Tenor Radio Frequency, RevaleSkin and Other Beauty Secrets

Blogging made me vain. Not directly though. With a blog that focused on an advocacy, it caught the fancy of a few TV shows and magazines. Before I emerged out of my 5 year recluse, I avoided cameras and people like a plague. I didn’t like how I looked. When I saw myself for the first time on TV, I was appalled to see myself 10 pounds heavier.

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Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1385 Posts)

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  • Glad to know that you’re getting the hang of using mineral makeup. Twas Sophie who introduced me to it. Bloggers can be helpful that way. 🙂

    Sashas last blog post..Beach Glow Melted Body Butter, Sephora

  • liz

    mineral makeup is made of love! curious though about the mineral foundation. what brand is it exactly? beauty and minerals is the name of the site, but i’m not sure if they manufacture their own mineral makeup or simply rename another brand bought locally or overseas. thanks.

  • How do we contact your sis? Very interested with Pixel Resurfacing for my scars 🙂

  • @sasha- it pays to learn from other bloggers

    @Liz- you can contact Sophie the site owner

    @Sophie- will email you . I hope my redness resolves in a few days. It tingles right now

  • Liza

    I will definitely try it once I see my skin sagging! I think that is better than plastic surgery.

  • Dina

    Love mineral makeup! I’ve been using them as eye shadow the past 2 months now. I will try their powder soon. The trick is also in using the brush.

  • @Liza- I am scared to be under the knife so the RF is a very wise option.

    @dina- I have yet to try the eye shadow mineral makeup.

  • Pinoy Lotto Forum

    puwede yan sa girlfriend ko

  • It was brave of you to reveal all these things to your readers, knowing that you are a widely-read blogger.

    some even more vain women would guard these secrets for the rest of their lives, he he he!

    i haven’t visited your blog for a long time now and am glad i dropped by again.

    Pinoy Around the Worlds last blog post..Read on and Be Proud

  • I didn’t know these were secrets. Derma clinics promote their skin services a lot of times. I thought I’d share this to my mom blogger friends.

  • I avidly read this post, Noems. Am thinking of trying something or other. Partly because of blogging too, hahaha. Mineral concealers — I will try that first.

    I asked my daughter to ask one of the Lifestyle channel PAs (who happened to be her batchmate in college) to ask the makeup man what he used on our faces just before we got interviewed. Ang sagot: Maybelline foundation which I have yet to look for.

    Hala … you’re so prolific — you’re now blogging about beauty products. Teka, I saw your picture pala sa PDI, among the foodie bloggers. Omg, you’re all over the place!

    annamanilas last blog post..Vicious Cycle

  • @annamanila- that makeup artist recommended a brand to hide my eyebags. I forgot too.

    You noticed my photo ? It was so small. Your eyesight is so sharp eh?

  • What did you do to have Butch set aside some moolah for lipo? I think I have to do that to my husband so he’ll do the same..Hahaha 😀

    Your sister is a derma? Parang I want to try the treatment for acne scars. Mahal ba? How do I get in touch with her? Will she give me a discount if I tell her I know you..hehehe 😀

    Cookies last blog post..Weekend Snapshot : The Beach at San Vicente

  • @Cookie- for some reason, he just became generous. Maybe he hears me whine about my fats.

    Yes my sister is a derma. I believe she will give discounts to my friends. Just email me if you’re interested to connect with her.

  • Thanks for sharing these beauty secrets. I’m in late 20s and for now I will just have to share it with my wiser (rather than saying “older”) friends and of course with my relatives. I’ll probably visit the links of the beauty bloggers you mentioned.

    I hope the redness in your face subsided by now. Can’t wait to see the result as it progresses. 🙂

    witsandnutss last blog post..Fries, anyone?

  • @witsandnuts- it’s been a week now and the redness subsided.Just a teeny redness. My sister says the RF benefits improve with more sessions.

  • Escie Philette

    thanks for this blog! i just visited my dermatologist and worriedly was advised that I have fats on my chin. i am 37. I have been searching and reading on how i can get rid of this. I actually didnt gain pounds rather lost pounds so imagine my surprise on this one. I dont want lipo (Scared of it) but entertained the idea of tenor. thanks for this information. Can you let us know how are the red marks and the tenored chin now? How much was it?

    • Yes it worked for me but be careful not to gain weight as it can come back.

      The red marks came off after 4 days.

      Tenor lifted my sagging eye bags and my chin is not as fatty as before. Just continue to exercise.