Say No To Violence Against Women

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Not many Filipina women are aware that there is a law to protect them from physical or even verbal abuse from men, called the The Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004 (Republic Act No. 9262). Aside from physical abuse, the law also protects women from , psychological or emotional, sexual violence and economic abuse. My friend and senator Pia Cayetano is spearheading a “Say No to Violence” campaign around the country by conducting seminars to women so they are aware of their rights.

1 out of 3 women have been victims of some form of violence. The abuser is usually known to her – a husband, boyfriend, father, brother, relative or some other person in her life.

Violence does not distinguish between economic class, culture or religion. In a World Bank study on selected risk factors facing women between 15-44, rape and domestic violence rated higher than cancer, motor vehicle accidents, war ans facing women in this age group, rape and domestic violence rated higher than cancer, motor vehicle accidents, war and malaria.

The say no to violence is an internet-based campaign initiated by UNIFEM. In today’s meeting, the women parliamentarians committed to join this campaign to put an end to violence in our respective countries.

This is a simple signature campaign. Just visit the website at and sign up by adding your name. That simple.

Sign up, learn more about it and spread the word. End violence now. Don’t wait for your sister, daughter or friend to be a victim.

My office conducts seminars around the country. If you need more info, let me know. Drop me a line if you sign up. It will encourage others to do so as well. God bless

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  • esperanza

    My mom is a victim of marital infidelity, verbal and psychological abuse and public humiliation. My dad claims that he knows the law and as long as he does not lay hands on her, there’s no way the baranggay officials or police officers can touch him. My mom filed RA 9262 last year but withdrew the case because we put him in a private rehab in the hope that he would change. (He is abusive when he is drunk which is practically everyday). He was out of the rehab march this year and the situation is worst.
    The baranggay said they could not issue BPO not unless he is hurting my mom. we don’t know what to do anymore. Please we need immediate help. thank you.

  • mi

    It took me 10 years before I decided to leave my abusive partner, same old thing with the abusive partner, he will beat me, belittle me, insult me, calls me walang kwentang babae, palamunin..and all those sort of things, 10 years..hoping he will change, he is apologetic, give gifts and flowers after his abusive behavior, says he will change, he loves me..i bellieved him for 10 years, the straw that i decided to leave him when he pulled my hair from the sala to the kitchen, accused me of dreaming of a certain guy,i got the knife and almost stabbed him on his neck but then i thought of my 3 kids, then i told him, even that we fight deep in my heart i love him, and he told me “that will do, pig, that will do” and i thought to myself, ganito na ba ako ka tanga at ka walang respeto sa sarili ko..after a lot of self convincing i left him..and so i thought leaving him will stop the abuses, it never stopped, the emotional, psychological and economical abuse just intensified until now thought i already filed a case against him violation of ra9262.
    the separation just made my situation worst, me and my children were exposed to his emotional, psychological and economical abuse. It hever stopped him. There are times when i want to give up but then again, he has his lies and I have the truth…the only thing that keeps me going are my children…

    • Leslie

      I think I can relate with your situation. What will I do? I think I was mentally abuse and being deceived. I just recently got married, 1 month ago and I think I am mentally and physically abused. My partner makes me always think that I am a pig and what he would do is that he would let me overworked so that he would let me realize that I am not a pig. What an abusive husband! he would let me do things I don’t want to do and when I say I want to rest he wouldn’t let me do it. He said he loves me that’s why he’s doing it to me. Please help! He always tell his mother all my negative traits and in return his mom would always tell things what to do to me. Is this what marriage is all about?