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Budget is well known for its car rentals as well as helping with moving through its trucks and accessories.

The company has always lived up to its reputation by offering affordable, budget-friendly rental rates.

Budget reports nearly 1,600 rental car locations in the United States, and an additional 150 locations across the globe.

Is there a Budget military discount?

Yes, Budget Rent a Car can get you up to 25% off your next car rental. However, you will need to become a member of Veterans Advantage in order to receive the military discount. Additionally, there are seasonal opportunities to save money on a moving truck through Budget.

Click Here to find out how to redeem the military discount.

What Is The Official Budget Car Rental Military Discount?

Save up to 25% on a Budget car rental when you join Veterans Advantage. Image: Pixabay

Budget Rent a Car is different from some rental services that offer a military discount directly through the company.

Instead, you have to be a member of Veterans Advantage in order to get a military discount from Budget.

It’s a minor inconvenience.

However, joining Veterans Advantage could save you as much as 25% off your next rental car!

Budget is comparable to other companies like Avis and National Car Rental, which require you to be a member of Veterans Advantage in order to get a special offer on the standard rate.

The connection with Avis makes sense since the company owns Budget Rent a Car. Consequently, the two military discounts are basically identical.

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Military Savings Vary Based on Location

The exact amount of savings you will earn on the standard rate depends on location and other factors.

According to Veterans Advantage, the amount of discount you can expect:

  • Save up to 25% off daily and weekly rates in the contiguous United States and Canada.
  • $25 off a weekend rental with free GPS and other upgrades when you combine the military discount with other special offers.
  • 20% off car rentals in Western Europe.
  • 15% off car rentals in Asia and the Pacific.
  • 10% off car rentals in Latina America, Africa, Caribbean, and Middle East.

Additionally, Veterans Advantage can hook you up with other ways to save money when you join other VetRewards exclusives.

Veterans Advantage is known for having lots of access to travel accommodations:

  • You could save an additional 20% off your stay at a Wyndham Hotel and Resort.
  • Verizon Wireless can get you 15% off a new or existing monthly plan as well as 10% off select accessories.
  • CVS Pharmacy can protect your health interests while on the road with 20% off the private CVS.com store.

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Budget Rent a Car Military Discount Eligibility

The Budget military discount is open to all branches of the U.S. Military. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Budget recognizes all branches of the U.S. Military.

The discount is available to active-duty, veterans, retirees, reservists, National Guard, and eligible family members.

The 25% military discount through Budget is available on their leisure rates and restricted to U.S. and Canada travel.

You can still receive a military discount in foreign countries, yet the discount will be less than 25%.

Furthermore, the offer is only available to residents of the U.S. and Canada, and available at participating Budget Rent a Car locations.

Budget requires the renter to meet age, driver, and credit requirements.

The minimum age can vary by location.

Additionally, there is an extra surcharge that may be applied to drivers under the age of 25.

The discount cannot get used in connection with another promo offer from Budget. Weekly rates require a minimum of five days.

Weekend rates are available starting at Thursday at noon, and must be returned by the end of Monday.

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How to Receive the Budget Military Discount

Follow the simple step by step instructions below to redeem your military discount:

Step 1: Click Here for the official Budget car rental military discount page.

It will look like this when you get there:

budget military discount for car rentals

Step 2: Make A Reservation

The Budget car rental military discount page is almost identical to that of Avis.

avis and budget military discounts side by side
Avis vs. Budget military discount pages.

As it turns out, Budget is actually owned by the Avis parent group, Avis Budget Group.

Simply fill out the forms with all of the pertinent info, and the discount will be automatically applies.

You’ll see the cars that qualify for the Budget car and truck rental military discount with a little ‘BCD Eligible’ next to the cars info.

budget bcd eligible code

BCD stands for ‘Budget Customer Discount Code”, and you’ll see it automatically being applied under the base rate when you go to checkout online.

budget bcd code applied at checkout

The Budget military discount is actually a partnership between the car rental company and Veterans Advantage.

In order to receive up to 25% off on a car rental first make sure that you have a Veterans Advantage number.

You will need your ID number when you go to the counter to pick up your vehicle.

budget offers military discounts for truck rentals too
Budget offers military discounts for truck rentals too! Image: Wikimedia.org

If you would prefer you can also book with Budget anytime by calling 800-218-7992.

For reservations made outside the United States please call 800-472-3325.

You may be asked to present a form of military identification when checking in so make sure you have one on hand.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Budget military discount:

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Budget also has a military discount on moving trucks through Veterans Advantage. Image: Wikimedia Commons

How does the Budget military discount compare to other car rentals?

Budget is like Avis and National Car Rental in that they will only provide a military discount if you are a member of Veterans Advantage.

It does seem a little unfair as other providers like Alamo, Hertz, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car will provide a military discount without VA membership.

However, the savings you earn through VA is much better.

While you could save up to 25% off a rental car in the U.S. or Canada, Enterprise and Hertz have fluctuating discounts that are generally more like 5-10% off the standard rate.

Can I get a military discount on Budget moving trucks?

Some people recognize Budget more for its moving trucks and equipment compared to its car rentals.

The company can deliver up to 20% off a moving truck as long as you reserve the truck between Sunday and Thursday.

The military discount is reduced to 15% on Fridays and Saturdays. You also need to be a member of Veterans Advantage in order to receive the savings.


Budget Rent a Car can help you save up to 25% off your next rental.

However, you will need to become a member of Veterans Advantage in order to reap the rewards.

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