You will have to surf through the comments in Yuga’s entry Blogging is a privilege, not a right to understand why this blogger by the name of Blogie of ( starts to judge my spirituality because of a “sarcastic” comment I supposedly made. It’s funny that I am “condemned” like this on a Good Friday. Now I know how poor Jomar felt when his stand on the invocation was ripped to pieces. Here is what the offended Blogie posted:

Before you even try to argue what bourgeoisie or the concept of bourgeoise is with me, I suggest you look them up in the dictionary first. I will engage in a debate with people only when both parties are on the same intellectual plane.

I’ve seen your blog — how can you purport to write about God and spirituality when you can be as sarcastic as you are in your last comment?? Sarcasm, Noemi, has no other purpose but to hurt. Sarcasm has no place in intellectual exchange because it leads to nowhere. If you aim to have a meaningful discussion with me, stick to sober language.

Must have hit a raw nerve on this blogger.

I am so not in the same intellectual plane as he is. So bless me for my feeble mind, dear readers…and allow me to rant about it here as I am not worthy to be in a meaningful discussion. This is my space after all.

Anyway, I replied to Blogie’s comment that sarcasm can be compared to a glass which is half-empty or half-full.

But see, this person doesn’t know me so he judges me on the surface of one or two entries. So let’s give him some slack.

I have seen comments in many blogs about the Philippine Blog Awards. I didn’t realize how a situation can be overblown or overreacted.

Let’s count the ways again…

1. On the prayer in a non-religious event.

2. On the humiliation

3. On the hosts

4. On overreacting to certain inconveniences of the Awards Night.

So many feelings hurt or misunderstood. Feelings are very valid. If Blogie chose to see my comment as a stinging sarcasm, so be it. Those are his feelings. He owns them. If he got hurt or felt insulted, that is his choice as well. Why did he feel hurt? Only he knows the answer.

But hear ye…

Eventually we learn the lesson that we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to feel hurt or insulted. In the end, we stop holding others responsible for our pain and we take responsibility for all our feelings. Accept those feelings dear Blogie and release them. It goes the same to the other bloggers who felt alienated, annoyed, insulted or humiliated at the Philippine Blog Awards. Accept, Own your feelings then let it go. We learn from all these. It won’t stop me from being a volunteer or a donor in next Blog Event.

I will have to agree with Blogie that my spirituality is not perfect. Who said I was a holy person just because I write about God? Why is my spirituality questioned now because of a supposedly “sarcastic comment”? I do not purport to be an evangelist or exude a holier-than-thou attitude.

But of course we have to understand that Blogie belongs to another intellectual plane which I am not a part of.

So yes, my spirituality is a work in progress. I fumble and I make mistakes here and there.

I am not God.

The topic of bourgeoise is for another entry , I suppose as Blogie thinks it’s defined as “2-hour lunches most probably, but not outcries that are of socio-political concern.” And gasp! he felt insulted that I ” displayed a myopic view of society. The poor, the underprivileged, the proletariat, the marginalized — however they may be called — are not beholden to the privileged class. It was such a condescending remark on her part, even I felt insulted.”

He dissected my comments in such a way that he chose to see it in a negative light and added more words than originally intended.

Again , I have to bear in mind that Blogie belongs to another intellectual plane.

(Comments are closed as this entry is not meant to create discord , cause foaming at your mouth or incite feelings you choose after reading this entry. If you got the lessons behind my entry, congratulations, we belong to the same intellectual plane. )

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