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The Bloggers Credentials & Credibility in Filipino Voices

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.
Wayne Dyer

My husband is not a very patient man whenever I ask questions concerning politics. He always tells me to read the news report or the Opinion Columns. Sipping coffee and feasting on my heaviest meal of the day is never complete without reading a newspaper. Another daily routine is reading Filipino Voices (FV) usually during lunch or dinner time. You can say, that newspapers are my breakfast fare while Filipino Voices, my dessert.

I like to enrich myself with varied opinions when it comes to the current events, politics and national issues that are not normally found in the newspaper. The thing is Filipino Voices are composed of bloggers from all walks of life. When I first read the entries of the FV bloggers, it never entered my mind to check on their credentials. I simply read their blog entries and if I have something to contribute, I comment. If I had nothing to contribute, I just move on to the next entry and so on and so forth.
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