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February 6, 2011

Choosing Life, Rejecting the CBCP Pastoral Letter

The little children scampering around this village down south of Metro Manila is just mind-boggling. Shrieks of laughter rings in the air. They are giddy with excitement as they wait in line for the generous donor to distribute toys and school supplies. I asked a resident. How is life here? Oh , she says life is hard. Source of income is scarce. Their husbands work hours away in Manila. She goes on and on. One small house fits up to 12 persons. There is no electricity or water. “We have to get water from the spring water of the mountains”

The resident adds ” A 12 year old girl got pregnant recently”. Saddened at the plight of the poor residents, I turned to the priest who lived in the village, “do you believe in the Reproductive Health bill?”

He smiled “No comment”.
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