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Color my Grief

1.jpgCreatively-challenged me had a great time at our monthly Compassionate Friends meeting. Instead of our usual sharing sessions, we turned it into a family activity involving [tag]art therapy[/tag]. Cathy arranged a special session with Color Me Mine Philippines just for our group.

laur0.jpgFor this meeting, I also invited my daughter, Lauren. My other daughter had a singing performance so she begged off. Lauren brought her boyfriend along to the meeting with us (We allow a bereaved family member to bring a friend to the first meeting ).

She giggled as she sat down:
Wouldn’t it be funny if someone will approach us and ask how we lost a loved one?“.

Silly. I’m going to introduce you now

Other parents brought in their children to this meeting too.

3.jpgThe purpose of the session is to create our own artwork on the pottery piece of our choice to symbolize the stage of our grief journey. I chose a mug. But I faced the extra challenge of hand painting or drawing objects . It’s been years since I last drew. To top it all, my hands are not steady enough. Ah, the quick fix solution was to use stencils. Great huh? I chose flower and butterfly stencils. I lined the bottom part of the mug with tulips and six butterflies hovering on a blue background color. The six butterflies symbolize the age of Luijoe.

I painted grass on the bottom of the mug to fill in the blank spaces. After drying the paint, I removed the sticker and voila! The mug had a little mess in it but it turned out to be a pretty piece of artwork. The Color Me Mine staff cleans the mess up before firing and glazing the ceramic.
( Cathy is at the far end with her son.)

My daughter smiled: “I am enjoying this so much because my work won’t be graded at the end of this session.

And I’m not so art-impaired after all. Hehehe.

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