Being Needy

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“He’s needy.” I once overheard a conversation from one of my daughters. It pertained to a peculiarity in her crush. And it didn’t sound like a positive statement.

Is being needy a bad or good trait?

It depends.

We accept ourselves as people with needs- the need for love, comfort, understanding, friendship and a healthy touch. We also need someone to listen to us, someone to give positive reinforcement. It is not a sign of weakness for needing these things in our lives. It actually makes us human and healthy.

But what happens when we are particularly needy?

That’s okay too. When we are needy, we need more than we can give to others. At times, it doesn’t augur well with people. What should we do?

We can accept our needy side and our regular needs into the whole of us. Take responsibility of our needs. It doesn’t make us weak or dependent in an unhealthy manner. It makes our needs and our needy side, manageable. Our needs cease controlling us and then we gain control. And our needs start to get met.

Today, I will accept my needs and my needy side. I believe I deserve to get my needs met , and I will allow that to happen.