Bloggers at a Media Event, the Wagyu Beef Fest

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wagyu beef fest

From Media? , the staff of Amor Maclang asked.

No, I’m a blogger as I wrote down my name on the registration sheet of the Wagyu Beef Fest at the Diamond Hotel during lunch today.

Handing me my name tag with the media label underneath my name seemed strange. Shouldn’t it be “new media”? Then I began to question my arrival at the hotel. What am I doing here in an media event where I will be amongst traditional media people?

Apparently, Jayvee gave a list of lifestyle or food bloggers to Amor who in turn invited us to this a Wagyu Beef Fest (Thanks Jayvee). I am not a food writer. I’m not even a food critic. I’m not exactly a food blogger either though I take photos of the food we eat at restaurants or at home and post them at my Pinoy Food Photo Blog. I am just an ordinary blogger. So how come I am in this PR event? Anton says there are three schools of thought on how to handle PR events as a blogger.

The first one is to adhere to the principle of you always pay for your own meal if you were to blog about it and NO to PR events. I know for a fact that Sassy Lawyer, Wysgal, and Marketman follow this principle. The second one is that PR events are a good way to get more information about the place by letting them showcase their best dishes, a chance to interview the owner, and get lots of pictures without being questioned. The third school of thought is the one that I invented and follow. I usually go for awesome experiences which would include eating at a restaurant I can rave about or meeting awesome people.

Guess what? I am like Anton. I take PR events as one big adventure where I can meet interesting people. Follow me in my adventure of my first PR event, the Wagyu Beef Fest at the Diamond Hotel in Manila.

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