The Manny Pacquiao-David Diaz Fight in Youtube Video

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UPDATE (December 7, 2008) Youtube Video of Manny Pacquiao versus Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya

I did not watch the Pacquaio-Diaz fight. I couldn’t bear to watch either one get hurt. In fact, I’ve never watched a single boxing match in full. I cringe every time a jab is aimed at either one of the boxers. For me a boxing fight is like watching a horror show. You know the kind where I cover my eyes fearing a bloody mess will unfold before me.

That didn’t deter me from being updated through the blow-by-blow accounts of the Plurkers. I caught Manny Pacquiao on TV news just a few minutes ago, trying to tug on Diaz as he lay sprawled on the floor. Being ignorant on boxing rules, was he trying to lift him so he could fight some more or was he concerned that Diaz fell to the ground? So I searched for the fight in youtube hoping someone got to record it.

I found this youtube video of Pacman-Diaz: ROUND 9 Pacquiao’s POWER UNLEASHED KO’s Diaz

I can only take portions of the fight and watching it in youtube didn’t look as intimidating as watching it on TV.

I know this is just a sport and I should be proud that our Philippine boxing icon Manny ““Pacman” Pacquiao made history, knocking out WBC lightweight champion David Diaz and to become the first Asian to hold four different titles at different weights and the first Filipino to hold the crown.

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao. One thing I noticed from you is that you praised God for your victory. You also made your mom so proud that she fainted. She must have been overwhelmed with joy. Any mother would be proud of their child’s accomplishment whether big or small.

My hubby writes more on the fight on Manny Pacquiao Knocks Out Diaz in 9th to Win Championship

If you missed watching the fight on TV, here are more Youtube Videos of the Manny Pacquiao-David Diaz fight.

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  • I was helping Yohan with his homework upstairs while hubby watched the boxing fight on cable downstairs. I just heard his triumphant cheer and I knew that Pacquiao had won.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..Camera Critters #11

  • i was watching the fight with hubby and my parents. they would cheer everytime pacquiao jabbed diaz, and i would be like “aaay! kawawa naman!” =D

    lady cesss last blog post..Zzz…

  • @Rach- I knew that I would get the news somehow. I only needed to know who won.

    @lady cess- we are the same. I often say “kawawa must be painful”

  • Though I haven’t watched it . I’m still proud and happy that he won. I’m meeting other bloggers here in Cebu kc. Anyway, there’s YOUTUBE.

    Obnoxious Queers last blog post..Cebu Bloggers met 2 Davao Bloggers

  • @obnoxious Queer- I have to commend Manny for his hard work and faith to God.

  • Manny really dominated this fight. I’m an American, but I’m really proud of him.

    Kevins last blog post..Learning the Hard Way: The Surrogate Boyfriend

  • Thanks I’ve been looking for the video all over the net. By the way wordpress 2.6 will be available this July. check out my blog.

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  • Dina

    I enjoyed the fight not because I enjoyed them getting hurt. It’s the skills. I also noticed Pacman pray after the game. Truly faith can make us strong.

  • So Real Cru

    Vote for So Real Cru on MTV’s America’s Best Dance crew. Check them out… Did I forget to mention they are filipino?

  • I missed to watch it. I didn’t subscribe to pay per view here in Abu Dhabi. I catched the KO round via You Tube also. But in one of the Filipino restos here, recorded copies of the fight are selling like hotcakes. The Fil-Chinese resto owner is so madiskarte.

    And today as fed via TV Patrol, copies of the fight in DVDs are already available in Quiapo after an hour of the televized match.

    witsandnutss last blog post..Today I met a dementor

  • Dina

    witsandnuts- youtube is the fast way indeed. Thanks to digital technology

  • Mabuhay si Manny Pacquiao, The pride of every Filipino around the Globe.

    Nice Site Man!

    Pacmans last blog post..Pacquiao Diaz Post Fight Interviews