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I was so utterly busy so forgive me for the delay on the Blog Parteeh Aftermath ([tag]blogparteeh07[/tag]). Thanks to the Steering Committee. It was well organized considering we had barely two weeks to put it all together. This means we can really pull a party together in few weeks notice. I heard the next party is on June since there is an Iblog Summit 3 on April 13 and 14.

me and bloggersbo sanchezIMG_4167.jpg

The highlights according to me:

1. I won a Google T-shirt thru the kindess of Aileen Apollo, Google Philippines Country Consultant, which I in turn gave to my husband.

2. My daughter, Lauren finally joined the party but she was sooooo fashionably late. Thanks to her dad. I think she enjoyed
herself much as she thinks that she got stressed out.

3. I had fun even if I was the oldest among the bloggers. Haha! I felt like a Mother Hen making sure the tables, chairs, decors and food were all in place.

4. Abe treated the Steering Committee to coffee after the party.

5. Bo Sanchez interviewed me via a video podcast. Wow!

6. Even with less than two weeks preparation time, the event was quite organized. Kudos to Carlo, the logistics guy in charge. And the Steering Committee:

8. We had more than enough prizes to keep the bloggers preoccupied. Too bad I didn’t get the Ipod from Enthropia. AJ won it. Lucky guy.
ipod winner

9. Thanks to other bloggers who took photos of the events. I get to have a photo with top-notch pro bloggers, Jayvee and Abe

Other Photos above:Me with Janette Toral and Annalyn. Then with Bo Sanchez. My husband wearing the Google T-shirt I won.

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