How to Promote your blog: Personal Blogging Experience Part 1

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I got invited as a resource person for the Digital Filipino’s Blogging and Social Networking Forum which was held at the swanky Microsoft office. My topic was Personal Blogging Experience. What great timing. Just a few days ago, an old office mate, Myrna Co dropped by to ask questions about blogging. You know, back at the old days when I was a researcher for UP Institute for Small Scale Industries, my research had to pass through the scrutiny of our editor, by who else, Myrna Co! I was always amazed at how my writing ended up so well-polished for publication. How I admire writers ! So I was pleased when she finally started a blog niche on retirement and growing old. It got me inspired to share the little knowledge I have of my 10 month blogging experience to others who are just starting.

A common question, and asked by my friend Myrna: ” how do I get people to go to my site, apart from begging my friends and relatives.?” When I started my blog, I wanted people to visit me. How else can I promote my advocacy if no one reads my blog? How else can I reach out to bereaved family members if they don’t know about my mission? I developed strategies to drawing in visitors. These [tag]Promote your blog[/tag] ideas are not original but they worked for me.

1. Write/show (not just tell) my unique experience and topics close to my heart.
Use senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, ) to show an entry. Without sounding sappy or appearing like a victim, I illustrated my grief journey with a few emotional insights. I’m sorry if I made some of you cry. It really wasn’t my intention.

2. My About me section motivates readers to read more of your entries. As a reader of other blogs, I am interested in the person behind the blog. What are their interests? What did they used to do before blogging? Why did they blog? What do they look like?

3. Tell me about you. This will give you an idea what your readers are interested. I didn’t know what topics to write about. I didn’t want to keep writing emotional entries. Through this section, “personal experiences” is what interested my readers. I drew in on my parenting, health recovery, recovery principles and my other experiences for additional categories. This jives a recent Phone survey of 7,012 people by the POW Internet and American Life Project: 37 % of bloggers cite ““my life and experiences” as what they blog about

4. Promote my blog by commenting and being interested in other popular blogs. I started out with Abe and Connie because they were the only two blogs I knew of. I loved reading tech blogs so it wasn’t difficult to comment on Abe’s entries. I used to be intimidated by Connie’s blog but I threw my insecurities away by just being myself . I stopped thinking of her as a powerful and popular blogger and instead focused on her as a caring person. I didn’t spam comments or anything of that sort. I just contributed “intelligently” to her discussion. One day, maybe out of curiousity, she surfed towards my blog. To our pleasant surprise, Connie discovered that my husband and she were schoolmates at UP Law school. Not just schoolmates, they were drinking buddies as well. Haha. One day, she blogged about my site which paved the way to being recognized in the blogosphere. Thanks Connie.

5. Interact with comments of readers. The first time I commented on Connie’s blog, I felt really important when she replied back to my comments. I thought I’d do the same for my readers. YOU are important.

6. Search engine optimized titles and entries drive in web traffic. Think search engined optimized keywords.
example: SM mall of Asia, Philippine Idol.

Keywords are what drives new visitors to your site. How else do you visit a site? You type in NOUN keywords on that search box. You narrow down your search to specific keywords. Remember, accidental visitors can convert to your regular visitors. Also, be the first to blog about local events. My Typhoon Milenyo entry got me into the Daily Inquirer news update. A nifty tool to decide on blog topics is the, search term analysis and statistics tool. Previously they enabled users to track what keywords people were using to arrive at your blog but now they’ve added questions analysis.

7. Link exchanges makes it easier for Google to index your entries. I had a distinct advantage of my daughter’s old sites for these link exchanges. Later on, my blog got linked by other bloggers. I remember Toe as the first blogger to link me. Wow, that felt so good. I got recognized. In less than two months, my blog’s google page rank is 5 (out of a possible 10)

8. Participation in blogosphere events (like the Second Philippine Blog summit and meetups (like the Christmas meetup and Globe Innove sponsored meet. How did that help me? These bloggers write that you were there. That means they also get to link your blog. We all know how these link exchanges increases your search engine ranking. ( see no. 7)

9. Eye candy presentation. Use of photos, youtube videos, graphics to draw attention.

10. Short or brief entries for short attention span visitors. Since I’m not a creative writier, I make my entries short and sweet. Use one topic or theme per entry.

It’s just common marketing sense after all.

Be friendly. Write what you know.

Any other suggestions from other bloggers?

Next entry will be about “Has my blog achieved its mission? What has my blog given me?”

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • Thanks for the tips. I now try to make my blog more personal, having been a”tech blogger” for too long.

    One area to add is: how do I know what to write about? Comments are one. Another is web searches from metrics – people searching for material that you don’t have but should.

  • Thank you Noemi for speaking yesterday at the Club Networking event and sharing your knowledge. Your fellow club members learned a lot from you and I also got a lot of stuff that I need work on at my blog. Thanks so much for all the tips!

  • Hi Noemi,

    Thanks for your heartwarming talk yesterday at the Digitalfilipino Blogging activity. I’ve been blogging for quite a while, but not that often, and what you shared yesterday inspired me to write more.


  • @Miguel- Yeah I used to be a tech blogger for too long. I usually look for my referrals on what keywords they are searching . Then I expand on the topic

    @Janette- it was my pleasure Janette.

    @Aileen- it was nice meeting you. I missed the time you talked for isulong seoph. More power to your blog.

  • Toe

    Great tips Noemi! You can’t imagine how long it took me at that time to learn how to link. 😉 And you were the first outside my family to comment on my blog. 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the good advice. I am a complete techno-paranoid and your common sense advice gives me some hope. My husband and I just launched our blog and I fear we’ll be writing just for our own fun (maybe that’s good enough)!

  • Can’t thank you enough Noems. For the insights, the tips, the flashback to our UP ISSI days, the plug. Some of your readers dropped by my site as a result. Evidence ‘’ is truly well read. A benchmark to aspire for. Who knows?! Am trying to relocate — but the old grind has ground my blogging to a halt. Will try to do it edgewise. Shhh my director might hear. 🙂

  • Hello, good i locate a kabayan blogger. Thanks for the insight. I’m still researching on how to recreate my own blog. Hope you guys could help. Thankz

  • UP ISSI? There was a trainer there in the early 1990s… Patsy (I forgot her surname). Have you met her, Noemi?

  • @toe- yes I remember how you wanted to learn how to BOLD a word. you learn as you go

    @jane- it starts with the joy of having your own space in the world wide web.

    @myrna- I hope to call you soon. My days are quite tight these days.You’ll know why .

    @Manuel- yes Patsy was with Entrepreneurship training. I was with research

  • You’re welcome, Noemi. I wonder if I ever told you… when I first clicked on your link, I thought “recovery” meant recovery for a lost database or something… Surprise, surprise 😛

  • @connie- yes you told me. at that time you were still reeling from the database loss.

  • I just started my first ever (personal) blog and this was really helpful! It’s great how you describe how to make it more appealing to the “normal” browser, and not just businesses and companies (which is, frustratingly, mostly what i found on google search)

  • Cool!

  • Thank you for your wonderful insights…It has been very helpful…I have been in and out of reading blogs…I started mine recently…about life, my new shoe business among others. I will use what I learned in this site as I continue to update my blog.

    Thanks again!!!

  • Wow! These are great tips! Since I just started a new blog, I could certainly use tips like these 🙂

  • Hello Noemi,

    Thanks for the practical tips. I am a new blogger and I blog about my struggle as a person who is attracted to the same sex. My blog is NOT a gay blog. It can also be for those who have sexual addictions.

    Im still in the processing of learning the technical aspect of blogging. Here is my blog anyway, hope you can drop by:

    Thanks and more power to your blog.

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  • Your article has such great insight, thank you! I am a new blogger and I need a lot of tips and encouragement. Your site is an excellent resource for newbies and pro alike. I always remember that no great man is ever overly knowledgeable so that everybody can learn from everybody. I agree with your approach of sharing from your own experiences for what better way to learn about it but from the one who can show it to you rather than just tell it to you!

    God bless 🙂

  • Nice post!

    Miguel A. Miranda

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  • thanks for sharing these tips! i specifically searched for “how to promote filipino blog” in google and your site came up as the top result. so congratulations for the “seo” ranking. i guess i’ll have to ‘socialize’ more with filipino bloggers to learn more. maybe we have our own culture that’s why some non-filipino methods don’t sometimes apply. i hope i can also attend blogosphere events but as of now i don’t have the luxury of time cause i’m a working mom. anyways i’ll be checking out your blog every now and then if you’re gonna post schedules of events and who knows maybe i’ll have the chance for 1 of them.

    taurs last blog post..Still On Success …

  • iam sorry abt your son, maybe we are not on the same boat, what i felt on the day of my daughters diagnosis was the same, she is my only girl she was 27 month old when she was diagnosed having autism, i felt like my daughter died, maybe this is because all of my dreams for her are shattered into pieces, i lost my baby girl because of her condition.
    iam a new blogger and i really dont know how to promote my blog, thanks for the tips…

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  • here’s my other blog, abt my daughter

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  • thanks for the tips…
    I was looking for ways to promote my site and here it is… 🙂

    mimis last blog post..why would I want someone like you???

  • james

    Reading through all your tips made it more comfortable to do blogging. The truth is at first I really think that big time bloggers like you would be so intimidating and so out of reach. Anyway I hope you’d produce more of these themes. It really help people like me! Thanks!

  • I am a dad of two boys with autism, I look to your blog for current info! Thank You!

  • fao

    thanks po! i actually searched in google on how to promote my blog, this came up,hehe =) i really hope that one day i can also inspire others as much as you have inspired us as well. Thanks for the tips po!

    faos last blog post..JUST STAND UP feat. mariah, beyonce, rihanna, etc.

  • thanks for the infos here!!! matagal na po ako naghahanap ng ways on how can i promote my blog… i’m just a newbie.. my blog is just one month old.. i’m lucky that i found this site!! hope next time i’ll be a famous blogger .. hehe. just a dream.. Hope you could visit my site and put some comments.. haven’t receive any eh.. i wanna experience how it feels to have a comment on my blog. keep up the good work!! madami po kaung natutulungan 🙂 God bless!! 🙂

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  • Thank you so much for the tips 🙂

    Maraming beses ko na po kayong napanuod sa youtube, and I’m glad na nakita ko rin ang blog ninyo.

    By the way, I I have added you to my Blog List.

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  • i am happy i found this tips, thanks alot,for a newbie like me, i found it useful, thank you so much!

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  • Nice tips you have here Noemi! I hope I will meet you in the next blogging event. I think I will be more pro-active as a blogger to attend blogging events and activities to promote my blog more.

    Millionaire Actss last blog post..Power of Positive Thinking

  • Hi, I just started my own blog recently and applied some of the tips you gave in this entry. Your post is very informative and helpful. I have added you to my blogroll and I hope you can add me to yours, too. I am somehow getting considerable number of visitors now and looking forward to have more. I also read your posts about the accident that befallen your son in this well-known resort and so sorry to hear about it. Now that I am a mother, too, I surely would be very careful when traveling with my kid and especially know more about the place first before packing our things. I’m happy to come across your blog and would be looking forward to read more posts. Thanks.

  • I think i made a comment about how informative your post is.
    Pero parang hindi lumitaw sa mga comments mo.
    anyway, thanks again. haha.

    very very useful tips! make me wanna do a blog, pero im not much of a writer, kaya forum ginawa ko. hehe.

    But your tips really help. 🙂 thanks! more posts! =D

  • Thanks for the post, i enjoyed reading it. blogging is not as easy as many think it is, it’s hardwork. any how thanks.

  • Wow. thank you for this blog Noemi. I am so new to this whole blogging thing, not at all a techie person, but I just have a heart to share my experiences alongside other moms. I don’t even read blogs but I want to start, to learn from others as well. Yours is the first I’ve checked out since Carlo (Ople) has been telling me to (hehe)….thank you for making this first read a great one! 🙂 ….oh, I know this is a super old post but I saw it in your ‘best entries’ section, and I agree…it’s a good one! Can you recommend other good mommy sites/blogs I can visit? thank you again! 🙂
    .-= thammiesy´s last blog ..Read the Bible, Pray Everyday— and you Grow, Grow, Grow =-.

  • Thank you very much for the tips.

    I gave also started blogging and how I wish my pagerank old be at least 1/10. I have started blogging about some topics but finally got myself to the very passion I have right now: Stock investing. Thus I have put up a blog about stock investing in the Philippines hoping to shares my passion about it to our kababayans because a lot of Pinoys think that stock investing is only for the rich…in reality everyone can invest in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

  • Christia Ramos

    Thank you for this post! I just recently started my blog and with this entry, I have listed so much to do’s to increase traffic. I feel that I am taking on a big challenge but reading through people’s success stories is getting me pumped up. I know page rank increase will not be an overnighter but I do hope I get to find a mentor that will teach me the ropes.

    Thanks again! 🙂