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Mom blogger, making a difference in the lives of her children by advocating social change for social good.

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noemidado1I’m Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (also known as @momblogger in Twitter), a Filipina , a homemaker, and an Editor of Blog Watch, a citizen media site. I am also involved in advocacy work and family recovery groups. I have 3 wonderful children: two girls who are now living independently from our home,  while my beautiful son, Luijoe, is forever 6 years old. I’m married to Butch Dado, my on-off boyfriend, a smart lawyer, my husband for 33 years. We’ve been together for a total of 40 years from the time we met as college students in UP Diliman.

This blog is about my “new normal” which I struggled to achieve after the sudden death of my 6 year old son, Luijoe on May 27, 2000. Still a work in progress, I am now in my renewal stage where my grief has moved on towards a positive resolution.

Inspite of my son’s death, many wonderful things have been happening to me. Sharing the changes in my new life will be shown in blog entries. I want to offer hope. That there is a new normal after the loss of a child. Death is a part of life. I ‘ve realized this place we live in is only a temporary place and that eternal life is in heaven. I am reminded by my son’s words just before he died “when I die, I will be alive again!!“. The pain of my son’s death gave me this courage to pursue and fight for my goals in life.

This site is about me, my advocacy, grief journey , health recovery, parenting, marriage, and thoughts and opinions about any significant or insignificant daily events.

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And many more especially on adversities

My new normal

I am now involved in citizen media , emerging media and promoting children’s rights, preservation of our environment and quality of family life through this personal blog and Blog Watch. (more of my advocacy work?)

Working with children’s rights and other passions are my way of keeping Luijoe’s memory alive. I also know that my actions are a living tribute to my child. The single most powerful factor in starting my new normal has been the realization that death did not take all of my child.

Everything I had with Luijoe when he was alive still lives in me. He lives in every word and action I do for the rest of my life.

This is probably what Luijoe meant to say ““mama, when I die, I will be alive again”. It is not just about the promise of eternal life. That “Love never dies”.

But allow me to give you a 3 minute video presentation of the road I have traveled and continue to traverse:

Audio-visual presentation during the launch of my ebook

And the background of my life in the long version:


roboticaI have been online since 1995 and one of my first web project was Internet Safety for World Kids Network, a children’s fun website where I drafted the 10 Golden Rules on Internet Safety. See that icon to the right? That ‘s supposed to be me.. LOL, I was called Robotica by kids around the world. Cute… As a concerned mother, I made sure my daughters were guided in the use of the internet. My daughter is known as the first Filipino Blogger in the Philippines. My second project was the website for the Manila Children’s Choir. It’s not online anymore but it was useful when the Vatican googled for children’s choir in the Philippines. M, my second daughter got to sing in the Vatican with the choir and had a personal audience with Pope John Paul. was created to pay tribute to my beautiful son who died on May 27, 2000. I maintained a mini-blog in that site. The year 2002 was significant because it marked my entry as an entreprenuer. Together with L , we started Protagonist Webhosting which served the global market. Then on June 2005, Pinoy Webhosting was initiated to serve the local market and to make webhosting affordable to starter businesses.( I have since stopped the webhosting in 2010 to focus on my advocacy.) My other web project is the The Compassionate Friends, a grief support group for families who have lost a child or sibling.


luijoeI’ve experienced so many deaths in my immediate family. My mother died of breast cancer when I was in college. My brother, Ruben died of fulminant Hepatitis A in 1990 and another brother, Oscar died of AML-4 leukemia in 1999. My dad died in 2004 from stroke complications. Then my precious child, Luijoe died on May 27, 2000. Losing a child is the ultimate tragedy that can ever happen to a parent. My whole world collapsed on the day my son died. To even describe the pain is not possible. The pain is gut-wrenching and indescribable. My idea of grief was that one had to keep inner feelings to oneself . My role model was my father who was stoic and didn’t talk much about losing my mother or his own son . He also neglected his health and at the age of 55, he suffered a stroke. My husband’s idea of grief was to cry and talk about it. It took me 4 years to move on from healing to renewal. As long as I live and love, my grief remains. The pain is not as raw as the day he died. I think of my son and the beautiful memories we shared together. I miss him so much.
fallen cradleMy story on Luijoe’s life and death is a now part of “Fallen Cradle“, a book of 22 stories by parents who have a lost a child. . Fallen Cradle can be bought at National BookStore or Powerbooks. (read more about Fallen Cradle)

It would be unrealistic to fully ““get over,” completely ““resolve” or ““let go” of your child. We are only humans who have suffered a traumatic loss of a child with whom we had a physical connection and now search for ways to continue that attachment in a spiritual sense..

DadoFamily014No doubt you have heard from the nonbereaved – “It’s good you have each other.” Good you have each other! In reality, what ‘good’ are we to each other? How does one grieving parent support and comfort the other? Our marriage suffered during the first few years after my son died. My husband and I had different ways of coping with our grief. He wanted to talk about Luijoe’s death. I preferred to keep quiet and be by myself. This created a distance between us. By 2004, I felt it was time to leave him but a light appeared in my head that I needed to work things out. Perhaps it was God through my son’s intercession that showed me the light. Today, we are in a loving and healthy relationship as we rediscover each other. It’s like falling in love once again. We are the not the same couple that married each other 26 years ago. We are more aware of each other’s mood-swings. Sometimes we may feel we are on an emotional see-saw – when one is up, the other is down. We offer time and privacy to grieve as individuals, and also time together without the other children. (This is our love story)

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new-media If you want to learn how to blog, watch this Youtube video of me and other mom-bloggers)

100 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. hi, i stumbled upon here through sassy’s. thank you for sharing your story. in a way i can relate to your grief, though probably not as much. 3 years ago, i lost my beloved sister to cancer, when she was only 36, having orphaned my 3 nephews aged 12, 7 and 3. she was my best friend, we had the same birthday. i miss her still.

    your son was beautiful, truly an angel look over you now.

  2. OH I am sorry. I lost my brother just a year before my son died. My brother died of leukemia. And 15 years ago, I also lost a brother due to hepatitis A. All of these losses just added up and I still miss my brothers.

  3. Hi Naomi

    got your link from pinayexpat, nakikiramay ako sa yo, i have also a son born in 1993, meron din siyang deformities, pero okay naman siya…he is now 13 years old, grade 7 now here in toronto, i like your blog….mapapadalas and dalaw ko sa dito blog mo…

    best regards,

    kuya joey

  4. i stumbled upon your blog looking for philippine idol entries and your story caught my attention….

    my 7-yr old only daughter has aloppecia (?) becoz of stress..s she’s stressed becoz of my pregnancy… i’m almost 4 months pregnant and it’s causing her mixed emotions… she’s very excited yet scared that she will not be the baby anymore of the family… her thought manifested on her head through aloppecia or having bald spots…

    yesterday, it worsened and developed to a wound… i’m just so scared.. i know it’s curable but the mother in me plus my pregancy hormones are giving me crazy thoughts… this morning, i was thinking what will happen if i would lose my daughter… it’s so crazy… i know it’s far from happening but i cannot stop my thoughts… then this lunch time i came across your blog… so it’s just making me paranoid…

    i’m glad you’re ok now… and i wish you the best… i know these crazy thoughts of mine will pass….

  5. hello djo.
    i had alopecia last august, brought about by different stressors (school, family problems, etc).. the idea of possibly going bald at the peak of my teen years horrified me so much, that my bald spot grew bigger (from a 25-centavo coin to a one-peso coin) in just two weeks. so i went to an immunologist (alopecia is an autoimmune disease, meaning your body’s defense cells attack your own cells, in this case your hair cells), and he prescribed an immunosuppressant, 0.1% Tacrolimus Protopic ointment. i was to apply it on the spot twice a day. in under a month there was remarkable progress, and now the hair that grew back is already about five inches long. i hope you find an ointment that works for your daughter.. i’ll be praying for her, i know how traumatizing it must be for you and your daughter.
    all the best, leda.

  6. dear noemi,

    sorry for using your blog to cinverse with leda but i have no idea how to contact her except through here…

    dear leda,

    thanks for the support. we went to a dermatologist where she prescribed some steroids to make her hair grow. she said that until the stressor will not turn off what tirggered the attck on her hair, it will not stop attacking the hair follicles…. and sadly, there’s really no exact medicine to identify which one caused my daughter’s stress…. so all i can give her now is my 100% support and love to show her that having a younger brother/sister will not change our love for her. by the way, can you recommend your immunologist so i can consult also if my daughter’s situation will not get better? she has a checkup later and i can see already very small hair follicles on the edge of her bald spot… hopefully, its the start of her recovery…

  7. The pain has dulled somewhat over the years, hasn’t it, Nomei? Thats how life is, we lose, grieve, cope, heal. I also lost a 10-month old infant son to bronchopneumonia. — did you know that? There are still the bitter-sweet ‘what could have been’ thoughts. But in the end you leave it up to Him or to what we call Fate. Sometimes, I see the struggles that we who continue to live here go through and wonder if those who went ahead early weren’t luckier to have been spared life’s woes.

    But like me, I see you have gone on with your life. Go go Noemi.

  8. Hi there! Destiny brought me here…as I’d like to say.Ãœ I was just surfing the net for cinema schedules of the movie Griffin & Phoenix when I stumbled upon your site.

    Needless to say, I’ll be adding your site in my list of Favorites. I’m a 24-year old single gal…not much experience in life…haven’t been in a “challenging” situation in life as you’ve experienced (losing a loved one). But last 2005, I lost my friend Joy to an illness that up until now we don’t know exactly what. She’s our barkada since high school and her mom and dad (and entire family) has been through a lot since then. I’m intrigued by the book Fallen Cradle…and will try and look for it in bookstores. I’m not sure if I should buy another copy to give to my friend’s parents as well. I wouldn’t want them to open emotional scars that haven’t completely healed yet. Anyway, this is getting a bit long. I am glad I stumbled upon your site and will visit as often as I can. More power and God bless.

  9. noemi,,
    its so nice to here from you that you have positive outlook in your life even if life tested you! personaly, i have not experienced loosing someone i love yet but your story can help alot!

    i hope you can enjoy your life now inspite of what had happened!

    “for everything, there is a purpose” maybe your purpose is to be an inspiration to other! Just be strong and god will help you always..

  10. Hi! Had to rush my 7 year old son to PCMC early this morning. He had fever last night. He just recovered from bronchitis a week ago. I was scared baka pneumonia na. When we entered the driveway of the emrgency of PCMC nagsikip na yong dibdib ko. Flashback December 12, 2003, i was in the same hospital, emegency case. Brought my then 18 year old son for self inflicted wounds. After 4 years i still felt the same. The fear that gripped me that night. It felt like everything was on slow motion. I texted Elay ( Dr. Nadera ) who lost her 4 year old son Awit to pneumonia in the same hospitallast December 2006.Awit was a student of mine. Elay arrived in 20 minutes. I didn’t expect it. But Elay has become a friend. My son Ira is her patient. I was telling Elay when we were walking towards the hospital’s exit, ” Ayaw ko ng bumalik dito, Elay” , ” I can never get used to this place” , ” How do you get used to this place? ” To which she answered, ” You can, if you think dito mag su-survive and ank mo “, This place, pipay has become a refuge for me “. I hugged her tightly before we parted. I have never told her “I understand” when Awit passed away. She also never told me she understood when she was handling Ira. It was unspoken between us, mothers.

  11. @Myrna- yes the pain lessens with time.
    @Candy- you can grab a copy at National Bookstore and Powerbooks
    @Timmy- the mere fact I am blogging means I’m on the road to recovery

    @Pilar- I have met Dr Nadera last year when her husband did Poetry seminar for our group, The Compassionate Friends. I also heard of their loss, Awit. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but saying “I understand” to someone who has lost a child is only when that person themselves have lost a child. No one understands the depth of losing a child only if it has happened to that person.

  12. Hi! I stumbled upon your site. How are you now dear? Haven’t seen you in quite awhile. The video was enlightening. I think you have found your niche in the web. It is such a sight seeing you inspiring others. Good luck! And more power.

  13. I still go to the gym but to other branches and only during weekends at the Fort. As usual, yoga and body balance skeds only. Regards to butch and the kids.

  14. Your story is really sad but im happy that you already moved on
    and living a life full of happiness.
    Don’t worry, your son will always be on your side

    Take care always
    and put a smile on your heart….

  15. Noemi, I am glad to have found your blog. It is very interesting. there is a lot of things i can learn from you. I am amazed that you have got yourself into internet as early as 1995. I think you have one of the pioneer in this. I have just started one parenting blog. hope it is not too late to catch up with technologies. since i am from malaysia, i have named my blog as Cheers

  16. hi ate noemi…ive watched your story in a TV show. I admire how you struggled with what had happen to your son.. I admire your strength to go on in your everyday life despite of what you are going through during those days where in you thought was a nightmare. God has a plan for everything that’s happening in our lives, and maybe God has put you to test how strong you are, and He tested you in a way that you can measure your faith in Him to make you realize that God is really working in every way and lasly to test if you are able to cope up in such tragedy.

    I know that God, Himself is so proud of you for the character you have in terms of moving on. Me, myself is so proud of you.. You inspired me. I cried when i heard your story and feel the pain, but you have given me a lesson. It is to “NEVER GIVE UP”.. that phrase means a lot to me because of you.

    Ate thank you so much..
    Luijoe will always be an angel to everyone. And he will be the one who will guide you. “There will be no good byes but there is till we meet again”..that is the best phrase that i can dedicate to you cause i know you really do miss your son..In God’s time, all of us will go where Luijoe is in the arms of God.. And that time your son will hug you as much as you expected..Maybe he misses her wonderful mom too. No need to worry cause now he is already safe and happy.. When you are down, your son will always whisper to you that he loves and “you can do it mommy”..

    I’m so glad that you have moved on. You are truly an inspiration to everybody.

    Godbless to you and to your family..!

  17. This must be fate calling us together!! I was just looking for sugar cookie recipes and i landed on your site. Our sons must have a connection in Heaven. I too have felt your pain in so many ways that my first three years i didn’t know who i was. I should explain,
    On Sept 14, 1997 i lost my son Alex (5) to a horriffic car accident. The damage to his brain and internal organs was so severe that he died an hour after being brought to the emergency room. All i new was being a mom 24/7 and that day my life radically changed. I too have experienced the loss of others. My sister (Laura) died of a horrific death. She was murder when i was 11 and she only at the age of 15. I delt with my sisters death the same way you did and when my son died i had a different feelings. i knew he wouldn’t want me to live my life to it’s fullest but it’s very hard to do without the faith of God and the support of loved ones. I’ve always been told “how do you do it (survive) and I’ve always been told God only dishes out what he thinks we can handle!!IMaybe just maybe we were meant to become friends and if you ever want to chat email me. For all the times of hardship my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family .

    1. May God give you peace…you are also so courageous and have suffered such loss; I am so sorry. I will pray for you, also. God bless your heart; hugs across the distance to you…

  18. i googled bangbang pants and i landed on your page. scanning your blog, i noticed some similarities between us;

    1. we were both crazy enough to buy bangbang back in the 70’s and loved collezione.

    2, i’m 51 too

    3. UPD. 73-01983

    4. i’ve 3 daughters with MCC (1987-1994). if you went to the vatican tour i’m quite sure you know sally galila

    i’m truly sorry for your loss. having five children and being devoted to them, i think i’ve an inkling of how you felt then.

    nice “meeting” you. cheers!

    desperatebloggers last blog post..The Truth Hurts Part 1

  19. hi!

    i just lost my mom a few months ago. and until now, i cannot get over my grief…there are still things thatI wanted to tell her and do for her…maybe that’s why I feel so remorseful. My mom died of squamous cell carcinoma.

  20. hi!

    i became interested with your site after i watched your feature at the Lifestyle’s Channel’s Mom Works TV Program. i am a mother of a toddler and losing her is the most dreadful event i could ever imagine…thank you for sharing your story with us, you have inspired me to be good parent…

  21. I’m not even sure how I found your site… but here I am, reading and reading… and crying so hard too. I have a 4 yr old son and an almost 3yr old daughter… and I can’t help but imagine what I would do if something tragic happened to them. I’m sure the pain and fear I felt by just imagining will never even be a tiny fraction of your heartache and grief.
    Your son’s a beautiful boy. I love looking at his pictures.
    Thank you for sharing your story… I will pray for your family. Godbless…

  22. You have a beautiful life story to tell. Thanks. Most of your reader I supposed are mothers. I am a grandfather and I just lost a mother ( 95 years old) I went back home to bury her. I was back home a day before she died and the few hours I had with her, was the warmest relationship I had with her. Thanks for sharing your life to your readers. Be strong as life has to go on.


      1. it’s really nothing, i just wanna wish the best for you and your family… i am really touched about your kid though i don’t have any similar case happened in my life… i had some tragic events but it’s different, nway reading about your thoughts in the blog draws me to think you have a good and kind heart…God bless you…

  23. Thank you for your attention.
    I wondered through your blogsite and i had goosebumps..
    I am 50 yo mom who had been in and out of the corporate world but am now working with my husband. i have three children as well > a 23 yo boy from De La Salle, a 20 yo taking Management Economics in Ateneo and a 14 yo, first year high school daughter. and yes i have been married for 23 years to my loving hubby but we have been 7 years as steadies so that makes it 30 years of togetherness as well.
    My reason for having the courage to write is that I have a family friend who lost a 14 year old daughter just last 21 November 2008. The story is quite long. If you will indulge me to share it with you, i wont mind.
    However, i had been “assigned” to write a tribute about their daughter. I dont want to “spoil” something special as she was a very special girl.
    i will appreciate if you can give me some pointers so i can do “justice” for the tribute that i am supposed to write…
    with much love,

  24. hi, i don’t know why i tumbled into your site but i am thankful i did. when i saw your pic with luijoe, i kept on staring at it for a long time, and then i realized that tears had been falling down my face for quite some time already. That was even before reading your blog about him…

    I have just put my 2 1/2 year old son to sleep before i went online tonight. Just thinking of losing him created this hollow feeling of pain in my heart. I know that saying ” i understand” wouldn’t mean the same if the person saying it has not gone through what you did, but i will say them just the same, in the level that a mom will always have this abundancy of love to her children and losing them will really change the course of how she sees life. A mother’s heart is like an ocean. It is filled with love one can never fathom how deep.

    i salute you. hope to meet and talk to you someday…


    1. Hi Cef,

      Nice of you to drop by. There are moments I still tear when I see my Luijoe’s photos. I know you understand. Even when I meet moms who have lost a child, there are just no words.

      Hope to meet you one day.

      1. dear noemi,
        thank you for always replying to my texts messages… ( im the one from cavite) our son Jiro passed away thru a tragic car accident last june 2008… he’s 22. our first born, we have three sons- Jiro 22, Jovin 18 and Jedrick 12….
        we’re all in deep grief over Jiro’s death…. i can cry a river for him everyday, the pain gets more intense, we miss him immensely…
        i appreciate people like you who can help us thru what we’re going thru.
        – noemi.

  25. The Filipina is often seen as an angelic face of exotic beauty. With two Filipina Miss Universe titlists who have won the much coveted crown, there is no doubt that Filipinas are indeed beautiful women. There is much more to this about the Filipina, however, that Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike may not be aware of in our beauty.

  26. hi Ma’am Noemi,

    i was browsing through the net looking for crisis help desks when i ran into your site. I’m 20 years old and also an AB Social Sciences student from Ateneo, like your daughter. I do not usually add comments to blogs which i have visited but i admire what you and your family has done to face your trial.

    My parents, although very supportive through other means.. i believe, do not take me seriously when i suggest that i may be experiencing depression. I would also like to think that what i am undergoing through is simply a “down” moment in my life, but from what i have observed, these episodes are consequently recurring. i have also answered “yes” to most diagnostic questions posted on the internet. I know i am capable of excellence, it’s just very hard to find the confidence i once had. hopefully, i could get over this once more.

    thank you, and God bless

    1. Hi,

      I am your librarian in the Loyola Schools. If you need help you can come to see me and I could refer you to a professional who can help you with your problems. Depression could be caused a chemical imbalance in your body which in turn could be caused by stress.

      Just send me an email if you feel like it.


  27. hi there

    will the pain be the same whoever lost in the family? I dont know if i’m tarcking the road to recovery since my wonderful husband left me last 2007. i’m in deep sorrow, because i didn’t only lose a husband, a father of my children but also a best friend. yes all in one relationship may be this is the reason why it’s so difficult for me to recover, i have no one lean on, and of course to listen to all my petty problems. As if i have no one to trust on. Because sometimes i feel that people around you and considered you “friends” are the one pulling you down. I really dont know how to handle life now.

  28. We have all sufferings here. Some hard, some too hard, some
    easy. Rich, poor, middle class, no class at all. No one is immuned.

    The point here is: If it does not kill you. It will make you strong…

  29. Hi…
    I accidentally came across your blog just don’t know how or why….I really can’t help it but found myself crying…..I have a six-year old son too who is being taken cared of his dad. I’m a working mom and my husband is not the type who’s ma-alaga to his child’s needs. He keeps on saying that our son is already a big boy and I should not baby him
    too much. But still, I worry too much for our kids.Also have a daughter & is 18 yrs. old. The what if”s at the back of my mind keeps on tormenting me…
    Anyway, Luijoe is a handsome boy…really cute kid…and from the
    looks of it he is sweet. I admire your strength and truly you are an inspiration to everyone.”There is a time to let things happen, and a time to make things happen.”
    God Bless and will always pray for you, your angel and your family…Leng

  30. I just want to say how much of an inspiration you are. You may not think it but you are incredibly courageous and it is such a story you tell. God bless your heart and your families hearts so much. YES you will see your little boy again; that is part of the plan. God tells us in the Bible that this is a ‘visit to a planet’ that is nothing in comparison to the forever we will have with him. Still, I realize, we are here and hearts are greatly broken, while we are here; I am so sorry for the loss you’ve endured. You have suffered much. Your boy will always be with you; and oneday face to face again, and back in your arms to love and converse with. You are loved; know this and rest in it. I am going to watch that movie tonight (Pirates) you mentioned in your blog. I’ve seen it before but as you said it’s “escapism” at it’s best! I lost my mother father and sister years ago, I can enjoy the memories you mentioned of your father laughing on that Disneyland ride; what wonderful memories I have of my mother father and sister at that amusement park many years ago. We’ll see them all again, Noemi; I am believing with you and praying for you. Hands across the miles. God bless. 🙂

  31. hi, I am deeply moved by your experience. Death really is so painful especially for a mom. I actually feel the same intense hurt when I thought i had lose my son. He had a convulsion due to fever, as I held him in my arms not breathing, I told God, help me Lord, I cannot take these, you see I could not even cry. As I rush him to the hospital, I felt my heart’s squeeze so tight, I thought If my son died might as well I die with him, (Oh God, remembering that moment always brought me tears). While holding my baby close to my heart I never give up asking God to revive my son. I know He will not forsake me. As soon as my son said the word “mama”, I cried a lot, it was the most wonderful word I have ever heard. I kissed him a lot and I praise God for the wonderful gift of my son’s life.

    Now he is turning 3 this September and as I looked at him I was so thankful that the Lord brings him back to me. I was bless and fulfilled as a mom.

    I believe that in every situation God has a purpose, death is certain, however, God’s assurance of everlasting life with him is certain as well. We will all gather as a family and we will see our love one up there in heaven.

    joys last blog post..Think about this … Must I follow rules?

  32. wow… you’re an awesome Filipina Mom Blogger.. i like you as a blogger.. and i am only a beginner in the blogging industry… i am hoping if you can link my blog.. thank you .. I’m looking forward to your reply..^_^

  33. I really admired your courage. The way you went through things. It’s like you still stood after a big and thick wall crashed on you. When someone departs without a warning, it’s a very very hard thing to accept specially when you are not yet ready.

    When someone dies, it feels like a part of us dies too. I may not be a Christian like you, but I know God has plans for us. And we should not question HIS WILL. I hope God will keep on giving you more strength and more wisdom as you go on in life.

    Your son is with you no matter what. We all know it. 🙂

    God bless you!

  34. hello po, ate Noemi! I just found your blog today and I forgot where I found you from 😀 I started reading your blog awhile ago and I’m still not done perusing your pages. Your blog posts are very heartwarming and very informative, so inspirational and full of love – my kind of blogger that’s why you are being added to my fave links. I really appreciate your stories here, and about your son Luijoe – I’m pretty sure right now he does appreciate you for being his mom even for a little while, I lost my brother to Cancer last year when he was 22 and my mom was so in grief she wanted to take her life, too… I can’t imagine what you feel and I know as a mom losing your child is devastating. I’m glad to know you found blogging a way to recuperate with the sadness you were feeling… blogging is sure therapeutic…

    Thank you for sharing your life stories, ate – It inspires me to continue blogging forever. and about your love story (kilig to the bones) napakainspiring and I know there’s always hope on growing old with your bestfriend in life…

    🙂 keep up the great work! God bless and take care!!

  35. Good day,I stumble upon your blog because I’m looking for Mother’s who had the same experience just like what Happened to a mother like me who lost her precious SON.MY 26 Yrs.Old Son Died Last DEC.19,2008 in his SLEEP.How can I move on? He’s my youngest son and I keep on crying every night.I know He’s in the arms of GOD.But Why I always feel that He;s just beside me all the time?And When I think of those beautiful memories with HIM,I Can’t control my emotions and CRY and CRY especially in my Work.My Boss understands my situation but Until When Will I keep Crying?No words can explain the Pain of Losing a SON who is very LOVING………I’d just use the email of my ELDEST SON and He doesn’t know about my real feeling on this……THANK YOU for your advice.GOD BLESS

  36. Hello,

    I found your blog while trying to find your daughter Lauren’s. I am from Trinidad in the Caribbean and read your daughter’s blog from 1999 but lost track of her after two years. I always remember her entry on the death of her brother. I am glad to know that you have found an outlet to cope with his untimely passing. Won’t it be a joy to meet our resurrected loved ones again on the earth in the future without the fear of losing them again. Isaiah 45:18, John 5:28, 29. Thank you for blogging and forming your group. And you look amazing at 51! Congrats!

  37. The death of your son brought me to tears. i admire you not only for your very nice and informative blog but also for your courage to move on and face the world again. I’m sure Luijoe is with the Lord.
    I am a beginner in the blog world. I will be your constant visitor.

  38. Noemi, I stumbled across your blog, was leaving when I caught The Compassionate Friends as I had closed. Of course was on that like a magnet as I lost my 17 year old daughter Sharon 6 years ago. I am the co-leader of our local Compassionate Friends group.

    It is good that you are sharing to others how you are surviving. This is the hardest thing anybody could ever possible go through. At first the pain is so fresh, so biting that death is welcome to us. As time goes we learn to continue living and do find joy again but the hole in our heart never heals. The high of life are never so high, the lows never as bad. Life was split in half, before and after.

    Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. Luijoe is adorable. By sharing on your blog his memories continue on through the world.

  39. Hi!

    My name is Kate and I am working for an Events Agency. Currently we are planning an event for bloggers, more specifically mom bloggers. In this light I am in search for such netizens to interact further with that can hopefully give light to some of my queries.

    Please do let me know how I can get in touch with you on a more personal basis. Below are my contact details:

    email: [email protected]
    celphone no.: 09222752102

    Would really appreciate your response to this comment and hoping to have some time to pick your mind on certain topics. Thank you in advance.


  40. I lost a brother almost 2 years ago. We were very close. Everyday I still communicate with him in my own way. Like before when he was alive, he is my sounding board.

    The pain never goes away but I have to move on. For a long time I hoped that he will appear in my dreams. Finally, he did but not in my dreams but in my son’s dream. My son is very close to him. On morning he called me and told me to tell me that he woke up crying because my brother appeared in his dream. In his dream, he was in the bathroom and my brother was there with him. I came and he said that my brother started crying and apologizing to me.

    After that dream, I felt peace. I knew then that he really did not want to leave.

    Like me, I am sure that you have happy memories of your son as I have with my brother.

    I really admire what you said you are doing. A lot of people need the likes of you.

  41. Hi Ms. Noemi,

    I was in despair today as my husband and I had a fight. I have been married for 5 years and the last 2 years of my marriage had been the most difficult time and so up to now. I diverted from crying to searching the net and I couldn’t remember where I found yours but as I was reading, I thought about my 5 year old son. I cannot imagine the pain you had recovering from such a tragic moment but I am in bliss knowing that you are gearing towards healing. If its not too much to ask, i’d like to get thoughts from you regarding marriage. You may email me so I can get your email address and hopefully that will make a room for me to let out my feelings.

    God bless you and your family.

  42. Hi! Noemi

    I bumped by your blog when I was searching for Pinoy foods.
    I also lost a loved one last November, my husband died of heart attack three months after our wedding day. It’s almost a year from now but feels it happened only yesterday.
    Just this morning I can’t help but cry. The bus I was riding was playing songs which my husband sung whenever we go to videoke.
    I’ll also try to move on like you. I am trying to occupy myself by looking for recipe and trying to do them.
    Thank you for your posts.

  43. God communicates with us through events. He sees us on how we respond to these callings. He invites us to test our strength to be worthy as his children. and He made a promise to us, that we will be happy eternally.

  44. Hi Ate Noemi!Im a 32yrs old mom,I have 4kids i’ve been reading your story since May 2009 I cried hard when I saw your beatiful son.Both our youngest son left us in same tragic incident,he should be 10 today.But the hardest part my papa also suffer the same incident his 54,its hard to loose someone you love dearly specially a man who gave me life in this world,but loosing a child of our own is really too much.When my son is still alive he always tell me that he is a masayahing bata,among my chidren he has this sweet smile with dimples.He loves to giggle every now and then with no reason,a friendly boy and a smart one.He supposedly be in grade5 for he will be accilerated,Im miss my papa but I miss my son more,there are times I feel helpless,nababaliw,stress out and lots more.I too would like to give justice for them for the resort neglected us,I thank God still for he let my husband and older son live and get through with that same incident.If only we as a human can move back time so that we may cherish more time with them or be able to change plan so that this may not happen,for now we all regret and blame our selves especially me.The pain and tears are still fresh as if it happened yesterday.My God give us more strenght Ate as also to all moms who deal such pain.

  45. hello po,
    i was searching for a support group on line and i came upon yours. I did lost someone but in a way i lost everything when my wife cheated on me the second time. I am not sure if this is appropriate to tell but i just need to write this to vent my wrecked life. We were college sweethearts. Before we were married she got pregnant from other guy. I accepted her knowing that it was just a teenage thing. I am 30 now shes 29, her lover is 21. Our 3 young kids saw their mothers immorality. Her lover was our night guard whom eventually became her driver and lover. They recklessly displayed their affection in front of my children. They did it in our room and she let the guy used my things. I am destroyed emotionally. I reminisce the moments we had during our marriage and i cannot believed she could do such a thing. She was like an angel to me. She was my life. I grieved for my children, for our broken family. The movies and tv commercials only adds pain and makes me remember of the losses i have. We were happy. Our family was happy. Although i started to accept this tragedy i am in intense pain. I just couldn’t accept wholeheartedly the dreams and happy moments destroyed by such an evil deed. My wife cried but i can sense shes not remorseful. I sense that she still has feelings for the guy. But i knew its not love they have between them. She has not come into her senses. Although publicly she regretted the things she has done I am still not sure about it. We are now separated. The pain is just 1 month old and i am living each day with the support of my family. But when i am alone again the pain sinks in and depression dominates. I would like to accept this but it is just so painful. I think there should be more powerful word other than pain to described what i am feeling.
    If you know a support group of my subject here in the Philippines please email me.

  46. hi Mrs. noime

    Im a 19 year lady and I’m in my OJT right now at Megaworld corp. and my boss was asking me to look for advertising sight and fortunately I stumbled across your blog… It really touched me and I’m really close to crying while reading. What I beautiful child it is hard to loose someone but knowing they are now with God gives a peaceful thought. He’s really smart by the way… I have an adopted brother and he’s about 5. I can’t imagine loosing him really. and I’m afraid to loose my papernts too. I know you can make it and thank you for inspiring.

    God Bless You and Your Family!

    Stephanie Kay

  47. hi Noemi,

    i found your blog by “accident”. it really touches me and i envy you for your strenght and positive attitude… i wish you all the best and hope that you find your inner peace 😉

    best wishes from berlin/germany


  48. Hello Noemi,

    I found your website looking thru all of my 15 year old daughters saved websites. I was deeply touched by your story and your struggles. It just happens that I lost a child years ago myself. I appreciate your courage to share and helping others to heal. When I lost my child it was hard to move on and not to “live in in guilt”.
    God blessed me with two more children right after that. They’re now 15 and 17.
    It certainly seems like yesterday though sometimes, doesn’t it? That was almost 18 years ago this year.
    I know that all things will be revealed in God’s perfect time. You’re son is so beautiful and what you are doing, by reaching out is just as beautiful.

    This past year I lost an uncle that was such an icon in my life. He always installed in me the importance of “working hard” and always believed in me even when I didn’t. So, when we lost him it was very emotional to me. He suffered secretly with Cancer. I am still grieving and dealing with losing him, while gaining comfort that he is no longer suffering. Thank you for allowing me to share that with you. I am blogging to you from Reno, Nevada. God bless you and all that share their stories.

  49. hello, nakaka iyak naman po yung story mo, nakaka inspire din, single parent po ako, yung baby ko po 3yrs old na and im 24 yrs old naman… na-realize ko po na ang dami ko pinoproblema na sobrang non-sense pala, pero yung baby ko eh hindi ko na napapansin, to think im very lucky!

    Palagay ko po, ginawa ni GOD na mabasa ko ang story mo, para sabihin sa akin na its time to love my little angel, napapabayaan ko na kasi sya, im feeling guilty right now. Ill try to read the book “fallen cradle” I wanted to be inspired by those stories, para po mas i-treasure ko pa ang baby ko =)

  50. YOU are Good Decent Inspiring person.

    sa libro namin, ika’y: “APPROVED without THINKIN” (trusted, i-beberi-pie na laang, over time & space…..).

    Gusto namin’g gusto mo…pero AYAW namin’g AYAW namin.

    gleng-gling gawa mo, Noemi. keep d faith.

    salamat po!

    p.s. me titser kami sa ateneo gs ’60s: mrs. Lardizabal. related?

  51. I was searching for torta of Argao and I came upon this site which touched my heart and gave me food for the soul. Thanks Naomi and other parents who have experienced the death of a son/daughter. Your courage and faith has inspired me.

  52. Dear Noemi,
    What a painful experience to have deaths in immediate families every year. My 2 brothers in law died of Cancer, followed by my father in law and my mother in law. My brothers in law died at the age of 49 and 52 only.Last March 16, another cousin died at the age of 50. I myself together with my cousin Carol arranged the funeral services, cremation and all. I’m so nervous to enter the morgue to check if the make up is ok. I had the experience of being inside the elevator with the coffin being transferred to the chapel.

    It thought me a lot with all of these experiences. Right now Im in the process of being a Funeral Coordinator, since I am an event planner and supplier of sympathy flowers, memorial plan, this is just another level of being a coordinator.

    I took me a while to come up with my decision. Upon reading your story, I
    made up my mind now to go ahead with my plan. Your story moved me. I want to help others to have a better funeral services and be of service to those in need.

    Ms Gen

  53. I was just browsing with grief over my lost son and landed in your blog. On the first outset I am sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful child. I know about the magnitude and pain of parental grief as we are suffereing the same now.

    During September 20, 2009 I lost my elder son Vinod aged 29 in a car accident. He was so beautiful like your son, brilliant and yet humble boy who was working in a good company in a good position. We are unable to come out of the shock, grief and depression. My wife is worst affected and all the 24 hours thinking of him and talking and lamenting about him only. I also have deep grief but I keep everything internally and unable to share or talk openly. Since we have lost a grown up child we find him in every body, every action and everywhere. We are struggling with depression and living with sleeping pills for sleep at night. As you said there is no end to the parental grief. We are only praying God to give us strength to bear this loss and pull our life along until the day he fixed for us.

  54. i came to know you thru your villar blog.

    good to meet you noemi. my best childhood friend was named noemi too.

    i hope to go through all about you and from you and to you in a month?

    happy to find someone who shares, inspires, teaches, models, amazes, what else. jolts? lets see. i will find more later.

    thanks for being here.

    i love you na.

  55. I really admire u and ur good deeds and I feel for ur loss but I lost someone close to me to so u can’t do anything to change that but there are A LOT OF PEOPLE DYING OF THING LIKE HUNGER OR THE FLU AND WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES AND WORK HARD TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS OF ALL LIFE WE KNOW OF SO FAR

  56. We’ve lost our 4 yo son due to inoperable Pontine Glioma or Brainstem Tumor. He was a healthy, jolly very animated boy until symptoms appeared last July 2009. He was given 6 months to live by the doctors. It was the greatest shock in our lives knowing that my son’s sickness is not just like a simple cold or cough. My son is dying. It was very hard to accept and we even asked God why this happened to us. Why to our son. I thought I’d lost my sanity every time I see my son suffer the pain and groaning from various symptoms of his brain tumor. Sabi ko sana ako nalang, Lord. He has no sin. He is innocent. Why would you let him suffer Lord. He underwent 29 sessions radiation therapy from Sep 1 to October 10, 2009. Showed improvements until first week of new year 2010. Symptoms started to appear until January 17, he was admitted at the ICU. My son was a real fighter, he survived the 29 sessions radiation therapy, survived the typhoon Ondoy floods (he was rescued and placed at damaged wooden door with empty mineral water containers as floaters, survived three weeks at ICU from January 17 to February 5 with all the vent and respirator machine and survived the tracheostomy operation). This made us cry so hard to heaven for mercy to my son. As real survivor and fighter, he showed improvements that we were given instructions that we can home last February 5 and we will just set up an ICU like room in our house. However, the very day that we are supposed to go home was also the day that my son passed away. When the doctor give us a hug and told us that it’s time to let him go. He suffered long enough. The CPR can no longer bring him to breath on his own. It was the darkest moment in our lives as if everything turned blank. We then requested to hug our son. They stopped the CPR and in our arms with my wife, my son’s heart beat as shown in the monitor slowly and eventually stopped beating. On May 9, 2010, it will be his 5th birth day. First birthday without him. Miss our son so much.

  57. Dear Noemi,
    I am sorry about your son and I admire your strengh. I also lost a son(Mario) in a car accident 3 years ago and I agree with you that your life is never the same. God gives me strengh to move on and continue with my life but that empty space in my heart will always be there, you don’t feel complete when you loose a child but you keep on going for your other children and family that needs you. May God continue to give you the strengh and bless you and your family.

  58. I accidentally pressed tabs and I chanced upon your blog. I’m about to cry with the 1st page. I don’t know the pain you have gone through but I somehow slightly know the feeling. My son got lost in Disneyland and found him 15 minutes later, you could just imagine how that 15 minute felt like. I was crying nonstop when I found him saying “don’t ever do this to me again”, to this day, my now 11year old daughter reminisces that incident and says that that was the most dramatic scene she has ever witnessed. My son was only 5 years old that time.

  59. Hi I can relate very much to your grief of losing a loved one especially family members. I lost my dad exactly a year ago. He died of heart attack and up to now, the pain and the grief are still the same. I admit up to now i am still in denial stage. I wanted to say dearer things to him, wanted to do more things for him and wanted to love him more but God has His own plans. I still cry each morning as I wake up remembering the time he passed away. I was at his ICU when they were doing CPR. It was tragic moment in my life, remembering how i fiercely wanted to make the flat lines at least skip a beat and fluctuate. The ICU was so quiet after the long beep of flat line. The memories are still raw to this day. I hope and pray I can be healed and renewed just like you. Death indeed leaves heart wounds that no one can heal.. More power to your blog.

  60. I found your blog through nuffnang and I am glad that I did! I have suffered loss of both my parents and my older brother and I appreciate you sharing your story. There have beens moments when I felt lost, it was easier to mask the grief than deal with it. I’m glad I can look to your blog for inspiration and support.

  61. Hi,

    I found myself reading your blog, i cried a lot 🙁
    i dont know how to feel, i admire you for your strenght and courage to be able to share your story. Very inspiring ! God bless you in all your endeavors!

  62. Year 2001 i had a miscarriage. I was 5 months pregnant. I lost her, I was single at that time..the feeling of loosing a child was so painful. I wish that I was able to be with her, taking care of her. I named her Elijah Angel.

  63. Your story is quite empowering. I also have a 6 year old son named Carl and i and now thinking of him as i read this post. I couldn’t imagine how to go through life if this unfortunate thing happened to me also. Thats why, i constantly pray to God for him to take care of Carl wherever he goes. In the end, whatever God’s plan is, His will be done

  64. Your story is quiet interesting,I also encountered the same way when my parents died.I have so much regrets especially when my mothers died without her side.But time goes by,I realized that God has plan for all of us,I’ll try to accept the fact that my mother was gone.I’m thankful that my family are always at my side to comfort me at the time of my grief.

  65. I admire you for your strength in coping up with your loss. When my younger brother died of a heart attack in June, 2008, I saw a sadness so great in my father’s eyes. My brother’s loss was so much to him because he was the only one in the family who followed him in the law profession. Circumstances such as the violent death of another lawyer here in our place had slowly allowed him to accept his death. You are also to be admired by realizing that your grief nearly cost you your marriage and family and doing everything to regain it.

  66. Dear Noemi,
    My name is Susan Tagle and I know Butch from UP. We were in UP Repertory together. Pls extend my warm regards to him and best of luck in the hearings. Peachy Bretana is a friend too.
    Am glad to have read your blog and will continue to do.

  67. Dear Noemi,
    It’s my first time to read this portion of your blog. We met at the Discover Cuisine that our company hosted for bloggers and I think I mentioned to you that I also lost my child. She lived only for 8 hours. As an entrepreneur for 3 years, I just decided to stop and work again. I’m not sure what stage I am at now but I will forever remember the little time I spent holding my daughter’s little hands and feet.

  68. Dear Noemi,
    I ran into your blog by google. And I am so sorry for your loss. My sister Has cancer and is on her death bed.It kills me that I cant go see her. she lives all the way on the otherside of the U.S. I also have to kids so it makes it hard to leave.
    She is on feeding tubes and a lot of ives. when i talk to her on the phone it makes me so sad to hear the pain in her voice. She’s so strong. You are so strong for sharing all this with people to. I admire you for that.

  69. Hello, Mommy Noemi, I’m sorry for your loss. I felt really sad while reading about your son’s death. I’m also a mom and can’t imagine such thing to happen. It would make me really crazy for sure. I’m glad you’re now moving on. God bless us moms!

  70. Hi Ma’am,

    I am Monica Espina, Marketing Officer for Tahanan Books and a good friend of Cess Papas. Currently, we are looking for Mommy bloggers to promote our upcoming event and products online.

    With this, Ate Cess suggested to get in touch with you. I used to work with her in TV 5 and The Philippine Online Chronicles. Also, I read some of your blog entries and they are very inspirational. We are still finalizing our electronic announcement for our upcoming Summer Warehouse Sale today and we will try to send the kits tomorrow for release. I hope that you could feature us in your blog.

    Hoping for your favorable response on this matter.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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