A Visit to Doctor Fish

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doctor fishThe walking and the shopping took a toll on our poor tired feet. My husband gave up on the Funan Digital Mall while I gave up walking through history lane at the National Museum. I thought of calling it a day but… my thoughtful sister-in-law suggested we visit Dr. Fish. Uh-oh, the first time I saw Dr. Fish was at an Ugly Betty episode chomping Betty’s feet. Dr. Fish eating away my feet seemed such a squeamish idea at first. Then again, pampering our feet at the latest spa place in Singapore called the Kampong Fish Therapy piqued my curiousity more than my feelings of ickiness. If you haven’t met Dr. Fish, it’s a fun, natural, painless skin exfoliating treatment. How?

doctor fish“Doctor fish” – so named for their ability to produce healthy, glowing results from even the most crusty or diseased epidermis – are the key ingredient in a spa and skin treatment becoming increasingly popular across Japan, China, Turkey and Europe. The idea is that you immerse your feet, hands or, if you are brave enough, your entire body in a warm pool that swarms with hundreds of hungry minnow-sized feeders. The fish zoom in on your most crusty, flaky or scabby skin and chomp away at it to reveal the fresh layer beneath. According to the spas and their enthusiasts, you emerge refreshed, healthy, buffed and glowing. Source: Lucy Atkins

Kampong fish therapy is not your usual beauty saloon since their beauty services range from hand and feet fish therapy to nails services. Imagine a one stop hand and feet beauty shop with Dr. Fish.

After washing my feet, I proceeded to the tub of eager, hungry “Dr. Fish” who looked like our native dilis. As I dipped my feet onto the warm water, hundreds of feeders’ mouth swam to my feet and started to nibble at the dry skin under my soles. It felt so weird that I pulled my leg off the tub with a yelp. Is this how piranhas eat human flesh? It took getting used to and after 5 minutes, the gentle nipping felt like “micro massages” which seemed to improve the blood circulation around my feet. See the video for yourself:

I couldn’t place the camera flash on as it scared these tiny fishes away. Meanwhile, hubby felt invigorated as Dr. Fish ate away the dead skin cells of his feet. Sometimes, I wonder if they get satisfied eating our dead skin. I mean is it healthy for these fishes? They seem to be really enjoying their “meal”. We just sat there mesmerized at the fishes as we sipped on warm tea.

The visit to Dr. Fish was so much fun as hubby and I took time off to relax and just be by ourselves until the next tour.

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