saved to serve, not to sit around and wait for heaven

So that’s my new life in a nutshell. Future entries will contain more details. However, not all of my blog entries contain everything about my life. I prefer to keep some information as private as possible.

You can read about me and my blog in this interview by Mao Hermitanio , Her Life as a Blogger.

Now, it’s your turn tell me about you.

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