Positive Energy, Anyone?

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I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.– Wayne Dyer

It’s so easy to notice what’s wrong.

It takes practice to see what’s right.

I don’t know why negativity thrives in some people. Maybe they lived around negativity for years. They have become skilled at attaching labels on what’s wrong with other people, our work, our life, our relationships, ourselves and our recovery. Heck, even my beloved Luijoe is thrown at my face when these negative/unhealthy people lose all sense of their arguments in my entries.


I don’t need this negative energy. When it comes, I throw it back to that person. That negative energy belongs to them. Negative thinking empowers the problem so I don’t let it get to me. Negativitis cripples the Human Spirit. Negative energy sabotages and destroys. You see it around even here in the blogosphere, blogs with crab mentality or with shock appeal. They even have their own community of whiners. Nothing surprising there. Negative people attract other complainers. It has a powerful life of its own.

So does positive energy . Sometimes, it can’t be helped that I get my dose of negative vibes but I let it go after a while. I don’t let it destroy me. Each day, I ask myself, what’s right and what’s good about other people, my work, my day and my loved ones. Positive energy heals and transforms.

I choose positive energy. I try to maintain a positive frame of mind by surrounding myself with positive energy in my life. I usually add the following elements to my life:

1. Uplifting music– How often do you get a song ‘stuck in your head’ for a few hours or days with the lyrics repeating themselves in your mind? Lyrics that are positive and inspirational, is a good thing. I know it sounds silly but I play “Dancing Queen” when I am exercising because I feel I am so alive with the lyrics “You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life”

2. Inspirational Books- Self help books are good resources to help me change my outlook and the things I say to myself. A book I am currently reading is “Do What You Love for the Rest of Your Life” by Bob Griffiths. I had a new career and a new life at my prime yet I am having the time of my life.

3. Positive People- Positive energy in my life emanates with the company I keep. I choose friends that uplift me. I read blogs that contain a positive resolution even if it starts out with a rant. I enjoy the company of friends that provide support when I am down and fun when I’m feeling at the top of the world, wisdom when I am lost.

4. Positive Affirmation- My Daily Positive Affirmations can subtly but pervasively change my self talk from negative to positive. Whenever something bothers me, I keep reminding myself that we cannot control people’s actions, attitudes and even events. I label it as the Three P’s (People, Places and the Past). The only thing we can control is our attitude. But it isn’t that easy. One of the choices in recovery is choosing what we want to think and using our mental energy in a positive way.

So when you think the world is against you, just say this:

Today, I will empower the good in myself, others and life. I’m willing to release, or let go of, negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. I will choose what I want to affirm, and I will make it good.

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Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1386 Posts)

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  • Hi Noemi, entertaining the dark side of life often makes one miserable. Yes singing at the top of my voice “The Dancing Queen” makes me vibrant and joyous. Let’s not be affected w/ those pessimists.

    • To Joy & Laughter after the pain! Cheers 🙂

  • Tom

    I’ve read some study that shown that negativity brings natural defense instincts in people. That’s why we notice negative occurences a lot more often than positive ones – they’re more threatening in some way so our brain notices them.

  • Myrna

    I do everything you have on your list. I also pray and that usually lifts me up like nothing else can. Another method that works is listening to hypnosis CD’s by Glenn Harold, before sleeping to feed my subconscious with positive affirmations. It’s amazing: the next day, I feel more positive!

    There will always be negative people who will try to put you down — you have to protect your positive energy by avoiding them, if possible. Great post!

    • Oh I need to get that CD too! Thanks myrns for the encouragement.

  • I think its very important to have positive energy, I think the energy you begin your day with, often sets the mood for the rest of the day.

    • sometimes it can be hard but I focus myself once I let go of the negative vibes.

  • i usually disconnect myself from the net, stop reading blogs and comments because the net is full of trolls. not everyone can empathize, and for me, being a blogger opens my life to strangers, not to mention trolls. unlike you, i have no patience for trolls. i salute you, i salute those who are patient and the unfazed by these negative people. and i promised myself only to read positive blogs. a lot of people have issues and shows up with their blogs/comments. it’s sad but it’s part of life and human nature, i just don’t want to be in the crossfire.

    more power to you noemi. you have the best self-restraint i’ve ever seen in a blogger.

    issais last blog post..Metreon

    • I hate myself for clicking certain blogs that just give me misery. I should learn not to click those blogs.

      I don’t have patience for trolls though. I block their IP numbers.

  • What a beautiful blog and I am honored to meet a positive and beautiful soul such as yourself who detaches herself from the toxic emotions and thoughts of other people.

    Your courage, determination to live life to the fullest despite all the challenges and pain it brought you and your generous heart gives me hope and inspiration to keep up my life’s purpose and advocacy.

    Much respect,

    Michelle Gallagas last blog post..Healing Words

  • i totally agree, we all need positivity to make things life easier and happier.

    whenever im so burdened of workloads and everything, i just try to stop for a while…and do some breathing exercises…and it never fills to lift me up and feel good.

    elmots last blog post..The Windmill of Philippine Educational System

  • Hi, Noemi,
    I’ve been following your blog since last year and I can say that you provide some solace to the people who went through experiences similar to yours and you also show that life does go on (like you living a full life with your family). Glad to know you have ways of coping with negativity.

    Dyelibinss last blog post..In Pursuit of a Life More Organized

  • Jean

    You are one smart woman Ma’am. 🙂
    I’m thankful I read Marie Claire.

  • My wife is Filipina. She is my inspiration and my Positive Affirmation. I’m in total agreement..
    .-= Dan Harless´s last blog ..Learning WordPress Setting Goals =-.