There was a time that if you wanted to drive a powerful, responsive, head-turning car, you had to sacrifice a lot in terms of safety. Living, and driving, dangerously was the allure. You would take your chances with a less than safe vehicle as long as you could ride like the wind.

ford focus posing

A survey commissioned by Ford shows over 90 percent of drivers in the Philippines think they are safe drivers, but 40 percent admit they engage in unsafe driving habits. Respondents admitted to the following unsafe behaviors while driving:

1. Using mobile phones – Taking a call while driving (63%), Reading/Sending SMS while driving (59%), Searching for a contact in the address book (53%)
2. Violations – Racing the yellow light (47%), Exceeding Speed Limits (43%)
3. Distractions – Eating and/or drinking while driving (73%)

As a mom, I want to make sure my family is safe whether at home or inside the vehicle so I am always in the lookout for safety features.

ford focus steering wheel

The Ford Focus Experience

With the new Ford Focus, the thrill of a fast and lively car is matched with a combination of smart technologies and cutting-edge safety features which adds another dimension to the already impressive Ford driving experience. You can now be speedy and safe.

I recently had a chance to take the all-new 2.0L Ford Focus Sport+ for a spin, and I was floored from the get-go. The yellow-olive paint job was distinctive enough but that was just the beginning.

The interiors are plush, more so than other cars in its class I have ever seen. The front seats were comfy, with ample headroom and legroom. I took in all the nifty bells and whistles as I settled in. The Focus has hands-free, voice-activated in-car technology using the Ford SYNC, an integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system that allows the driver to make hands-free telephone calls, control music and perform other functions with the use of voice commands, radio controls and even the car’s steering wheel. Automobile connectivity has never been this comprehensive. It took a little time to get familiar with, but the friendly staff of Ford Libis were more than helpful in pointing out all the features. The Focus even had an 9-speaker (count!) stereo system. I could hardly wait to take it out on the road.

ford focus voice assisted

The Focus Sport+ is powered by a four-cylinder, 2.0 liter engine which gives it more than adequate punch for its package. Matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission (convertible to manual by the push of a button), its nimble handling is a must for the workday urban driver going through the daily grind of metro traffic. But it can also deliver on the open road with an estimated top speed of close to 200 kph, although there was no need to push it. At 100 kph at the SLEX, there was enough excitement for everyone on board.

ford focus press brake

What is most impressive though is all the smart features, beginning with keyless entry and the Power Start button. You don’t even have to bring the electronic key out of your bag or pocket. Sensors around the car detect the key fob and automatically lock or unlock the car when you touch the door handle.

fordfocus-search for active spot

The Ford Focus Sport + also has Active Park Assist, a godsend for those of me who has never mastered the art of parallel parking. With just one click of a button, the Focus will actively search for available parking spots and sensors around the car will steer it into the parking spot perfectly. The driver still has full control of the accelerator and brake, but the car does all the heavy hand-eye coordination. The wheels actually pivot the car into place. This is a priceless stress-reliever.

ford focus air bags

What clinches the deal for the Ford Focus is its safety features. It has Front Dual and Side and Curtain Airbags. Its Active City Stop feature is a collision-mitigation system which monitors the road ahead for stationary traffic and automatically brakes if sensors detect that the vehicle in front has stopped suddenly. The car also has a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), which is an orange light which appears on the side mirrors and the dashboard car outline as a caution of unseen hazards. And when backing up of a parking spot with limited visibility, the system warns the driver of impending traffic from either side.

ford focus park pilot

The car has an integrated Electronic Stability Program system that monitors the vehicle’s progress and applies effective, though subtle and almost imperceptible interventions in the braking system and uphill-climb mode. These electronically-assisted improvements in event reaction times adds a great deal of confidence to your everyday driving.

And to round off the overall experience, the Focus also has dual-zone, electronic automatic temperature control climate controlled air-conditioning, automatic headlamps, cruise control, sun-roof and an innovative rear-view mirror that automatically detects and reduces headlight glare.

Safety and style, efficiency, technology and comfort, all go hand-in-hand in the all-new Ford Focus.

A tour for the Caring for Tomorrow campaign

Ford Philippines launches the “Caring for Tomorrow” campaign to promote public awareness and safe driving habits, and to invite drivers to pledge to drive safely for their loved ones.

Contest Poster + Mechanics - Noemi Dado

There will be a sneak peak to future safety and driver assist technologies at Bonifacio Global City, Manila on October 25 and 26, showcasing how innovative technologies can benefit drivers and offer a safer lifestyle choice.

Through an interactive exhibit called “Caring for Tomorrow” Tour, visitors will experience first-hand the premium advanced features and technologies that Ford is making available across its model range. The Caring for Tomorrow Tour is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and the Philippines is the first market to launch it.