Firecracker Blast Greet our New Year 2007

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firecrackers[tag]Happy New Year[/tag] [tag]2007[/tag]. My ears are still ringing from the din of our neighbors merriment. The house across our home were filled with party revelers spewing [tag]firecrackers[/tag] blast and [tag]fireworks[/tag] display starting at 9:00 PM till midnight. It’s been a long time since I’ve inhaled so much toxic smoke considering the village we live is relatively peaceful. Next year, I should remind myself to check in at a hotel to avoid this racket. The street looked like a warzone with debris of the fireworks strewn all over. The firecrackers’ explosion created so much noise I could barely hear anyone beside me for the whole duration. The girls were furious and scared of the noise. I mean , we can take in some noise but these were like total destruction to our eardrums. While taking the video, sparks flew towards our front porch hitting me on my arms. That’s how powerful it was. Listen to this nerve-wracking firecrackers explosion.

Our celebration is so tame compared to our neighbors. Here are videos of our fireworks

1. Serenity fountains,
2. Dancing Dragons
3. Angels in the Sky (mini rockets) and
4. Peacock fountains.

I placed the garden hose beside us just in case the fireworks go haywire.

buco saladAfter the kisses. a short prayer and the fireworks, we had a small noche buena. Aside from the buco salad, I prepared a pasta disk and pochero. We all agreed that we should look positively to the new year. However, 2007 is the Year of the Fire Boar:

THE BOAR is perceived to be the laziest and most sluggish of the 12 creatures in the Chinese zodiac, so lazy that it ended up last in the rotating cycle of animal signs.

But that doesn’t mean that the coming Year of the Fire Boar, which starts on Feb. 18, will be an uneventful one.

According to feng shui expert Marites Allen, the year of the fire boar will bring some interesting developments, both positive and negative.

We are moving to a new home before the year ends. L is graduating from college. Many good things await us this year.

So how was your New Year’s Eve Celebration?

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  • Happy New Year Noemi!!!
    Our New Year’s Eve was quite a fun one this year. Had the usual family picture taking at my parent’s house in QC. It was also my parents’ 48th Wedding Anniversary so we ended up having an impromptu dinner celebration there. Then the bottles of wine and beer began to appear out of nowhere and we soon found ourselves screaming over a hotly contested game of Taboo. We finished up around 11pm as we had to go to my in-laws naman. And no firecrackers for me too 😉

  • @ Bimbo- I should start having some sort of family game next time. That should be fun. Happy New Year, Bimbo

  • Wishing you and your entire family continued success and joy for the new year!

    Firecrackers can be fun but done excessively are not only dangerous but highly annoying, too. We have our share of nerve-wracking paputok exeperience last night also. It was too much!



  • happy new year to you and your whole family!!

  • We also welcomed the new year quietly. I felt a little sad that my family was not complete. My husband was in the hospital keeping his sick mother company and my eldest son couldn’t come home from Manila because of work. So it was only me, my second son and daughter who made noises in our house – but no firecrackers. My son honked the car for five minutes, my daughter made “kalampag” of the pots and pans while I made sure lights all over the house were switched on to signify a bright and happy 2007. But I was shaken by our neighbor’s “sinturon ni Hudas” firecrackers. This neighbor usually spend thousands of pesos just for firecrackers every New Year. Now, I can’t and won’t afford that!

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES! And thank you for your very inspiring site!

  • lemon

    Happy New Year Noemi. Our christmas and new year celebration was a bit subdued in deference to the tragedy wrought by Reming. Scenes of human suffering and grief are still evident in Albay when we went there on December 27.

  • We just had a quiet one. We lighted lusis at the strike of midnight. No firecrackers here in Winnipeg. 🙂

  • Hi Noemi!

    Anton is holding free firework photography lessons for bloggers on several dates, a couple of hours before the firework display:

    I had signed up for Sunday, the 7th of January, along with my photo-enthusiast nephew.

  • @eric- our poor ears

    @dexie- thanks for the greetings

    @rhodora- i felt the firecrackers blew my ear drums away.

    @lemon- you are so generous by giving your child’s birthday celebration to the Bicol cause. Your daughter will remember this for a time.

    @niceheart- lucky you. I wish our neighbors used horns instead

    @eric- I wil go. I got free tickets.