“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” – Eudora Welty

I love taking photos . I got that quirky habit from my daddy old boy who kept snapping away every single moment when my siblings and I are touring in some place . I also love good photography and capturing the moment in time. Around 40 years ago, my mom hired a studio photographer to take our family photo. I am glad she did because this is our one and only decent family photo of my parents and siblings. My dad , mom, and two siblings have passed away since this was taken in 1972 but I have this photo that holds this moment from running away. Aren’t we stiff?


family photo in the seventies

Five years ago, my husband and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. I knew I just had to get Mimi and Karl to take our family photos. It was just natural that we chose the UP campus (where we met) for our silver anniversary photo shoot and the celebration of our then 37 years as a couple on March 7. Dragging my two girls to join us, the two hour photo shoot was sweet and poignant.  As Butch wrapped his arms around me, I loved how the soft breeze cooled the scorching sun hitting us between the branches of the tree.

mimi and karl

Now this is a better family photo, where we are all relaxed even if we were guided to do this pose. We held our daughters’ hands as we walk around the campus where their parents met 37 years ago.

family photo

Such a beautiful day, because in 2010 my daughters were still living with us. I get sentimental when I look back at these photos and reminisce that afternoon. We watched the sunset as the photo shoot ended with this pose.

Three years later, my second daughter asked me if I wanted a photo shoot with her.  Why not? She was leaving for Europe and I wanted to hold this moment in time.. She discovered this wonderful photographer in Tumblr that took great portraits. I soon found out they were two photographers (Aaron and Anabelle) of Sunday Morning Studios,  wedding and lifestyle photographers and lovers of natural light. We again headed off to the UP campus and took mother-daughter photos as well as solo photos.

sunday morning studios

Here is one of our mother-daughter photos. Isn’t she lovely?

mother and daughter

Unfortunately, Lauren could not join us that afternoon.  I told that we should have a photo together one day.  Two years later, we found the time to have this photos shoot on  Mother’s day , a sunday morning with Sunday Morning Studios.

sunday morning shoot1

This time, we wanted a photo suited for a LinkedIn profile , with a twist of  both lifestyle and corporate look. The scene we envisioned was a coffee shop so we chose CO/OP Goods & Eats in San Juan where we also had our Mother Day brunch. Another lovely photo of my daughter, don’t you think?

me and my daughter


I really like how Anabelle and Aaron took our portraits.  Anabelle guided us on how to pose by making us imagine an emotion or an idea.  The simplicity, elegance, beauty and life caught in each frame.  The moment captured forever.


A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety. ~Ansel Adams

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