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Ako Mismo Supports Ako Mismo

Ako mismo ang magbablog para sa ikabubuti ng bayan sounds better than Ako Mismo hindi magbablog ng makasasama sa bayan.

I now support Ako Mismo. Let me Explain.

Ako Mismo finally gave some answers. I decided to write a new entry on this because my Ako Mismo Campaign and My Conditional Support is cluttered with too many updates.

Four new links are now up but the problem is I needed to click twice to get to these pages. From the Home Page, I had to click “skip Intro” because I was not yet a member then click “already a member?” before reaching these 4 pages.
(Update – May 8: Links are now in the main landing page)

1. Who is Behind Ako Mismo?

2. FAQ

3. Contact Page

4. Wall of Commitment

If already a member, you need to click “already a member” to view those pages. Unsolicited Advice: Please place Who is Behind Ako Mismo? , FAQ, Wall of Commitment and Contact Page on the main landing page. (Update – May 8: Links are now in the main landing page)

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