I love the convenience of my Coins.ph all-in-one mobile wallet especially when buying cellphone load. Try it yourself. Create a Coins.ph account with my promo code “momblogger” and get an exclusive 100% rebate on your first load purchase (up to Php 50).

Communication is important in my household especially if I am away on business or events.  It used to frustrate me whenever my helpers give me the following reasons for not communicating with me on important matters that needed my attention:

Me: So why didn’t you send a text?
Helper: Ma’am, I ran out of load.
Me: Then why didn’t you buy load?
Helper: Ma’am, I don’t have money anymore.

Or the following conversation:

Helper: Ma’am, I will just go out to buy load.
Me: It’s 9:00 PM. Why didn’t you buy earlier?
Helper: This is an emergency.

Communication is also important among my loved ones.  Whenever my balikbayan sister or my daughters visit the Philippines, I always have to google the syntax to get the text/call or internet bundled package.

All these challenges are a thing of the past now that I can buy load using my Coins.ph all-in-one mobile wallet. I was aware that Coins.ph allowed me to send or receive money, pay 80+ bills online, or load a Beep card, but the first useful thing I did was give load to my helpers, all from my phone. No need to step out of the house to buy load or queue at a loading station.

Let me share the same convenience I experienced by giving you an exclusive rebate during your first load, just so you can see it for yourself.

How to get 100% rebate on your first load purchase at Coins.ph

When I buy load and load promos through Coins.ph, I receive it in seconds and get a 10% instant rebate. But for you my dear readers, you are getting an exclusive 100% rebate during your first load. Here are the steps.

1.Download the coins.ph app from Google Play store or iTunes, and create an account

– Use the promo code “momblogger”  to get an exclusive 100% rebate and referral bonus

2. Once you create an account, get ID and selfie verified.

How? Watch this video:

Getting ID and selfie verified allows you to do more with your coins.ph wallet.

3.  You will receive a Php 75 referral bonus in your Coins.ph wallet once you are ID and selfie verified.

4. Make your first load purchase! The 100% load rebate is only valid for 7 days after you create your account. After that, the rebate is 10%.

Please see the terms and conditions:

  •  You must sign up for a Coins.ph account with the referral code “momblogger” to qualify for this promo
  • Your Coins account must be ID and Selfie verified before you can avail of this promo
  • Rebate is 100% (up to Php 50) of your 1st load purchase
  • To get the rebate, you need to make your 1st load purchase within 7 days of creating your account
  • Processing of ID verification may take up to 3 business days
  • Load promo is open to Philippine mobile numbers only
  • You may avail of the rebate only once
  • Rebate will be credited to your Peso wallet after your transaction has been successfully processed
  • Only one (1) Coins.ph account per person
  • Promo runs from May 25, 2018 until 11:59pm on June 8, 2018

Let me show you the “buy load” feature of the coins.ph wallet

1. Cash in to your Coins.ph wallet

coins.ph wallet

2.  Choose your cash in method. I prefer over the counter banking, but you can cash in at 7-Eleven, Gcash or M Lhuillier.

3. Once the cash is reflected in my Coins.ph wallet , I just select the “buy load” in the app menu.

Type the cellphone number.  After the load is sent, you will be able to save the number.

4. Choose the load or load promo  from GlobeSmartSunTalk ‘N Text, or Touch Mobile .

coins.ph wallet

I just love how the load promos are already set. There is no need to google for the right syntax or create a promo.

coins.ph wallet

5. Select the load amount and slide to send.

6. Coins.ph requires you to add a  verification code from Authy or Google Authenticator.

I use Authy for this extra layer of protection. Find out how to do the two-factor authentication through the 2FA tutorial video or through the step-by-step guides.

coins.ph wallet

I just click “open authy” to get the token

coins.ph wallet

7.  The load is sent within seconds, and the best part is getting an instant rebate. (But if you sign up with the “momblogger” promo code and buy load in 7 days, you get a 100% rebate up to 50 pesos on your first load purchase.)

coins.ph wallet

It is that simple, fast and convenient. You also get a history of yourtransactions as well as the rebate.coins.ph wallet

Now, isn’t that convenience?

Create your coins.ph wallet today. Just download the coins.ph app from Google Play store or iTunes.

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