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Muslim is such a stereotype. It is basically the default race when people think of terrorism. Think 911. Islam is actually a very peaceful religion.It was against the bleak backdrop that eventually led to some peace loving Muslims to restore the image of Islam into the gentle , compassionate and forbearing religion that is to Read More →

I don’t consider myself a fashionista. I have never owned a single dress designed by a fashion designer, or designers slated to become the industry’s next big names. Probably the most expensive dresses I ever owned in my life was when I was single and I had a very generous father who doted on me Read More →

I am probably the biggest loser at the David and Goliath Little Losers’ Blogger Party. Here are five reasons:

What exactly is the mommy look? Is there a fashion style for forty-something moms who have college kids? Often my girls tell me “but please don’t dress too young. You’re a mommy”. Then they also adviced me, “No mommy jeans look” as I shopped for new jeans. These kids can’t make up their mind. Should Read More →

Shopping with my daughters is always an opportunity to bond with them. Stress and worry from schoolwork sometimes makes it difficult for them to really talk to us. When I ask how they are , a usual reply is “okay lang”. I sometimes wonder if that means they are ok or they don’t feel like Read More →

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