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hubby and meI just realized that it’s the first time Butch and I are travelling without the kids. The last time we were by ourselves was our honeymoon twenty-two years ago. Since then, our children have always been the number 1 priority in our lives next to us. We have been planning for a family vacation for some time now but our schedules never match. Either one kid is busy with school activities or the other has work obligations. Butch and I just decided to travel on our own without them. He didn’t want the kids to be home alone even when I assure him that my aunt is just a block away for emergency. After all security precautions, we took the weekend off to burn our devalued dollars for Christmas shopping in Singapore. The plane fare alone will be paid from the savings of the gadgets we intend to buy for the two girls. Of course, the most important thing of all is Butch and I will have a lot of romantic moments together getting lost in Singapore.

Before getting lost… here we are at my sister-in-law’s place which is temporarily converted into an Open House Bazaar starting today till tomorrow, Sunday. If you’re in Singapore, do drop by and see her shopping goodies. (Email me for the address)

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  • That is sooo sweet Miss Noemi, I wish you and your husband all the happiness in this world and may God bless your family more and may you two continue to share those blessings to others…. This article makes me feel so good!

  • Finally, you and Butch get to take some time off together. I hope you two lovebirds have the most wonderful time. Singapore is a fantastic place to visit. Don’t forget to check out Little India for the fantastic deals on fabric and those lovely cotton blouses. Go to Mustafa Mall. Daming mura doon 🙂

    And don’t forget to eat Hainanese Chicken Rice in the food stalls…yummy!!

  • hi noemi. must be a very exciting time for you and your hubby as you roam the streets of singapore, parang 2nd honeymoon 🙂

  • @quiel- thank you quiel. We are just resting then continue our shopping

    @kongkong- I just ate Hainese Chicken for lunch. Maybe I’ll drop by Little India. Those lovely cotton blouses are my type/

    @ladycess- haha yes. but he got tired of shopping so we’re back at my sis in law home resting then maybe continue later.

  • Wow! Have a happy Nth honeymoon! 🙂 Unfortunately, hubby and I have never had any chance to travel together. It’s been always him going out, and me staying behind with the kids. But soon – hoperfully, soon.

  • @Rhodora- yes it’s our second sort of honeymoon. Hehe. We’re older though and hubby can’t walk long distances without his knees aching.

  • Awww …. you went to Singapore! And you didnt tell me. Ayan hindi ako nakapagbilin. joke So glad you were able to go on your umpteenth honeymoon! Sweet!

  • Enjoy your break! I love Hainanese chicken 🙂 See you next Saturday!

  • Jay

    damn, first time alone on a getaway over 20 years? damn… well, i hope you guys enjoyed it! and i wish i could stop by singapore but i’m stuck in the states… but maybe sometime in the future…


  • Now that I have another toddler, I miss trips like that. Enjoy!

  • My husband and I did this last year, a cruise after 14 years of marriage and afterwards we decided we wouldn’t wait another 14 before doing it again. It was WONDERFUL>

  • I hope you enjoyed your time in Singapore, Ms. Noemi! And yes, it’s a great place for shopping 😉

  • Hi,

    About time 🙂 . Have a great wonderful time.


  • I love Hainanese Chicken too. Good you had it while you’re there. So far, I haven’t found an equal here in Manila.

    And try the creal prawns too. Maggie’s at Bugis Junction is the place to go.

  • edelweiza

    hi der Ms. Noemi! a trip to singapore with you and your husband? wow, dat’s sweet! i’m sure you had a great time and enjoyed the food and sights! 😀

  • @annamanila- eh it’s only Singapore. Nothing much to buy here except gadgets

    @Cathy- oh yes I ate hainese chicken twice

    @jay- i didn’t realize it until now that we never took the time to travel by ourselves

    @Salve and Michelle- it’s hard to leave toddlers thats why one of us did the travelling.

    @nina- the gadgets shopping was worth it
    yes we had a great time

    @Em dy- we ate all of that today would you believe?


    @edelweiza- thanks..i wish we could go to other countries but a weekend will do for now

  • That’s really nice. I’m glad you enjoyed some quality time together.

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