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Cook for Mom day

koreangrill1.jpg koreangrill2.jpg
koreangrill3.jpgkoreangrill.jpgThe love of my children are enough to see me through any day. A kiss and their love greeting is a wonderful gift. I managed to survive all these years inspite of losing a son because I still had to take care of 2 girls. During those bleak days, they somehow were a reminder that I had to live for them . In honor of Mother’s Day, I was spared the job of cooking for lunch. Butch went to the grocery to buy some meats and vegetables for our [tag]Korean Grill[/tag] lunch. Even if it’s not [tag]Mother’s day[/tag], my husband does the marketing. He loves doing this task every sunday.

The beauty of using a portable oven on the table is a lot of conversation as one cooks their meal. It takes longer to eat the meal due to the cooking time involved. Ingredients used for the Korean Grill are : sesame oil, Kikkoman soy sauce, shrimp, beef, garlic, mongo sprouts, onions, green onions, mushrooms, and more. Really good dish. It’s also a great way to entertain visitors. So now, I have to go to the gym to exercise and pamper myself.

5 thoughts on “Cook for Mom day”

  1. since we’ve tried bulgogi a few years back, i’ve been looking for a korean grill here in germany. all i could find are the western versions (teflon coated and all), more similar to raclette…

    but yes, i also love those cook-on-the-table type of dining: raclette, fondue, shabu-shabu, bulgogi…

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