It is not vanity that makes me show off my photos. Okay fine, I am proud of where I am today and I want to share these moments to my friends and relatives through my blog or social media posts. I want to offer hope for those who think a healthy lifestyle is not attainable beyond 40 years old. It is never too late.

Not too long ago, I was unhealthy and borderline obese.

The photo below shows me some 15 years ago. Don't you just love before and after pics? Overweight at 165 pounds then, my blood sugar was pretty high at 180 mg/dl. Perhaps it was because of my deep sadness over my son’s death that I had no desire to take care of myself.

No glow. I hated having my photos taken back then. I didn't even know how to smile.   I struggled with my overweight body until there came a time that my blood pressure shot up to 160/90 which seemed so scary. My stress test showed distressing results that the doctor thought I needed Angioplasty. An angiogram revealed no major arteries were blocked. Phew what a relief. I had to make a choice: Healthy or unhealthy lifestyle?

I know most of you will ask: Is it possible to lead a healthy lifestyle even at past 40?

I’m not too proud of the fact that I became borderline obese but if you’re struggling with health issues and overweight problems at past 40 years old, there is hope. I enrolled at Fitness First in May 2005 and embarked on a healthy diet as planned by nutritionist. I will talk more on the diet in another post.

Let me tell you how frustrating it was to lose weight during the first few weeks. Inspite of the strict diet and exercise, I lost only a measly 3 pounds for the first two weeks. The fat cells just refused to burn. But I thought eventually these fat cells would start burning. My concentration was focused on having a healthy body. I also decided not to weigh myself until someone would say:

oy, you lost weight.

And that didn’t happen until 3 months later. I was excited. I squealed with delight. Finally someone outside the family (your family won’t notice because they see you everyday) noticed. When I weighed myself, I saw that I had lost 20 pounds. Finally…

You can check out my weight loss story here. Even if I lost over 40 pounds, it was hard keeping the weight. I know my metabolism is not that fast anymore and one needs to continue with a consistent fitness and healthy lifestyle program. It is important to have fitness goals and they don't need to be complicated or expensive. My fitness goal is not weight loss anymore but health maintenance.

Here they are:

  1. Get a fitness tracker

A step count goal can motivate you to increase your activity and exercise. If you walk or run 10,000 steps a day — about 8 kilometers, depending on your stride — you’re all good.

It is good to own a fitness tracker, a device or application for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep. I use fitbit but there are many other brands out there like Garmin or Samsung fit gear.

I started out with a goal of 7,500 steps but slowly increased to 15,000 steps a day.

"The Mayo Clinic recommends adding 1000 daily steps each week, so if your baseline is 4000 steps per day, set your goal at 5000 steps each day. Meeting your goal may be as simple as an extra five-minute walk, or even parking a few cars further away at the supermarket, depending on your speed and stride."

2. Of course, get good walking shoes that fits you best

The best shoe should give you proper support, flexibility, and cushioning, and compensate for any stride problems.

"You must be able to bend and twist the shoes. When you take a walking step, your foot will flex as you roll through a step from heel to toe. If the shoe is too stiff, your foot will fight it with each step. "

3. Weights for strengthening my triceps

The excess fats will always be my flabby arms so I use weights for strengthening my triceps.

I continue on at home with my five pound weights to get those leaner arms

4.  Burn calories using aerobics like walking on a treadmill or  under the trees

There is the treadmill at the gym but I get bored after 30 minutes. There is nothing like walking with nature.

The UP Academic oval is such a beautiful place to walk. I can imagine the oxygen I breathe in. All these lovely trees bring so much positive vibes. I can only go here during the weekends because there is just so much traffic during the weekdays.  During rainy weather, I walk inside huge malls.

Walking gives me a happy feeling that I look forward to. When I need additional steps and can’t walk outside for some reason , I turn on the video, Jane Fonda: Walking Cardio Workout : Level 1. I know some of you will laugh “JANE FONDA”. She is a role model for prime time women like myself. When I was 23 years old , I followed her exercises and lost 20 pounds back then.

5. Intermittent fasting , my pattern of eating

NOTE: You have to consult your doctor or monitor your blood sugar (for diabetics) before you start on your intermittent fasting.

"Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it's a pattern of eating. It's a way of scheduling your meals so that you get the most out of them. Intermittent fasting doesn’t change what you eat, it changes when you eat."


I have been on intermittent fasting since 2010.  I skip dinner each day and eat two meals, the first around 7:00 AM and the second around 11:00 PM. I take a light snack at 3:00 PM. Then, I fast for 16 hours until I start eating again the next day at 6:00 AM. It is dangerous for diabetics to do intermittent fasting but I have monitored my blood sugar and I am still within the normal levels.

Intermittent fasting is one of the simplest strategies  for taking bad weight off while keeping good weight on because it requires very little behavior change.

So now that you know my fitness essentials and tips, the next question is

"Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone will help you show those good looks?"


It is none other than the  OPPO F3 #SelfieExpert Dual Selfie Camera.  To see and experience is to believem so I dropped at the nearest OPPO outlet to check it the Oppo F3.

Imagine the possibilities.

1. The dual 16 megapixels f/2.0 + 8 megapixels f/2.4 secondary camera allows you to fit your friends and you into the frame and get that perfect selfie.

2.  Selfie lovers will love the other options Oppo offer such as the live filters, a gif mode, and double exposure and even panorama selfies. I love the bokeh feature. Take a look at my selfie.

3. The Oppo F3 allows you to capture sharp selfies and 120-degree wide-angle view which is great for groupfie shot especially at the gym.

4. The OPPO F3 has an internal storage of 64 gigabytes with 4 gigabytes RAM which means lots of storage space for all your photos, selfies without affecting the performance of your phone.

5. The 3,200mAh battery is good enough to last an entire day with moderate use. And you don’t have to worry about charging. The Oppo F3  comes bundled with fast charging (2A output current) to quickly charge the phone in about an-hour-and-a-half.

6.  Even if not taking selfies, the  rear camera has 13-megapixel sensor  phase detection autofocus  which is handy.

I can imagine taking more selfie moments at the gym  with the Oppo F3 , the #SelfieExpert and mind you, I just want to share you the joys and trials of my fitness journey.

Finding my new normal after a loss of a child was something I figured out along the way. Being a blogger is my new normal because I would not have blogged about my recovery if I didn’t have my stories of hope.

The last few days took my breath away. Nothing can ever prepare me whenever triggers of my loved ones’ memories hit me. I have never spoken of the 5 deaths in my family in a span of one hour. Truly, the death of my loved ones shifted the whole foundation of my life. Nothing is as it was.

One effect of losing a loved one especially if death is sudden and unexpected, is that we become newly aware of fragility of life. In the early years of my grief journey… I had this frame of mind. If this tragedy can befall me, what next? It made me fearful and almost paranoid. A mom whose daughter was killed in an auto accident tells me she cannot bear to have her other children come home later than she expected Text me if you’re going to be late. Even 10 minutes. She tells her.

Our security in this world is threatened. Our inner lives are in turmoil. Following the patterns of the day gave me some sense of order so that I will not break apart. I tend to be such a neat freak too. Yet, I recognize that these are primal and irrational fears but the loss I have gone through are not rational, either.

In time, I had the energy and courage to cope with the change. Learning to live a new normal is like learning a new language, a new way of seeing. In a way, I entered a new country. Though the terrain looks very much the same and many of the people are the same people, there is a different light over everything.

Remember how long it took when you moved into your new home or a new town, for it to seem like home? It is the same with a major life change. I had to get used to this new land, this new arrangement of people and relationships. It took time–time to look around, to be surprised, to be brought up short, over and over again. An inner tug of protest inside where I finally acknowledged ….Oh yes, it is different now.

This is my new normal. It is a blessing.

I am so excited to share memorable selfie moments of my adorable fluffy friends. Meet my two Siamese kitties named Missy and Billy. I got Missy in 2008 while Billy came to my life in 2012 , the year selfies became popular. Missy is more of a laptop kitty and I have blogged about her already. Look. 

memorable selfie moments

Left to right: Missy and Billy

I have been taking selfies with my two kitties since the word “selfie” became a household name. Let me focus on the Billy selfies because I documented his life when selfies became popular on the year he was born.

memorable selfie moments

Meet Missy. She is a laptop kitty.

Meet Billy, the Selfie Kitty

While I call Missy the laptop kitty, Billy is dubbed the selfie kitty in our household. Of course, I have had selfies with Missy but the selfies with Billy are much more adorable. He is quite a baby.

memorable selfie moments

Meet Billy

Let me start on the day , Billy came into our lives.  A facebook friend saw that I loved cats so he thought of giving me  Billy. This is my first selfie with Billy when I brought him home on August 2012. Isn’t he so cute? He looks terrified though but you will see that he was getting used to cellphone cameras in succeeding selfies.

memorable selfie moments

The year 2012 was also the year that my home became my empty nest. I love that my cats filled that void because they offer unconditional love and companionship. During the day when my family isn’t at home , I sometimes end up being alone in my corner of the world. I enjoy comfortable silences with them as they snuggle close to me.

Even during breakfast, I allow the cats to sit on my lap or to be seated beside my chair.

Of course, Billy sees his image on the camera and looks like he is in awe of himself. Missy got jealous and joins Billy on my lap. I find it so hilarious. All captured with a selfie.

So why do I love my fluffy friends and enjoy taking selfies with them? 

I am grateful to have  purring, gentle feline friends in my life.  My pets are a part of my family and I care that they are part of my photos. I also want to share the joy they give to me on instagram , twitter and facebook.

Aren’t they just adorable? Taking selfies with these fluffy friends of mine is such a stress buster.

Look how huggable Billy is in the next few selfies I took with him. It is quite relaxing. I just had to capture these moments.

He acts just like a human baby when cuddled on my arms.

Billy knows when I take selfies. Sometimes he just ignores his image but I notice he stares at himself at times. Well, taking selfies is so much a part of his cat life and mine.

Don’t you think Billy should get the title, the Selfie Kitty?

Though there are several memorable moments with Billy. One that strikes me are when he lies on top of my tummy and soothes my stressful day.  Billy with his  purring sounds is giving me the signal “all is well,” a message I can both feel and hear.

Once my pet kitty starts purring at me, I feel the weariness of the day melting away. My cute and cuddly stress-buster calms my nerves, makes me smile, helps me sleep better and even pushes me to exercise more.

Billy’s paw reaching out to my hand is the most memorable cat selfie moment.  Yes , I hear him purr “All is well”.

What about you? Are you planning to take selfies with  your fluffly friends?  You might ask “Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone produces the best selfies?”

It is none other than the  OPPO F3 #SelfieExpert Dual Selfie Camera. Imagine the possibilities.

1. The dual 16 megapixels f/2.0 + 8 megapixels f/2.4 secondary camera allows you to fit your adorable fluffly friend  into the frame and get that perfect selfie.

2.  Selfie lovers will love the other options Oppo offer such as the live filters, a gif mode, and double exposure and even panorama selfies.

3. The Oppo F3 allows you to capture sharp selfies and 120-degree wide-angle view which is great for groupfie shot of more than one fluffly friend.

4. The OPPO F3 has an internal storage of 64 gigabytes with 4 gigabytes RAM which means lots of storage space for all your photos, selfies without affecting the performance of your phone.

5. The 3,200mAh battery is good enough to last an entire day with moderate use. And you don’t have to worry about charging. The Oppo F3  comes bundled with fast charging (2A output current) to quickly charge the phone in about an-hour-and-a-half.

6.  Even if not taking selfies, the  rear camera has 13-megapixel sensor  phase detection autofocus  which is handy.

I can imagine taking more selfie moments with the Oppo F3.   Billy , the selfie kitty will surely purr with joy during our  next selfie with this #SelfieExpert. Watch out for in at the BillyandMissy instagram account.




Moms engage online and influence other moms. Nearly 91% of moms use social media regularly and spend twice as much time online as the rest of the population.

That’s the US stats on moms using social media in the USA four years ago. I am sure the number of Filipino moms who use of social media has increased. It’s no wonder more brands are turning to influencers like moms to promote their product or service. Moms rely on the online recommendations of other moms, and most of their purchases were influenced by information on social media sites. I know because even if I am a blogger, I turn to my online friends’ recommendation or reviews whenever I need to buy a product or use a service.

I am happy that there is now a network of moms that can share such information to other mommies.

momfluence network

Janice Villanueva , of  the mover behind the MOMFLUENCE network, gathered a group of mommy bloggers for brunch last week to celebrate the launch. It was so amazing to see old and new mommy bloggers.

momfluence network

Mommy Mundo says all  moms are “influencers”, not only with our children and families but outside of our homes .  Moms’ influence are felt  even in the school, community, and to the larger community, our beloved country.

Purposeful influence is the mantra of the MOMFLUENCE network and it was symbolized during the launch through candles, books and flowers.

momfluence network

Candles- Purposeful influence allows a Momfluencer to be seen as a guiding light. They are not afraid to shed light to certain info that they share online. they are instruments of guidance and knowledge—he;ping their followers being enlighten being enlightened individuals. Also, purposeful influence allows momflueners to touch a lot o readers’ lives. Through the inspiration and relatability they openly give.

Books- Purposeful influence is giving the right and TRUTHFUL information that their readers/followers deserve. In a time of social media, where things can be fake , too curated or too biased, influencers part of Momfluencers make sure the info they put out off and online are based on facts, experience and everything in between.

Plants and Watering cans-
Purposeful influence is  all about giving and helping others grow. Not just the momfluencers’ children but also their audience/reach. The power that their words have over others is used not to sway them to create biases but to allow their readers/followers to pen their eyes and make opinions for themselves. To help them in holistic growth by sharing a part of their lives to their followers.

That is just beautiful and something I believe in as well.

momfluence network

As you can see, brands eagerly supported the MOMFLUENCE network. I do hope that these brands recognize not only the influence of millennial moms (born between 1978 and 1994) but also the growing circle of Mom influencers and advocates who no longer have young kids.

Jane explained about this group of Moms, “social media savvy, still involved with our families, wiser (we would like to think) after many successes and failures during our parenting years. We have survived the schooling years of our kids, even going as far as sleepless nights helping them with exam preparations, homework and projects. We graduated from tutoring as our kids graduated from school. We saw them through struggles to find employment on their own. We have been there through their heartbreaks and relationships. We have worried over them as they traveled to foreign lands. We have prayed each day for their protection as they drive off to work. And we remain a presence for them even if some of them have already left the ““nest” to settle somewhere else.”

momfluence network

I hope digital advertisers understand the advocacies I support. I am not a political blogger. I am an advocate. As a mom blogger, I cannot isolate myself from the larger society. Yes, I may seem controversial at times but I do this to advocate social change.

My concern is to nurture both my family and community. Dealing with politics is incidental. Sometimes when you want change, the best way to attain is to through political means. But politics is not an end in itself but merely a means to an end. I use social media to drive an advocacy, to push for social good.

Mommy Mundo appreciates how moms influence our followers in their own unique ways. I am looking forward to working closely with the MOMFLUENCE network in their campaigns and advocacies.

momfluence network

Photo via Jane U. Some rights reserved


MOMFLUENCE is a network of accredited select mom blogs, social media and influencer personalities, made up of credible, dependable source of information and support for moms, dads, and families. It is founded by