A loving shout out to my husband

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says that “When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face.” I believe the glow comes from loving herself first. Her contented and happy looks show because she learned to love herself first . When love overflows, there is much love to give and it will show in her actions.

My husband will never get to read this entry but I already thanked him for the small things in person:

1. for putting up with my erratic schedule.

2. for doing the groceries

3. for bringing me chocolates at my bedside table

4. for rubbing my back and neck during my breaks

5. for calling me “sexy” and meaning it.

6. for being proud of what I do even if it means late nights

7. for being the funniest, smartest person I know.

8. for not complaining that I have not cooked a special dish for quite some time

9. for trying to laugh at my jokes even if he doesn’t find it funny.

10. for not staying too long in his cave

Thank you my dear.