Blogger Conversation in the Family

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You know by now that everyone in my family has a blog. Heck, even the pet cats and dog have a blog except it hasn’t been launched yet.

Can you tell the blogger state of newbiness or blogger age (not biological) by the following conversation?

1. Husband after an argument:

“I bet you’re gonna blog about our fight. Go ahead, blog about it. See if I care”

2. L and I after an unpleasant bank experience:

“Will you blog about it or should I? If you won’t, I will.”

3. M after gushing over her crush.

“You have to make sure I approve of any photos you post on me. My crush reads your blog. And also mom, say only nice things about me.”

Go figure.

Do you know the difference of an oldie (veteran) and a newbie blogger?