Philippine Elections 2007 at my Backyard

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voting pollIt seemed like a hundred people talking in deep hush tones almost sounding like busy bees. The persistent buzzing sounds woke me up at 6:00 AM. Thinking it was 7:00 AM , I wanted to catch sight of the first voters of [tag]Philippine Elections 2007[/tag] in my voting district (in Pasig City). Yeah right, the, voting center of the village is right across the side of my home. The barangay multi-purpose hall was converted to a voting center for the comfort of our neighbors. I placed a temporary fence around my newly landscaped garden knowing voters could use my side garden as a “tambayan” (waiting area). As I swept the garden, voters teased me that I should have placed a food stall for the hungry voters. Haha. I was more preoccupied on cars parking at my front yard. It seems some neighbors are not aware of property lines and insist on parking on my pebbled driveway when there is a whole street in front of them. Ugh.

While sweeping the yard, my husband called me inside. “Why are you suddenly sweeping?”

I had to laugh. I said “I can’t stand the garbage strewn across our house”. Butch must think I am so manic. As I continued on with my sweeping, I kept thinking why can’t people throw garbage in the right place? No discipline…blah Bored with the sweeping chore, I thought of checking my name in the list of registered voters.

Fat chance.
voters list

The dutiful Election poll watcher sifted through the pages and found a “Dado…” but the name belonged to my husband. Hmm . Why is his name listed and not mine? Then I remembered that the last time I voted was more than 10 years ago. They must have purged my name off the list. Every May elections, I am out of the country or out on a vacation. Oh well, my husband was really excited that he could vote. But first, we fetched Lauren from the airport, fresh from her vacation in Boracay.

At around 12 noon, I went along with him to take more photos of the voting center.

Policemen are by the entrance of the voting entrance.
election day

Oh my, the poll watchers are getting sleepy.
election day

Looking for one’s name is crazy. They list the names alphabetically by street address. How crazy is that?

What a lovely view from the second floor?

A narrow aisle greets the voters .

Butch verified that indeed his name is among the registered voters.

He then gets his ballot.

I checked out other precints and took photos of the voters. I thought they had actual booths. It seems the booth is a piece of folder that can shield someone from peeping .
voting booth

Poll watchers from another precint.

My husband is ready to vote in his “booth”

I left my husband in his voting “booth” and decided to take more photos around the voting center.
The guy and girl in white shirt warned me that photo shooting is not allowed inside. Really? I was already taking shots all over the place and no one stopped me.

A tired voter, watcher or kibitzer?

I was almost tempted to take a “gulaman” drink but I remembered my house is just beside this center. haha
food stalls

Tired of waiting for my husband at the poll center, I went home. Later he shows off the indelible ink placed on his fingernails.

And a thumbmark as proof that he voted.

thumb mark

It’s 3:12 PM and the voting center is still fulll of people

Lots of people are just waiting outside the polling place. Perhaps waiting for the canvassing to start. I’ll go out and watch .
after the polls

It’s now 3:45 PM and the tallying will start shortly.

at 4:00 PM, ballot boxes are still waiting to be opened.
ballot  box

The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) are also watching the election returns.
voter's assistance

Poll watchers of different organizations and candidates are just waiting.
poll watchers

The vote tallying started alright. It’s around 6:30 PM and our incumbent Mayor Eusebio is leading so far.

Went back at 7:15 to check on the national election results. Click on the thumbnail.

Looks like Joker Arroyo, Ed Angara, Noynoy Aquino, Chiz Escudero, Kiko Pangilinan, Loren Legarda, Panfilo Lacson, Alan Cayetano, Manuel Villar are leading in this Pasig City precint.

watch for more photos and updates. Might watch the canvassing of [tag]election[/tag] returns..
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