I saw the news in Twitter. Angelo Reyes got shot.

“Who was Angelo Reyes?” I asked in Twitter.

The corruption charges against the General Garcia was not something I really followed because I was busy with other matters like the Reproductive health issue. Besides, one of the bloggers was going to write about it.

Twitter was then buzzing with shock and wondering what happened.

Did he feel he could no longer hold his head high, with his former underling telling the world how he (Reyes) had left the military service with millions in people’s money?

Death was honorable way out for Reyes
i will always admire Angelo Reyes for taking the fall while everyone saved their asses.

Angelo Reyes was a coward. He deserves no sympathy from the Filipino people.

Reyes death does not free him from the corruption charges. Sympathy for his family is one thing, clearing him of all wrongdoing is another.

I find no honor in gloating over a person’s death even if I strongly believed he was guilty of his crimes. RIP Gen. Angelo Reyes

ANGELO REYES. The humiliation was too much to bear. Only in death his agony had ceased and the truth sealed forever.

We don’t need to feel sorry for angelo reyes. He took the easy way out. There’s no dignity in killing yourself.

Let us not cast judgement on Angelo Reyes. He will be judged by the One up there. Let us pray for his soul and allow his family to grieve.

What really struck me was when Rep. Mickey Arroyo implied that “it was the people who accused Angelo Reyes who pushed him to take his own life”… There is also the declaration of, among others, Reyes’ classmates in the Philippine Military Academy, that the former general was a ““victim of trial by publicity.” Hearings didn’t drive Angelo Reyes to his death. In a way ,hearings may have forced him to face his conscience. and who knows what he was thinking in those last few days.

To blame the hearings and trial by publicity is part of the grieving process though. Questions will always arise “Why?” “If only”. Of course, anger. Angry at Rabusa, Trillanes or Jinggoy. Those are normal reactions when faced with shocking news of sudden death especially suicide.

The best question to ask right now is a question Raissa Robles posed in Twitter “Shouldn’t the police question Madame Arroyo to find out if what she told Reyes the day before made him pull the trigger?”

Whatever reasons that pushed Angelo Reyes to his death, be it the honorable way out, the cowardice thing to do…I think about his family. If the cause of death is suicide, it makes it a complicated loss. The sad fact remains that there is so much stigma surrounding death by suicide which is very regrettable. Although the days when suicide was regarded as a criminal or sinful act are thankfully in the past, some families do discover how hard it can be to talk openly about suicide, how uncomfortable even close friends can feel about the tragedy, and how this can lead to isolation.

The common threads are the feelings: numbness, shock, disbelief, and then the questions. And all this is before the pain of grief and loss truly begins. Right now they may feel devastated and shattered. Please be more compassionate, Police and Media. Maybe, you overlooked this because you just want to do your job as quickly as possible. Just a little compassion and understanding.

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