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Chocolate Lover & The Micro entrepreneurs

chocolate loverMy daughter dragged me to Chocolate Lover , in Quezon City yesterday because she wanted to try her hand in chocolate molding. It’s been years since I’ve molded some [tag]chocolates[/tag] but the process remains fresh in my mind. When the kids were well, little kids, I stayed mostly at home except when I needed to meet clients for real estate transactions. My hobbies varied from cross-stitching, grandmother’s quilting, Chocolate candy making, cake decorating, baking and crafts. I even baked and iced their birthday cakes. How proud my kids were when I churned out Barbie themed or cutesy dolly cakes. The smell of cinnamon and molasses filled the air during the Christmas season. Christmas decors created by the girls and myself adorned our little home. That was until I discovered the internet in 1995 and neglected all those hobbies behind. But hey, those days were not in vain. My kids still do crafts and baking. During special occasions, I still bake but I avoid cake decorating with fancy designs.

chocolatesHobbies transformed into business is one of the most pleasurable activities a homemaker can ever face. My hobby using internet technology is now giving me adequate income. Selling chocolates is quite profitable especially during the holidays. “Chocolate Lover” produced a lot of micro-entreprenuers among homemakers like me . It’s good to know that they also sell sugar-free chocolates. Maybe I can start making chocolates again during the holidays. But it looks like my daughter’s chocolate covered coffee beans might be a hit.

How to contact Chocolate Lover

45 P. Tuazon Blvd. corner
C. Beniztez St. Cubao
Quezon, 1109 Philippines

(632) 411-7474
(632) 724-5752
(632) 724-4964

[email protected]


64 thoughts on “Chocolate Lover & The Micro entrepreneurs”

  1. hi! i just want to ask how you temper chocolates from “chocolate lovers”? i tried, but it took forever to melt. πŸ™ do i need to add milk? it’s very different from the callebeaut i bought from the powerplant.
    i’m an amateur with chocolates, i hope you can help me. thanks! god bless!


    1. im also a student and starting my small business of making chocolates …

      sometimes the problem is not with what to add…
      I also experience that… and when I go back with the process I’ve done… I knew that my mistake was letting the chocolates set aside without any cover..

      .(kapag hindi pa na-melt ang chocolates wag po hayaang nahahanginan…)

      kasi mahihirapan ka na pong tunawin iyon…

  2. El: Don’t add milk, I bought some solid white fat (in supermarkets it’s probably Crisco) from CHocolate lovers. And add a teaspon at a time till you get the right texture.

  3. thank you so much noemi! will butter work too? how about the crisco oil spray? sorry if u find my questions kinda stupid, i am a neopythe in baking. πŸ™‚ i just dont want to give up in using our local chocolates.

    what brand of cream do you use that says “whip the cream”? i use magnolia all purpose cream. but its kinda solid unlike the ones i see that they use in the lifestyle channel. thanks for the patience. πŸ™‚


  4. @El- Butter won’t do. It has to be “solid fat” or lard. Not oil spray either. Why don’t you visit Chocolate Lover’s if you’re based in Manila.

    I use Nestle cream. I think the cream has to be chilled before you whip them up.

  5. I’m lorna g castro, 48 and mother of 2 girls, now in third year college and third year high school. I’m so interested in finding baking sch. because I want to learn baking and if possible put up a bake shop someday. Please email me if you’re engage in baking lessons. If you are, how much will I pay and how long is the lesson. Please reply. Thank you and God bless. More power!

    Lorna G. Castro

  6. we are interested to have a business related to your business. If possible we would like to ask some of the details concerning chocolates. How much would it cost for us to start our own business on chocolates? thanks and God bless.

  7. gud day! malaking 2long s kn i2 kun maiba2hagi nyo po s kn ang mas nka2buti! panu ho b dpt gwn pra hnd basta lumambot ang chocolate? gus2 ko sna mag alok2 s mng tndhan! pro,base s obserbasyon ko,prang amblis nyang lumambot at ma2naw! ano po b sikreto pra gwi n mdyo mtgas ng kunti i2? ng s ganun,ay magtgumpay ako s pnaplano ko negosyo! sn ho,ma2lungan nyo po ako…mraming2 slamat! inaasahan ko po ang inyong kasagutan s lalong mdaling pnhon po.GOD BLESS!!!

  8. Hi! I’m 22 years old and i’ve been making chocolates for 5 years now. At first it was hard but as I go along the process, I was able to master it. The best secret is to always put your heart into it. Remember, chocolates are very delicate to cook, the texture will vary depending on how you melt it πŸ™‚ Too much heat will cause the chocolate to thicken. The best texture should have a water-like consistency.

    Utensils used must be solely for chocolate. There was a time I used a knife that was used to chop onion beforehand. The result?! My chocolates tasted like onions ( even if the knife was dishwashed). The smell of the environment where u store the chocos will somehow affect its taste as well.

    Another tip: There are different types of chocolates and each has a unique approach in melting.

    I started it with P500 pesos and I must say, the ROI was fast. 30 mins of selling and I got it all back plus some earnings πŸ™‚

  9. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    We are a college student and we are assign in our project in entrepreneurship
    to make a business plan document in a bakery.That is why we need to ask a favor upon knowing the prices of the equipments of your bakeshop that you are currently using.If that will be favorable for you sir/ma’am.You can just reply in this email.

    Thank You Very Much and God Bless!

  10. hello hello!!!
    im a baking enthusiast but i havent had much time this past years to go on baking. now, im in search of a school or tutorial for baking. if u know of a nice school or tutorial, kindly give me post.
    thank you!!!

  11. the new website of chocolate lovers in qc is

    i’ve been making chocolates for more than 6 years already.

    just to share wih you guys….i make my chocolates using improvised utensils….i don’t have a double boiler….gamit ko lang ice bucket and stainless na maliit na container….

    i don’t cook it directly sa heat…then sa chocolate lovers meron silang nilalagay na white…ung parang paste…shortening ata twag…kasi i forgot na….i don’t usually use kasi yon….yon ung ilalagay sa chocolates para maging malambot at maging maganda ang consistency….

    merng classes sa chocolate lovers i think nasa P1200 na ngaun…before kasi when i studied dun nasa 900+ lang….they will give you tips….one whole day yon..then ung mga gagawin nyo free na yon, maiiuwi na and then durng my time…ang free nila pa ung small house na chcolates….

  12. i am a tour guid and dont do much cook’n but i sure do like lookin at your site. do you reely cook all this stuff? i seen them cook on the cook chanel and it look’d so easy. that chocolote lovers sounds great!

  13. hi! i just bumped into this hobby 2 weeks ago and i’m really enjoying it. just have a few questions to improve my finished products. πŸ™‚ After the chocolates were molded, they usually get a bit moist? am i doing something wrong? should i just let the chocolates harden at room temp? thanks!

  14. hello! i’ve been making chocolate goodies for the past 8 years. it’s a good sideline for moms out there (like me)….chocolate making is easy, BUT! the best way to know how to mold, temper, store, and learn more about chocolate molding is to take classes. It’s an investment. Before, i was only an observer lang (my sis in law started it), and mahirap mag observe if you don’t take actual classes. Kasi, actual lessons can really help you. When I took chocolate molding classes at chocolate lovers, they taught us costing, pricing, marketing, packaging, designing,tempering, proper molding techniques, proper melting techniques, tips, coloring your chocolates, and the like…For only 1,200/class its quite a “cheap” investment if long term naman yun financial goals natin…Choco lovers also offer big discounts if you reserved for a class at least 3 days before…nag- 50% off nga sa chocolate classes nila (naging 600 lang!)…So, the best way is start calling their school or visit chef annie’s website (chef annie is the chocolate diva and is the owner of chocolate lovers) at these: and chocolovers at- 7245752… When i took classes and started selling my chocolates for special occasions, nabawi ko yun class fee (at that time – PhP1000 noon) within 3 months. so sulit lang yun 1thou na nagastos ko…Hope i was able to help….thanks…

    1. Hi sis…could you help me on how to start a chocolate moulding, as of now kasi i have no time to attend the seminar because of my new born daughter…baka meron books na pede kung bilhin…baka u can help me the step by step procedure, tools and ingredients that i will be using…

  15. Hi,

    May I know san ang cheapest store that sells chocolate molds? Magkano po ba sa Chocolate Lovers ang mold? If I am gonna start a business in chocolate molding, how much do u sell them. As much as i want to attend classes I can’t since I’m taking care of my baby, hope you can help me.


  16. hi! i just wanna ask where do you buy those boxes for chocolates that you sell and how much. i’m planning to start selling chocolates too. i’m 18yrs old and it’s going to be my first ever investment, hope you can help me.

  17. elo!!!
    i opened ur echocolatelover site but i can’t open the “products” part..pls give me the list of your raw materials like the choco bars, molders, etc and their so i can order..
    i want to make it as a business while i’m not yet working..
    i hope this would be of great help..
    god bless!

  18. hi! im planning to have a small buss. at home so that i can watch over my babies…thou i cant attend classes because of my kids and where not in manila…can u help me? and how much it will cost ? thanks and more power!!!

  19. Hi, we plan to buy chocolate fountain, thats y we need chocolates for that, can I Ask F ur selling something for that? F ever How much? Is it for a kg? Thanks…

  20. Hi Noemi,

    It is nice to read this, though been posted for a few years already. I am into chocolate molding too, and learned it from chocolate lovers also. I would like to knowif you have any idea, how other micro-entrepreneurs do chocolate bars with customized wrappers, because I also want to add this in my my product list.

    The customized wrappers are very practical, I just don’t have any idea how they get their materials for it; if you do, or anyone reading this knows what these are, pls let me know.


  21. hi! i am interested to attend your classes, aside from the daily rates are their any other expenses on my part? am i required to buy utensils for that? if so how much would it cost me? do i need to bring something? thanx!

  22. hello! i am very interested in chocolates, its just happen in a one day that i dreamt about having a bus. then wen i woke up in the other day i only think of “chocolates”..for me its just a hobby..napagkatuwaan ko lang actually, but now i have started it for almost months..i have experieced many things while doing this stuff like natu2yo xa ng mabilis and then pag tinanggal sa ref ngme2lt xa masyado..proper temper really works for me, proper exposure, and sa mga nagccmula plng n mag bake..wg hayaan n mapatakan o mg moist ang while u are baking..kht s mga shud be clean and always dry..
    room temper wud be enough to save ur chocolates if asa ref nmn xa ng matagal i think it can also make the choc melts when u left it out on the un po always take proper precautions..just enjoy it kht panget ang once n ng2g output i am pretty sure someone can appreciate it!PROMISE…

    i just need a technique and some tips to start this business..plz help me..

    and i havent seen the choc.lovers yet,..but i will go there on my free so excited!!:)

    Good luck to us! more power choc.lovers!

  23. Gud day sa lahat! dati ako gumagawa ng chocolates. Maganda nga itong business na ito lalo na pag may okasyon gaya ng christmas at vakentines day. Kaya lang nag stop na ako sa business na ito kasi hindi ko na maharap. Right now, i am selling my moulders. Marami na rin kasi. Masasayang lang pag tinago ko. sana matulungan ako ng site na ito para di naman masayang ang moulders ko.

    1. Magkano po yung molders nyo? Sana po may discount..;))
      PWede po ba matingnan yung mga designs? Do u have a facebook account po or twitter so that I can see the designs? Thnks!

  24. hi, do you know where i can buy those little sinamay bags or those cute little semi transparent drawstring bags? i want to use them as packaging for my molded chocolates….or do you know where else can i buy cheaper boxes? thanks!!! ^_^

  25. in melting the chocolates,,to make it easy to melt ,,you cut it in cubes/smaller pieces… then heat it over a boiling water….to let it be melted on there ..just let it melt a little and do the melt it your way….

    i also seen on videos..they microwave the chocolates…..

  26. hello po..share nmn kayo how your business started??i mean pano nyo nacmulan and ano sna ung ibang technique??? hehe sa mga ngccmula at hndi business minded na 2lad ko mejo mahrap mag start but x-mas is coming a good chance for us if g2wa nga tayo n2.share nmn po jan!! thanks po (n_n)

  27. San ba ako makakabili ng chocolate bar/kilo na magagamit ko sa paggawa ng mga chocolates na ibat ibang molds. Ang mahal na kasi ng chocolate bars ng Chocolate Lovers at lalo pang nagtaas nung nakaraang January 15, 2010 lang. Umabot na ng 169 pesos ung super premium. Please refer me naman sa mga Baker’s Choice kung meron man especially dito sa Quezon City. San po ba itong inyong VLG Baker’s Choice Inc.Thank you po…


  28. i want to start a small choco bussnes sana.. but it seems very complicated.. nag wori ako bgla that i have to chek d temp pa pla sab ng frend ko.. amp! akala ko basta immelt mo lang xa then ilalagay sa molder okey na… anyone who can share me instructions or more tips..

    uu ngataas ng daw ang chocolate lovers.. hmm
    san pa ba may ibang bilihan na mura?
    wat chocolate ung ginagamit usually?
    i cant attendaany seminar kac malau.

    thanks sa mga post nyo..


  29. hi im interested to put up a small bussiness.. past tym nadn..
    but it seems complicated..
    1st i thought simple lang ang pag gawa ng mga chocolates
    na ihiheat lang xa para mag melt and lagay sa molder okey na..
    may mga do’s and dont’s dn pla like adding corn syrup kemerlu, na bawal mag moist or something and madali matunaw dn.. waahh..

    pls post more tips!!:))

    and san ba may mas mura pa other than chocolate lovers..
    nag taas na daw kac naun.. and ung mga choc0late molder..

    mag start palang ako.. and i cant attend seminar.. malau kac…

    thanks! 09234569337

  30. hi !!!! gusto ko po sna n mag simula ng isang maliit n negosyo pano po me mkka bili ng mga gmit pra s chocolate lover and molder mga makano po ang puhunan.tnx

  31. hi! gud day po sa inyo…

    gusto ko po magbusiness kahitsmall lang naisip ko mahilig nga pala ako sa chocolate so .. naisip ko maghanap sa internet.. nakita ko po itong chocolate lover na site… anu anu po ba mabibili sa chocolate lover bukod sa chocolate nila.?

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