Best and Popular Blog Posts of 2007

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If this is your first time to visit my blog, you’d naturally be curious about the blog owner and this blog. To get straight to the point, read this interview by Mao Hermitanio , Her Life as a Blogger. Next question is “which entry should I read first?”. For first time visitors, it’s a great idea to list down interesting blog entries. In any blog, posts with the most comments, trackbacks or technorati and other links are said to be the popular ones but what about search engine queries? Let me list down all the interesting posts which others found entertaining, titillating or gave some sort of value and knowledge.

Most Number of Queries from Search Engines

  • Sex Education in the Philippines
  • When Kids Hear Their Parents Having Sex
  • is Political and It all Begins with Sex
  • It looks like a few surfers are curious about anything that has to do with sex. For almost a year, the sex education entry ranked number 1 in the keyword “sex” of Google Images search engine results. Perhaps, Google would rather bring them results on a sex education entry than an explicit sex image.

    Most Number of Comments (On entries that are not Controversial)

  • Justice My Son
  • Our Love Story: College Sweethearts
  • A Daughter’s Crush and Fears
  • Aside from entry dedicate to my son, almost everyone is a sucker for love stories or plain curious about my daughter’s crush. The point of my entry on A Daughter’s Crush and Fears was to illustrate my past mistakes in parenting. The funny thing was I got a lot of emails and IM’s regarding the identity of Lauren’s crush and the discussion on my parenting was shelved aside.

    Well, just to let you know that her crush on this blogger died a natural death. Today, they are good friends. So who was her crush? Never mind, it’s all water under the bridge.

    And as to my husband, he’s mushy as ever. It seems that a few of his college brods and batch mates read our love story. Butch was quite curious on what I wrote. On our wedding anniversary day, I read the love story entry out loud to him. In the end, I asked him “what’s your version of our love story”. All he could muster to say is “I love you”.

    Most Popular Posts (based on The Most Popular Filipino Blog Posts of 2007)

  • Ethical Blogging (Number 24)
  • Reshaping the Sexy Filipina Women (Number 27)
  • The Ethical Blogging may have seemed controversial to you but it brought about positive changes and understanding of which the parties and myself know of. The Sexy Filipina controversy brought about a new campaign, the which have quietly brought in recognition from our overseas Filipino communties and the Fil-American media.

    In any blog entry I post , I create value to readers who may or may not agree with me. Some of these entries are not too popular but I consider them one of my most influential posts. Why? Because they have helped me or inspired or comforted others.

    Inspiring and Must-Read Posts which are Not quite Popular

  • Words of Comfort to the Bereaved
  • Positive Mental Energy and Affirmations
  • How to Smile
  • Dedma or Dead Malice
  • 13 Ways to Improve your Life
  • Gossip
  • Ten Ways to Getting Through Hard Times
  • New Year Goals
  • As you can see in the most commented posts, Love RULES while sex is still a taboo topic for some.

    Maybe you might have gotten inspired to blog, so watch this Youtube video of me and other mom-bloggers.