Photo Hunt 1: Hobby

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Photo Hunters
I joined the Photo Hunters as a way to promote my blog to a wider audience. It also forces me to make use of my digital camera. Photo Hunters’ members post every Saturday based on a theme chosen by the founder of the group. You can join here. Today’s theme is Hobby and I want to present one of my hobbies, Cooking.

My favorite hobby when I am not lazy is cooking. Here is my Korean Beef Stew that my family love. I cooked this a few days ago to their utter delight.

korean beef stew
Here is my Korean Beef Stew Recipe which was inspired by the Korean Fast Food Kimchi Restaurant in Manila

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  • My mom would love that…she likes beef stews 🙂 I’m also into cooking but more of the vegetables, pasta, and desserts type.

    Hey, it’s my first time to join Photo Hunters too! 🙂

  • That looks delicious! What a wonderful hobby to have. Welcome to the Photo Hunt! 🙂

  • hey hey, been thinking of joining photo hunters for a while now. just been too busy getting my site back up. i think i’ll do it today since the topic is so apropos to my new addiciton : scrapbook 🙂

    that stew looks delish. when hubby gets back from his 3 weeks ARMY trip, might try to make it. he spent a year in Korea so i’m sure he’ll love this. Thanks.

  • Yummy! 🙂 Cooking is a wonderful hobby. Sadly, I have absolutely no talent or ability in that area. That stew looks delicious. 🙂

  • Welcome to the Hunt and that looks totally delicious!

  • srp

    I think cooking would be a great hobby.
    If I had someone to do the chopping prep and someone to do the cleanup I would love it!

  • That’s a wonderful hobby that I wish I could cultivate. I love cameras but stoves intimidate me! I have heard of kimchi but never tried it (nobody has it around here). Have fun!

  • @Prudence- I joined a long time ago but only found the time to do so this weekend.

    @Dragonheart- Concocting a recipe is exciting

    @dexie- what great timing to show off your lovely scrapbooks

    @caylynn- i forced myself to cook because i have 2 girls

    @linda- thanks for the welcome

    @srp- fortunately, we have helpers in the Philippines to assist us.

    @meeyauw- I try to create my own recipes now and then.

  • cooking is a good hobby

  • Very pretty photo. Cooking is a good and tasty hobby.
    Welcome to Photo Hunters!!!

  • that is a terrific hobby – i wouldn’t mind it being my hobby… =)

  • mmm looks good! I miss Kimchi, I used to go to the one in front of St. Luke’s hospital all the time. They memorized my order, so as soon as I would go in they would immediately tell me if the uni (sea urchin) was available 🙂 Great hobby! Happy hunting 🙂