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BobCast Episode 8: On Relationships

Band of Bloggers Episode 8: On Relationships (Travel Edition)
Hosted by: Sasha
Guests: Aileen, Sasha, Abe and Lauren
Time: 28 minutes, 43 secs.


Show Notes:

  • BoB in La Union- Sleepless in San Fernando, La Union
  • Friendster Status
  • Lauren is single but not really looking
  • Girl’s Preference of Ligaw (Courting) style – Traditional or not?
  • Guy’s Ligaw Style
  • Hypothetical Question from Abe: “What would you do suddenly if you felt something for your friend’s girlfriend?”
  • Disclaimer from Abe to all his friends with a girlfriend

I am hosting Bobcast Episode 8 because the topic is about relationships . Abe thinks that this podcast does not belong in his blog. So I offered to host it here. So there you have this pink podcast hosted in my blog. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “BobCast Episode 8: On Relationships”

  1. Props to Lauren. I knew she would have a lot to say when the topic segued to friends hooking up with an ex. I wasn’t disappointed. I was actually anticipating it, almost giddy, the minute Abe asked the question..LOL.

  2. Lauren sounded the smartest in the discussion. Kudos for raising an intelligent child. There was one in there that laughed so loud it was annoying. All in all a good listen but only because of Lauren’s sensible thoughts.

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