A family that exercises together

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I enjoy the moments whenever my two girls and I are able to go to the gym. Since classes were suspended today due to the “coup attempt”, we took the opportunity to bond together at Fitness First. Unfortunately, my dear hubby was still stuck at his office. When we arrived at the members lounge, most of the people were glued to the news on the TV monitor scattered around the gym area. Obviously , it was about the State of Emergency.

We usually stay at the gym for 1 and a half hour. An hour is spent doing cardio exercises and weights. I prefer the stationery bicyle. My eldest prefers the step (whatever you call that) and my second daughter likes the treadmill. I want to lose 10 more pounds so that my diabetes will be controllable. Right now it’s within high normal range. It’s quite a challenge to lose weight because my blood sugar drops whenever I do a workout. Whenever I feel lightheaded, I take coffee with sugar.

Losing 30 pounds is quite an achievement for me. Who would think that someone my age can still lose that much. It’s been sheer determination to live a healthy life that motivated me to achieve this goal.

So I said we usually do one hour of exercise…Now,the last 30 minutes is spent at the sauna , shower and blow-dryer. Exercise does give you a happy feeling. Endorphins rush.

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