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sleepI cannot live with less than 8 hours of [tag]sleep[/tag]. I get cranky and less productive with work. The problem with me is sometimes I get caught up with work that I forget the time. This happens whenever I develop a website. That’s why I don’t accept web development projects anymore

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  • L.A

    At least now you can rest and be beautiful…Muusssstt slleeep its 12:06 in the morning…

    I feel sleepy too…

    Have you a verrrry-Beauty Rest Ate Noemi

  • I used to tell myself that if I didn’t have 7 hours sleep that I’d be cranky and sure enough that’s what would happen. It became an excuse to be unhappy and a way to “take myself out”. But not anymore. Once I saw that it was an idea that I’d constructed and not necessarily true, I realized that actually I’m fine with less sleep than that.

    Maybe you do need 8 hours sleep and maybe you don’t. But being attached to the idea of how much sleep you need will lock you in to needing that amount. As an experiment you could see what thoughts go through your mind next time you get less sleep than your ideal.

  • i’m not really strict with how much number of hours i need to sleep. but now,i need to catch up on sleep, if i really want to reach that ideal weight i have in mind…zzzzz

  • @LA- I am not getting any younger so I have to be more careful with my health

    @Jill- I don’t think about number of hours actually but I make sure that I don’t sleep late.

    @sexy mom- if in a week I had been sleeping late, I make sure I catch up by having naps or early bedtime in some days.

  • sigh. i wish i had the luxury of sleep. eversince i worked as a call center sup, ive been having less and less sleep. come weekend, during the only day off that i have, its all that i do instead of going out or having fun with family and friends. i desperately need to change my lifestyle.

  • Another reason why more sleep may equal less bodyfat is that during REM sleep, your body releases the most growth hormone. The longer you are asleep, the longer your REM periods are. Also, avoid eating before bed in order to get into REM sleep quicker.

    I am a web designer also, and I totally agree with you, as soon as I start a new project, not only do I work more, but I can’t stop thinking about it until it is done. So even if I do go to bed at a reasonable hour, my sleep is massively deprived because I lie there thinking about the project for hours, which keeps me from sleeping!