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Danvil Plans Feature on PROBE

Every now and then, readers email me requesting for such and such topic to be blogged. If I think it benefits the public, I usually blog about it. One simple email request came from Diane on May 25 .

If it’s not too much to ask, can you please link my entries regarding Danvil Plans to your website? I need enough noise to stop this from happening again to other people.

Of course, I had to do my own research on Danvil Plans (soon to be Legacy Consolidated Plans) first before blogging about it. I was appalled to discover that it was the same Family First who have been using this high-pressure and unethical practices for years. The problem with blogging about this topic is that I was not a victim of Danvil Plans . After reading entries upon entries from bloggers, I was convinced that this kind of high pressure tactics need to stop. Not only Danvil Plans but other “scams” as well.

I soon blogged about the Danvil Plans and other Scams with a mirror entry at my Multiply Account entitled Buyer Beware of Danvil Plans High Pressure Tactics.

I was pretty surprised at the response not only from bloggers but by Danvil Plans’ staunch defender named Mark Philip Banaag who insulted not only my fashion sense but my non-existent financial futures and charitable acts. More than 60 comments later and viral responses through new blog entries, I am pleased to announce that PROBE of ABS-CBN will feature bloggers, Diane and Roxy tonight (July 16) at 11:30 pm on Channel 2.

Edit- after the show

I am posting the video below (sorry for the bad recording) while video is not yet ready. Chances are you can watch it on weekends. It is replayed every Saturday at 9:30AM and Sunday at 1:30PM over ANC, the network’s cable news channel.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Oh I saw a screen cap of my Danvil Plans entry and other entries by bloggers. It was too bad that Probe didn’t come out strong enough to drive the point of BUYER BEWARE or their high pressure marketing strategy. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seemed to shrug off the change of name saying that Danvil Plans for change of name was not necessarily a reflection of their bad reputation. I feel Danvil Plans through Family First and now Legacy Consolidated lasted this far because of the “support” from the Insurance Commission and SEC. Though Probe used a hidden camera to pry on Danvil Plans marketing strategy in 3 branches, they failed to show the conversations. Bloggers’ reactions posted on Marcelle’s Plurk showed their disappointment:

I’m actually disappointed because there wasn’t enough bite in the feature. I wish Tulfo or Enriquez did this story…

I wish they’ve shown more footage on the actual hardselling

There were some gems there in the statements made, and they were drowned out in montage form.

it would have been more effective if, instead of showing it in montage, they actually showed a footage. Or even audio

The soundbytes were VERY telltale. I was annoyed when it became a cacophony montage. It ruined the impact of the soundbytes.

Perhaps their undercover setup was a mess considering that everything was edited out and been replaced with text effects. Amateur editing

hopefully this paves the way for more hard-hitting expose’s.

Maybe it did not have the bite or the sensationalism of other shows, but it is a start to expose this kind of business who espouse inducements or coercion to close a sale. It is my hope that Danvil Plans change their innovative (high pressure tactics) marketing strategy.

For Danvil Plans Victims, be empowered and read these entries:

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NOTE: Insulting comments of Mark Philip Banaag will not be posted here. Perhaps the world wide coverage of this PROBE episode has created a BUYER BEWARE impact on viewers. Mark Philip Banaag is back, probably hired again by Danvil Plans to insult Danvil Plans’ detractors.

102 thoughts on “Danvil Plans Feature on PROBE”

  1. Annyeong Haseyo! It’s such a pleasure to visit this site.

    I am roxy, one of those who were interviewed by probe. despite my choppy statements, i am still sure of myself that i was there to vent my anger and dissatisfaction, not to earn money or just whore out myself.

    anyway, I would like to share my article I wrote in my blog at


    I’ve been reading blogs related to Danvil Plans and victims’ rants against the same company. Surely, if there are rants, there will always be defenders of that Insurance company who, all of them, are so defensive and way too uncouth and conceited than what they accuse to those venting their sentiments and angst against danvil.

    One big example is Mark Phillip Banaag who claims to be an ex-Danvil employee and now works in Abu Dhabi UAE. If you’ll gonna check his comments at Diane’s blog and Blisteredfate’s Danvil article, you can see not only he is defensive but arrogant and utterly ridiculous as well.

    Here’s a thing: if you have already shipped out from a company like Danvil then there is nothing to defend about. Is it your obligation to defend the company you left? If you still insist that you have left Danvil and you keep on defending Danvil to the point of bashing/trash talking at those who vent their sentiments, something is wrong with you.

    Something is smelling fishy about your rationale.

    Do you Danvil people know how to handle irate customers? If you know how to handle irate customers and their comments posted in blogs then you should know how to concede and explaining everything about company without making us feel we’re totally morons. The moment that you’ve counter-attacked these people is an utter manifestation of how rabid and incapacitated you are when it comes to handling customers.

    We victims of Danvil are customers, and CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. We ain’t so dolt enough to rant like crazy without valid reason. We were being doped by your motherfucking agents, and that’s UTTER DISSATISFACTION.

    I don’t want to brag this matter. I am also workin’ in a Customer Service oriented industry too. I am a Customer Care Specialist at IBM-Daksh, handling a FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAM line-of-business of a MAJOR AIRLINE ACCOUNT…. which is way fucking famous than your ever-bragged BERKLEY INTERNATIONAL PLANS. You will never see us bashing American customers when they vent their anger to us. We may raise our voice sometimes, but we never made ourselves defensive, especially when we face some harsher situation like racism and profanity uttered by our customers. Mas grabe pa ngang i-handle ang mga amerikano because mas grabe silang manlait, personalan pa nga ang tira, and the moment na matagal kayo, babagsakan na lang kayo ng telepono. Makwenta pa ang mga iyan.

    Kung inaakala ninyo na mababait and cool kausap ang mga Amerikano, iba na ang usapan kung transactions over the phone na ang usapan. Another thing, they are not like giving enough time to entertain some friggin’ sales talks be it on phone and in person.

    You should be thankful that you encounter Pinoy customers most of the time. Don’t ever brag to me that you also encounter foreigners—particularly Americans and do the same thing like you do to Pinoys. Hahahahha! Subukan ninyo lang magbenta sa mga Kano/ Chinese/ Indians/ Arabs kung hindi kayo saktan ng mga iyan, lalo na when they feel na natatagalan sila (and naloloko at the same time) tapos haharangan ninyo pa to the tune of “Be professional Sir/Ma’am! Hindi pa ako tapos”.

    Hahahahahhaha! How deplorably cheap????

    Kami? Though nasa inbound kami pero kung bagsakan kami ng phone kasi tatanga-tanga rin ang kano wala lang sa amin iyon. Kung tarayan kami we make sure we don’t interrupt kasi kabastusan iyon on our part. Kung illogical na sila and insulting at the same time, that’s the time na makakapag-taray na rin kami minsan man lang sa buhay namin.

    Also, have you been into an outbound Call Center? Contrary to your daily activities at SM Malls, you can’t just puke your guts by dialing their numbers and voila! Sales Talk. You have to go thru what we call as “gatekeepers”. Kung pinag-usapan ninyo let’s say 5 minutes, go with 5 minutes—whether you would be able to close a deal or not—-because you’d be wasting their friggin’ time if you go beyond 5 minutes just to be able to close a deal aside from making misleading sales talks.

    It’s just a matter of consideration. So if a customer is not interested or otherwise, respect them. After all, they are customers. So don’t just view them as MONEY, view your customers as HUMANS & INVESTORS who will always doubt the credibility of Danvil and will always complain at any rate.

    To Mark Phillip Banaag:

    Are you damn sure it takes 30-45 minutes of sales talk and processing? In my case, I’ve undergone 3 sales talks about 3 different plans for 3 separate months and always reaching about 45. Sometimes, it’s 2-5 hours. My first was 5 hours. Mag-2-2pm na ako nung napadaan sa FFI (that time, March 2006) nung harangin ako bigla ng mga agent na nakatambay sa harap ng FFI office. Akala ko 30-45 minutes pero aabutin lang ako ng 2-5 hours, china-chansingan pa ako ng lalaking sales councelor na feeling niya makakadiskarte siya sa akin (Potah siya!). No hitting below the belt on this matter, pero I was about to back out pero bigla siyang nagtawag ng iba pang agent para mapilit ako. Alam ninyo nun? May pupuntahan ako nun pero you’ve never been considerate. Aminin ninyo na kasi, kasi kung panay ang defend mo na never nangyayari sa Family First/Danvil ng pang-ha-harass, charging to Credit Card without permission and you respect kung ayaw naming bumili ng insurance ninyo or hindi, dapat nangyayari sa amin ang dine-defend mo. Kaso, hindi eh. We have experienced utter dissatisfaction from your colleagues and you just conceal the shit on them.

    In our frequent flyer program of a major airline account? We just apologize without making our customers feel like they’re bozos.

    Second, are you sure nangyayari sa ibang insurance companies ang Credit Card swiping? I have visited Phil-Am life but hindi sila ganun ka mapilit and kapag magse-salestalk, hindi sila agad kukuha ng Credit Card. If you decided to go for their plans, you are way sure that you won’t feel guilty and bad because a certain amount was deducted from your credit card. You have the option to pay thru cash, check, debit or credit card to their respective payment centers, samantalang purely Credit Card ang sa inyo, wala pa kayong tinatawag na payment centers na malapit for your customers.

    Don’t ever brag kung reputable ang company ninyo. Also, are you sure that you are endorsed by ABS-CBN or GMA? In your dream, man! A particular documentary show of ABS-CBN will now investigate how credible you are. Phil-Am Life has been standing in the industry for years now, and still untarnished up to now and always been award-winning insurance company, including SuperBrands Asia. Their plans? Mas maraming benefits na makukuha sa insurance nila than your insurance and pre-need plans. Whatever you invest, you weren’t suppressed to withdraw it whenever you need it or some other reasons. Don’t get us started by insisting on “Discipline Savings” crap, because sinisikil ninyo lang ang kalayaan ng tao kung kunin niya heto. Bakit? Paki ninyo ba sa buhay nila? Don’t try to show that you fucking care, in the first place, hindi ninyo naman sila kaano-ano and pera lang naman din ang habol ninyo di ba?

    It’s good to help others, pero hanggang dun na. It’s up to them if you accept your “help” or not. Anyways, you ain’t helping, contrary to your delusions.

    I can still remember when the last time I visited Danvil. I was there just to get my receipts and statement of accounts, which Danvil/FFI no longer take time to send me those. Few minutes later, I saw a woman entered into the premises and unhappily looked for a sales counselor. I overheared her by telling the receptionist “niloko niya ako. I’ve been asking her if that’s an insurance, sabi niya, ‘hindi’ ”. When the receptionist left just to call a certain sales counselor, I asked that lady what happened, sabi niya na niloko siya nung agent. Though she mentioned she didn’t have any time to read the documents given to her the time she left Danvil premises, she told me that when she found out it’s an insurance, she was alarmed.

    Well, wala naman masama if you’ll be charged on your credit card for insurance you pay pero she was mislead by an agent. That rings my memory some two years ago. Lalaki ang agent na kausap ko and when he asked me what is Family First for me, I answered “Insurance and Pre-Need Plans?” sabi niya, “hindi po”. May mga binabanggit pa nga siyang Trust Funds etc…etc… pero is this guy know how to differentiate between Trust Fund and Future Provider Plan (actually, this is just synonymous with any pension plans since naghuhulog ka na parang nag-iipon rin tapos may interest na tutubuin)? Well, kung trust fund or any time deposit ang gawin mo, it’s better if you save that in your nearest savings and credit cooperative. No tax. No suppression. More interests earned. You are not mislead too!

    Mark Phillip, paano mo nga pala mai-e-explain about Family Shield, which a certain Janet Tabasco (or Tagasco) never explained to me it has no maturity benefit after investing for 10 years and nothing happens to me? You know what, hinayaan ninyo na lang sana ako sa Future Provider Plan because hindi na bale na lang cheap kesa naman wala akong makukuha after 10 years. If you’ll be selling insurance, make sure na beneficial talaga ito sa planholder, hindi yung mapupunta sa wala ang pinaghirapan niyang pera. Naaalala ko nung last June of 2006, pinapupunta ako ng FFI just to claim my birthday gift, raffle ticket-whatever-shit-it-is and confirm something na hindi ko maintindihan, only to find out na bebentahan lang pala ako ng Family Shield and Protector No-Claim Bonus 3 months later. Nakaltasan na nga ako, skyrocketing na ang bill ko ngayon sa credit card, misled pa nga ako because nalaman ko nung bentahan ako ng PNCB wala akong makukuha sa Family Shield kaya napilitan akong bumili ng PNCB. Worst, they never considered kung ano na ang kinikita ko that time. Just because I have credit card feeling nila mayaman ako and can afford anything. Are these ladies who sold me FS and PNCB knew the purpose of Credit Card and the pros and cons of it? You can assign a 6-grand charged to your credit card to a PayLite system, but there is no guarantee that your amount due will go smaller. As long as the charges on your credit card is spontaneous and you resort to paying just only the minimum amount due kasi hindi mo na kaya, your total amount due will skyrocket. Has these ladies haven’t realized it, bobolahin pa ako about sa function ng credit card.

    Nakapagpundar na raw ng TV or appliance o! I may lack experience and knowledge about Credit Cards but if you truly know the pros and cons of Credit Cards, you shouldn’t have encouraged your customers to use credit cards and charge the initial deposits amounting to 6-grand then assign it on a PayLite system. PayLite has no guarantee na magpapagaan ng pagbabayad mo kasi kung spontaneous ang charge and minimum amount due lang ang nabayaran mo, lalaki pa ang babayaran mo the next month.

    Pakisermonan din ang mga agent na nagbenta sa akin to consider naman kung ano ang kinikita ko that time. Nung binentahan ako ng Future Provider Plan, wala pa akong work nung time na iyon because I’ve just resigned from Innovatronix Inc. 3 months prior to FFI sales talk last 2 summers ago.

    Paano na lang kung wala akong work, how could I pay my credit card?

    Saan ako kukuha ng pera?

    Magnanakaw ako?

    Fuck You all!

    Also, bakit nga pala kayo nagtatanong kung may Credit Card nga ba kami the moment you approach us?

    No matter what your reasons are, you shouldn’t be asking things like that. First off, super private ang usapang Credit Card. Kami nga sa Frequent Flyer Program customer service namin, hindi kami basta nag-a-ask ng credit card kung walang desididong mag-engage sa promo namin and hindi naming tinatago ang credit card accout numbers. Binubura namin after we jot down those numbers and certain transactions. Lastly, as much as possible, we ensure that we will not commit any wrong registration or transaction because delikado na ang usapan kung credit card. Kahit may mga promos na non-refundable, kapag wrong transaction, refund talaga iyan and mas mabilis ang refunding process.

    At Philam Plans, hindi ako tatanungin agad kung may Credit Card ba kami right after stepping into their premises. They don’t try to pressure you to grab the so-called opportunity tapos sasabihing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because sa susunod wala na ito chenelyn.

    Bakit? Wala na bang insurance or pre-need products na mapo-produce to fit the needs of customers? Hahahha!

    And I found the statements of the above-mentioned ladies “Mayaman na si Ma’am Roxy*” super ludicrous.

    Oh yeah! Mayaman ang taong nasa paligid ko pero HINDI AKO!

    Are you dolts waiting for me to die? Ang bata ko pa! I’m only 26 (the time I was forced to buy was 24 years old then) and NEVER AIMED MYSELF TO DIE JUST TO GIVE MY FAMILY A FUCKING GOOD LIFE. Feeling ko tuloy mga nagsisilbi kayong mga sumpa sa amin because sa mga testimonials na binibigay kuno ng mga beneficiaries ng planholders ninyo once they have their plans from you namamatay nga ang mga planholders.

    You can call this thing stupid pero this is how we feel. Sinasabi ninyo di ba na sa Future Provider Plan may insurance coverage? Bakit kelangan ninyo pa rin kami alukan ng Family Shield and Protector No-Claim Bonus?

    No matter what you say, you still end up with this one main agenda: to milk up on the existing planholders.

    Paano ninyo rin maie-explain about your non-engaging with TV advertisements and any other forms of media? You can never claim to me now na you are focusing on never-ending “helping” and “charity” with millions of Filipinos, so as flaunting about William Berkley’s mission to help Filipinos.

    When I’ve told my younger sister about your non-engaging with TV ads, she told “I don’t think mas questionable ka kung magpapa-TV ads ka. Kapag nagpa-TV ad ka meaning to say that your company is stable and you’ve got lots of money for those, though not all insurance companies are like that.”

    Hindi ninyo na mai-de-defend sa amin ang so-called truth about your company, because nakikita talaga namin is negative, and ang mga taong hindi nakakakita ng negativity ninyo is mga TANGA and still keep on being sooo positive and to defending with Danvil. Naranasan naming ma-harass, magoyo, ma-mob ng mga agents, ma-mislead ng kanilang sales talk (misinformed, so to speak), na-manyak, and pagmamaganda ng mga agent kung kami magparamdam ng dissatisfaction, tapos kayong mga luka-luka kayo sa Danvil pilit pinagtatakpan ang nagawa ng kapwa ninyo.

    Phillip, together with your fellow ex-agents Shakira, Rainlou and Kelai…

    I don’t think you all are no longer with Danvil (like what I’ve said a while) because if you have already left from Danvil then, there is no reason for you to defend such company like that unless you are all existing employees or…you’re definitely CRAZY!

    If you have left Danvil, then there must be some reasons and not just for greener pastures. Another thing, why should you take time defending Danvil and bashing at its detractors when you are already OUT from DANVIL for years now. Ang “bongga” na ng work ninyo sa present companies ninyo, so why take time defending Danvil? Kung si Valerie Concepcion or Ai Ai delas Alas or any other artistas making “ober da bakod” from one network to another never took time to defend their previous networks ano pa kayong mga taga-kulit lang diyan sa mga SM Malls?

    Lastly, you can never flaunt on us how profound your careers are. Actually, even if you’re a president of a top-notch company, but when you see yourself bashing at the detractors of your company to the point of declaring “wala kaming panahong i-entertain ang mga 10-grand peso earners na gaya ninyo” it’s an utter manifestation that YOU ARE NOT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! Ang sabihan ninyo pang tanga ang mga dissatisfied planholder ninyo also manifests na namemera lang naman kayo.

    Well…well…well… we may not hundred-grand earners but we don’t have an attitude of stooping down to the level of morons by simply trashtalking to whom you consider poor dimwits. In the first place, if you are a truly professional, hindi kayo defend galore sa Danvil, ayt? Kung may mga offensive na comment sa Danvil, karapatan ng customer iyan because THEY ARE CUSTOMERS. They’ve got the right to vent their sentiments and angst. You don’t have the right. Customers ba kayo? Even if you’re no longer Danvil Employee, wala kayong karapatang makipag-bash sa mga ranting customers like us.

    Kung mga professionals pala kayo, then why haven’t you realized na dinudungisan ninyo pala ang name ng Danvil by simply bashing with pissed-off victims? Kung tanga pala kami, mas TANGA KAYO because hindi ninyo alam karay-karay ninyo ang Danvil as you bash anyone who felt victimized by Danvil and its agents’ arrogance.

    Don’t get us started by accusing us we are finding our ways not to save. Pucha! Of course we’ve got lots of options to save BUT NOT TO YOUR COMPANY. Hindi ninyo maipamumukha sa amin na Trust Fund ang Future Provider Plan. You are NOT A SAVINGS BANK! YOU ARE JUST A MERE INSURANCE COMPANY! SO DON’T FLAUNT ANYTHING ABOUT SAVING AND SAVING AND SAVING.

    Another thing for Phillip, how could you justify that what your fellow fags Shakira and Rainlou voiced out as “opinions”? Sa amin ba hindi OPINION? Let me tell this to you: all of you ain’t raising opinions. You are just mere trashtalking on us for the sake of that dopey Danvil. You can no longer flaunt anything about mass hysteria because noong Family First pa iyan, dami-daming issues na kinaharap niyan. Kung hindi ninyo pala tino-tolerate na mag-charge sa Credit Card without authorization then bakit patuloy pa rin nagta-trabaho sa FFI ang mga empleyadong iyon, pinagtatanggol ninyo pa!? Mga ibang ahente mob galore sa mga nag-o-object.

    You can never advice us na maging “firm” kami when objecting. Knowing your company, I don’t think no matter firm we are, hindi uubra sa inyo. Kapag kami naging irate, kami pa ang lalabas na walang pinag-aralan. Mina-mob ninyo pa kami.

    How could you explain these:

    Bakit panay ang palit ng pangalan ng company ninyo? Prior to Danvil, it was supposed to be First Financials after Family First, then biglang Danvil since April 2008. That has never happened to any insurance company, not even Pacific Plans, CAP, and even Platinum Plans. You may flaunt that your funds are now amounting to gajillions of Pesos or Dollars, but it’s still not a sure determiner of company’s stability and credibility?

    Second, bakit naki-joint venture pa kayo sa Prudential Life and the latter assumed all its life insurance plans? What’s the scene behind Danvil’s transfer of Pre-Need portfolio to Legacy Consolidated Plans? Whenever I ask any of your people, they keep on saying “Ang kagandahan naman nito po is, kahit ma-transfer, walang mababago sa kontrata ninyo”. They couldn’t even explain the MAIN ISSUE for transferring.

    Third, is your company REALLY REPUTABLE in the U.S.? Kung reputable and company ninyo sa US, bakit mukha kayong mga “unheard-of”? Hindi ko nga nakikita background ninyo kahit sa Wikipedia man lang eh. No matter how you flaunt that your company belongs to Fortune 500, it’s still no guarantee since how come na ganun kayo pero tina-transfer ninyo na pala ang pre-need plan sa Legacy? Dinaan niyo lang sa pambobola para mapaniwala kaming super-power insurance ang Berkley. Kaya kapag sa Pinas, bakit puro Pinoy ang nabebentahan ninyo, hindi mga Kano?

    You can no longer insist you are helping. In fact, nakatulong ba sa family ko ang plans ninyo? My mom and dad is now questioning the credibility of your company. My dad is now a planholder of PhilAm plans and alam ninyo ba kung magkano makukuha niya after 10 years since nag-last pay siya noong 2006? P1Million! Samantalang ako, kung hindi ko i-li-leave ng another 5 years hindi aabot ng more or less 500grand. Katiting lang ang makukuha ko. Kelangan ko pang mamatay para may makuha ang parents ko? Duh! They ain’t waiting for that to happen. After all, kapag nadale ako, sino lalapitan ng parents ko sa Danvil para mag-claim? There is no definite agent dahil iba-iba ang nagbenta sa akin ng 3 plans. When they’ve checked the certificates, bakit Xerox? And sobrang complicated intindihin ng plan ninyo when my mom read it. Masyadong flowery, hindi na siya understandable. Tapos, 3 klase pa ng plan.

    Don’t get me started by calling my mom stupid. My mom has worked for an insurance company for a decade before deciding to resign. She was supposed to be an authorized agent of Pacific Plans, so she already knew what insurances are, alongside its stability. Kaya after she found out about the transferring of Danvil Pre-need Portfolio to Legacy Consolidated Plans, she went frantic. Iniisip niya, doon pa lang, it determines how instable Danvil is, right? Hindi nga niya kilala ang company ninyo.

    If you still insist that we are still stupid, cretin, bozo, mentally ill, then go ahead. After all, sino ang masisira? Kami ba? Sorry, we’ve got lots of friends and fellows who can empathize with us, and I have a colleague whose friends were doped by the Danvil feel-ers!

    No matter how you bash me, here’s one more thing: Eh ano? Kung makipagputulan ako sa inyo, so what? Kayo lang ba ang ONLY INSURANCE PROVIDER IN THE P.I.? Sorry there are lots of insurance companies that ain’t suppressive, manipulative and absolutely gives you the freedom. They’ve got insurance and pre-need offers that is way better than YOUR INSURANCE.

    Actually, after signing up with the new company I work with, they’ve provided me PhilAm group insurance and MaxiCare….right after passing my PROCESS TRAINING and CERTIFICATION.

    Lastly, have I told you this before? If you wouldn’t mind asking what company I work with?

    I work with IBM-Daksh Business Process Services Inc. The account I am handling? A #1 frequent flyer program in the US… the frequent flyer program of one of the top-notch airline companies in the United States. And these companies are wayyyyyy damn reputable than your BERKELEY.


    I have seen the PROBE interview. I was pleased to see myself, as well as sharing my utter dissatisfaction with people. I ain’t aiming to admire me whatever.

    Roxys last blog post..Please Danvil-ers… ENOUGH OF YOUR POSING AND PRETENDING. GET REAL, Y’ALL!

  2. @BrianB- I tell them off “NO” and then if they still insist, I become bitchy

    @roxie- Congrats for appearing on TV. Danvil Plans and other similar companies using the same high pressure tactics should not be allowed to operate.

    1. Hi ms.roxy,
      Thank you sa blog mo.Ang dami qng nakuhang info about danvil aka berkley.Gusto q talaga makuha pera q kahit na going on 4 years na ang plan q sa kanila.Do you think I still have a chance?50,000 plus na ang total payment q sa kanila.Worried aq dahil baka pagpunta q sa office nila daanin na naman aq sa salestalk.Please help me.Thank you.

  3. this kind of harassment being done by family first has been going on for quite some time already, i was still in the insurance industry ganyan na sila, ano kaya ang problema ng Insurance Commission at di nila mapatigil ang ganitong marketing scam? even with SEC. something is definitely wrong.

    last time we were in megamall, their gimmick was a brand new car will be given just for scratching a code or something. curiosly, we asked them what’s the catch? sabi nila “wala po”, nung pinagtawanan lang namin na napaka-imposible at hindi logical na walang babayaran, inirapan pa kami. ha! dapat kasi binabastos ang mga ahente nyan eh!

    zherwins last blog post..scam!

  4. i made a post in the older entry to clarify some things…i used to be part of teh stat up team of Berkley internationl Life company….BErkley Life and Plans were formed via the partnership of W(illiam ) Berkley who owned a top ranked non-life firm in the US and Northwestern mutual, a Fortune top 500 company in the US….Family First is a marketing arm which sold the pre-need products… Berkley and Family First had different set of officers and staff and they operated autonomously…Berkley was purely Filipino-run, while FAmily First was run by Kiwi/Australian (?) expats…it was disappointing cos even tho Berkley was supposed to be the mother Company all the Family First officers and staff earned higher salaries and benefits than us…they were in a better office and the expats were billeted in hotels
    Berkley had the usual agency force while Family First prided itself with their very effective sales training program andhighly productive agents…in fact, even kami sa Berkley kinukulit nila para bumili ng product na kami ang gumawa…take note, super mahal ng costing ng product nila compared sa Berkley’s..bat naman kami kukuha sa kanila!

    despite all the complaints they were getting, mayabang pa rin sila bec of their high sales production..and never silang naging apologetic sa high-impact kunong sales tactic nila…

    by some twist of fate, when W(illiam) berkley and Northwestern pulled out their interest in the Phil, the resulting merger had FAmily First as the surviving entity…ergo everything now had to be done the Family First way…kung sa Berkley was parang one big happy family …ibang iba ang culture dun.., …when the fiasco about the alleged rigging of the raffle promo came out, the expats in charge were just reassigned to other countries and let the FIlipinos handle their mess
    i left when the merger was finalized… simply put, i wanted to work for a company that i can be proud of..

    word of advice :regardless of how kulit and nasty they can be, just ignore them pag nakasalubong nyo sila…kung nakumbinse naman kayo na sumama sa office nila…and you want to get out..just insist on leaving and maghysterical kayo kung ayaw kayo paalisin…and never never ever under any circumstances give out your ATM/credit card… kasi may alas sila nun na inabot nyo naman sa kanila at hindi nila forcibly kinuha sa wallet nyo…

    when my parents attended the sales talk without my knowledge napasugod ako …sabi ko ako na lang magbibigay sa knila nung wall clock kesa magoyo sila…tinawag pa nila nun yung expat trainor nila to stop us from leaving…even if i told him na i was working then with Berkley ayaw pa rin kami paalisin…pinagtaasan ko na lang sila ng boses to stop fooling us because i know for a fact that the product they are selling are overpriced and will not give us value later on…ayon pinaalis din kami

    its so sad lang that Berkley’s name is dragged until now kahit wala na connection yung original incorporators sa sales tactics ng Danvil

  5. buti n lng napanood ko ung s probe. Naloko ko ng mga yn nung march. 14k + ang nacharge s credit card ko. Sobrang bumalik kaagad ang galit ko. leche! verify dw ung credit card tapos ayun nacharge n! paglabas ko sa office nila feeling ko nascam tlga ako. non-refundable dw! D n kasi me nakareklamo p kasi busy n me ng umuwi s probinsya. Ngaun, luluwas me manila para asikasuhin yan. di tama ang ginagawa nila kahit anong rationalization gamitin. nanloloko sila ng tao. Sna mabalik ko p pera ko. Di ba sila nahihiya na galit ang mga customers nila? makakarma yan mga yn!

    1. same thing here.. they charged 16.8k to my cc just last friday, 15 Aug sa southmall. Hindi nila ko pinapansin even if i told them for the nth time n hindi ako pwede mgstay ng mtagal dahil may ka-meet ako. Ayun so hindi ko na-meet yung pinsan ko that afternoon. Pglabs ko ng ofc nila, I was feeling so low, parang there’s something wrong with the transaction we just made.. s katuliruhan ko, i even lost my phone that same afternoon sa kkisip dun sa transaction na un. I called them up knina to advise na gusto ko n ipacancel ung transaction. Hinihiritan nila ko ng nonrefundable, but with the issues and comments i read here, i won’t stop. kukunin ko yung pera ko sa knila, 16.8k is still 16.8k.. hindi ako basta mkkpulot nun sa kalye.

  6. Pingback: Simplicity is Beauty

  7. hi pipz… please help. d na ngaun nag rerep ung danvil agent na nag email back sa akin na sabi nya pwede rw e refud ung initial payment o. sabi niya 30days ang processing raw. last rep nya nung july 17 pa. anu gagawin ko? nasa ilo2x kasi me mahal rin ang long distane sa hotline nila na wala naman sumasagot. please help…

  8. Same din yung experience namin dyan noong april,muntik na kaming mag -give-in kasi super kulit, paulit -ulit ang sinasabi ng agent, we were just lucky that I saw a glitch in their computations so i didn’t sign. naaawa nga ako kasi ang daming nagsign-up nun na batch namin gusto ko sana ipaalam yung about sa computations nila pero ang dami kasing agents eh.Sana makakuha ng refund lahat kasi hard earned money din yun baka mapunta lang sa wala.

    And to their defenders, don’t call those who have been victims na nagrereklamo na tanga or stupid kasi misleading talaga ang strategies nyo.Sabi nyo kasi wala kayong ibenebenta, walang involve na pera endorsement lang eh what do you call sa ginagawa nyo?For me nightmare yung experience na yun sana sana wala ng ma-victim.

  9. hi ms diane,

    ask ko lang po. kasi yung cousin ko from uk napasign up saya sa danvil yesterday. nung andun daw sya sobrang nagdadoubt na sya kasi ayaw nya rin gamitin yung credit card nya pero at the same time medyo naeengganyo sya nung mga sinasabing benefits. when i asked her how much kinuha sa kanyang initial, hindi nya sure basta sabi daw sa kanya monthly installment yun na hindi mabigat for her. Nung tinanong ko sa kanya yung receipt, she showed it to me and we found out na 196,000 pesos plus yung kinuha.dun pa lang nya nalaman yun. sobrang problemado sya ngayon kasi extension lang yung credit card nya nung husband nya from uk and for sure magagalit sa kanya yun. this afternoon po babalik daw sya dun sa danvil sa north edsa kasi dun sya kumuha para macancel yung account since nakapending pa naman sa credit card charge nya. magagrant po kaya yun? sana po makareply kayo kasi hindi po talaga biro yung amount na nicharge sa kanya. Thank you so much.

  10. tama lang ginawa nya n binalikan nya agad.. kasi yung sakin dati hindi ko nablikan agad pero I did all that i have to do para mkuha ulet pera ko.. awa ng Diyos naibalik n sa akin.. just advise your cousin n maging firm xa sa desisyon n ipacancel yung transaction… pera nya yun and she has the sole right to decide on where and how to use it.

  11. hi gen,

    ask ko lang pano mo nacancel yung sayo and how long? kasi nung bumalik yung cousin ko sabi sa kanya hindi na daw pede dahil me pinapirmahan pala sa kanya na parang waiver na non-refundable yun. sabi daw sa kanya kahit san pa daw sila mapunta wala na magagawa pinsan ko dahil kumpleto papers nila. pabalik na kasi uk yung cousin ko this oct 19. hope you can reply. thanks.

    1. hi rochelle,

      actuali, friday ngyari un e, i called them up the following monday, after ko mkpgresearch about their company.. (nabasa ko tong page n to kya ng-init ulo ko tlg lalo). E wla daw pasok mga agents nila pag monday so tawag ako ulet tues. hinihiritan nga nila ko ng nonref daw un.. pero mkulet ako in a calm way n gusto ko n icancel ung transaction. sbe nya punta k nlng dito sa ofc nmin pg free ka.. the ff day pumunta ko sa ofc nila.. nghafday ako. so morning plng andun nko.. 11 xa dumating ntpos usapan namin 1:30 n. paulet ulet lng sbe ko gusto ko n tlg icancel, i sounded nice kc yun yung way n gusto ko masettle yung pangyayari. if in case kc n hindi ko cla mkuha sa gnun, well that’s the time na i’l seek professional help from proper authorities. sbe nya lng along the conversation n gnun nga..nonref blah blah blah.. i just stayed firm to cancel it.. in the end, nramdaman cgurong indi ako aalis s ofc nila ng walang nahihita, sbe nya nlng cge i’l see what i can do. . balik k dito kung kelan k libre ulet.. after 2 wks bumalik ako, medyo na-bc kc ko nun.. binalik ko ung documents n binigay previously (i.e policy, resibo etc) pingawa nya ko ng cancellation letter.. in-acknowledge nya by signing on it, he gave me a copy.. tpos sbe nya bblitaan nya nlng ako sa update. after one week ngtx ako sabe nya, cancelled n daw, and mbabalik n yun pera sa CC ko.. im so glad dun sa tx nya n un.. kya lng after ilang araw wla pa din ngrereflect sa credit card ko.. so ang gnawa ko para mpblis pa lalo.. nagsend ako ng dispute letter sa bangko inattach ko yung cancellation letter n signed nya.. and then yun afer few days lng nabalik n yung pera ko.. i think yun iba ang gnawa nila lumapit cla sa IC e.. check k ng other comments related s topic n to…

    2. hi rochelle,

      can u please update me kung anong nangyari regarding dun s case ng cousin mo?

      i’m also a planholder and i’m so damn worried since nakapagbayad n rin ako ng 8 months premium..

      thanks a lot for any help…

  12. happened to me last july also..i am trying to call up their hotline number but nobody answer me..i even sent email them but i did not receive any reply from them.. i am really frustrated with them..i want to get back my money, it is more than 100 thousand can i claim it back? i am living in norway now and it is hard for me to contact them except thru telefone and emails which they never answer.

    1. Pareho tayo ng case myles.Gusto ko rin sana ipa-cancel ang plan q sa kanila pero nagda-doubt aq.Mukhang too late na kasi.Active member aq since 2006.Annual payment ang ginawa q since dito aq sa Japan nakatira na.50,000 plus na ang nakukuha nila sa akin naman.Ano kaya ang magagawa natin lalo pa`t sa abroad tayo nakatira?Please!Can someone help us?

  13. BRAVO! ROXY! Standing ovation and a round of applause to you!
    Well, it’s nice to be back but I am not here to smug or insult anyone as what the moderator has been tagging me from her posts. I am here because some issues have been thrown to me which I do not want for Ms. Roxy to be disappointed if I do not answer her queries.
    Well, first stop

    “Aminin ninyo na kasi, kasi kung panay ang defend mo na never nangyayari sa Family First/Danvil ng pang-ha-harass, charging to Credit Card without permission and you respect kung ayaw naming bumili ng insurance ninyo or hindi”
    Yes, I admit that we have some high pressured sales tactics, which is effective by the way for people such as yourself who is or was a planholder. And I think I was already able to explain this from my previous posts, that if you really do not want the plan then why the hell are you going to give your credit card to the agent? Think..think..

    “Second, are you sure nangyayari sa ibang insurance companies ang Credit Card swiping?
    Don’t get us started by insisting on “Discipline Savings” crap, because sinisikil ninyo lang ang kalayaan ng tao kung kunin niya heto. Bakit? Paki ninyo ba sa buhay nila? Don’t try to show that you fucking care, in the first place, hindi ninyo naman sila kaano-ano and pera lang naman din ang habol ninyo di ba?”
    I just don’t understand that being a planholder you do not know the payment options for your plan. You can pay through credit card, check, cash or automatic debit arrangement from BDO, Metrobank, Unionbank. And I do not know about the other companies if they do credit card payments. And I do not understant why you question regarding the MISSION/VISION of the company to help filipino families to have a better future, because I believe all the companies have their own goal and it just happen that this was the goal that Danvil have embedded on us.

    “Mark Phillip, paano mo nga pala mai-e-explain about Family Shield, which a certain Janet Tabasco (or Tagasco) never explained to me it has no maturity benefit after investing for 10 years and nothing happens to me?”
    I guess you have to check the documents that you have signed because as fas as I remember there was still a Coordinator at the time when you got the Family Shield, and he or she may have explained to you regarding this and at that time you may or may not agree with the provisions which you should have thought twice before finally agreed upon signing the papers. My question to you is what if something happens to you? Knock on wood like accidental death! And you are only paying like 350 pesos for this plan, Danvil will not question at all but give your family the million pesos that was stated in the contract. All are based in legal contract.

    “Naaalala ko nung last June of 2006, pinapupunta ako ng FFI just to claim my birthday gift, raffle ticket-whatever-shit-it-is and confirm something na hindi ko maintindihan, only to find out na bebentahan lang pala ako ng Family Shield and Protector No-Claim Bonus 3 months later.
    Paano na lang kung wala akong work, how could I pay my credit card?
    Saan ako kukuha ng pera?
    Magnanakaw ako?
    You can call this thing stupid pero this is how we feel. Sinasabi ninyo di ba na sa Future Provider Plan may insurance coverage? Bakit kelangan ninyo pa rin kami alukan ng Family Shield and Protector No-Claim Bonus?”
    Why did you not ask yourself before signing all the papers? If your benefit was enough or not? Or if you could still afford it or not?
    “don’t think you all are no longer with Danvil (like what I’ve said a while) because if you have already left from Danvil then, there is no reason for you to defend such company like that unless you are all existing employees or…you’re definitely CRAZY!
    I work with IBM-Daksh Business Process Services Inc. The account I am handling? A #1 frequent flyer program in the US… the frequent flyer program of one of the top-notch airline companies in the United States. And these companies are wayyyyyy damn reputable than your BERKELEY.”

    You know what Roxy, its just simple, you are smart girl and I don’t want to judge you. I know that you have not that good experiences with Danvil or Family First, but you know what I am still proud of you being a planholder, which only mean one thing, during the sales presentation you were listening to your consultant or to who ever who made you decide to get a plan and riders from Danvil. It means that you care about your future, and your family because if not then you would have not signed all the contracts for the plan. And lastly, you are a smart girl because at the time you signed up for the plan you know and you felt that you NEED it, so don’t blame the agents, they just did their part, ikaw pa rin ang nagdecide. I just think that you felt “naloko” because not all the people invited bought the plan and you did. So, cheer up and stay cool. Just be proud that after 10-15 years you have something. Get over it!

    1. Well, You’re back! And you are still spewing rubbishness out here after a couple of months of absence.

      So what if Noemi is tagging you for your crap and insults? Don’t you realize, not only you insult… you’re bullying anyone who shout their rants about Danvil? You’ve been a staunch defender of the company you formerly serve with, claiming that you are fucking helping people and at the same time you’re bashing. What kind of defender are you? You are stooping down to the level of whom you consider to be dunderheads than you.

      Your experience with Danvil (or FFI) doesn’t guarantee your smartness and fully educatedness, because with your comments against my fellow anti-Danvil is like you’re a typical basher. Besides, it’s needless to be a staunch defender of Danvil plans whereas you’re no longer employed with it. Nasa “Dubai” or “Abu Dhabi” ka na, right? You’ve got a freakin’ “profound” job, so why waste with blogsites and bashing the administrators who have been posting their angst against Danvil and slap to their faces that they don’t have effin’ credibility? They’re just bloggers, hindi naman sila binabayaran ng kung sino mang company diyan para lang magpralaling tulad ng mga cheapanggang showbiz columnists diyan, so whether they bash or cuss the people or company they hate, it’s their prerogative. This is a free country after all so you don’t have to right to suppress people from expressing the filth they got from your previous dopeheaded company.

      So having left out from Danvil, and being a rabid defender of your erstwhile company simply doesn’t make sense. Yung mga umalis sa mga kumpanya (I mean other companies or industry, NOT DANVIL) na MAS MAY MAGANDA PA SA IYO na EXPERIENCE hindi nagmamaganda gaya sa iyo, ano pa kayang tulad mo na panay rin ang pagyayabang na maganda ang naging kinahinatnan mo because of Danvil? Those people may not coming from Insurance companies, but they worked from companies that are WAAAAAYYY tried and tested through the years BEEEETTTTEEERRR than DANVIL.

      BTW… regarding your reply… actually, you really never answered the issues thrown upon you. Ano’ng pinagsasabi mo? You ain’t actually telling me I’m smart. That’s effin’ reverse psychology, you are trying to impose I ain’t listening and a bloody weak. You are still trying to emphasize what you’ve been always trying to emphasize to your previous comments in Diane’s and Noemi’s blog.

      You are simply trying to imply that I’m plain MORON. That’s it!

      Besides, your logic is simply ludicrous. As I read your comments, I end up laughing at it? hahahhahahah! How twisted are your commentaries? Is that what you claim ‘a master of psychology’? You don’t need to twist your rants or messages to be ‘a master of psychology’ and make your opponents look moronic.

      Don’t blame the agents??? Well they deserve it because they are simply guilty of misinformation and misleading the customers, and simply don’t even know how to make themselves humble when a customer is irate. Those agents who have the nerve to throw their annoyance on those customers who show their anger, not recognizing the mistake on their part.

      Mark, I am not a perfect agent of United Mileage Plus too. I’m from inbound setting, but eversince, I didn’t always put to blame on Americans’ stupidity for having their miles expired. We simply don’t retaliate by saying things that you make them feel you are blaming them. Hindi kami nagtatawag ng bisor para pagtulungan ang customer. Kung may mali sa amin willing kaming i-korek ng Supervisor namin. For every misinformation or misleading phraseology, mark down iyon para sa amin.

      You just replied, but you never answered the issue regarding Danvil Plans’ credibility. Another thing, mula nung nagpa-stop ako ng charging sa Credit Card, bakit hindi na ako china-charge na ng Danvil after 2 months since August? Nakarating na sa kanila ang complaints ko after I addressed this to SEC and Insurance commission of the Phils. Hindi nga nagmaterialize ang merger ng Legacy consolidated plans and Danvil pero bigla na lang hindi ako chi-narge? Nag-complain na ako sa Danvil, Nagpa-stop ako ng charging for 2 months sa FPP, hindi na nga sila natuloy sa merger pero humaba ng 2 months hindi na sila nagcha-charge. Something false is ringing from that company, huh!?

      Now that Danvil is featured by Probe, I am pretty sure you will regard Cheche Lazaro is NOT CREDIBLE JOURNALIST kasi sinisiraan ang company na minsan pinagsilbihan mo.

      1. @ROXY,

        My dear Roxy, up to now you are still bitter about Danvil. As Ive heard the company is now doing good in terms of porfolio ah. Actually, I went home last December to pay for my lapses and discovered that they are already part of Prudential Life pala, which is kinda a good sign na rin for the stability of the company. And yun nga they dissolved some departments like and no longer sell additional rider plans like the Family Shield which I guess you got.
        Anyways, wala na akong masabi coz I’ve moved on, I do not want to comment about the previous system that we used before to encourage clients to get a plan coz new people here could not relate, iba na kasi ang ginagamit nilang style ngayun, which I do not have any knowledge of.
        Nonetheless, you can say anything you want to say to me as what you’ve said this is a free country, I dont care at all. All I care about nagbabayad na ako ngayun on time sa plan ko and hopefully matapos ko din in due course.
        I just want to comment on your question:
        Another thing, mula nung nagpa-stop ako ng charging sa Credit Card, bakit hindi na ako china-charge na ng Danvil after 2 months since August? Nakarating na sa kanila ang complaints ko after I addressed this to SEC and Insurance commission of the Phils. Hindi nga nagmaterialize ang merger ng Legacy consolidated plans and Danvil pero bigla na lang hindi ako chi-narge? Nag-complain na ako sa Danvil, Nagpa-stop ako ng charging for 2 months sa FPP, hindi na nga sila natuloy sa merger pero humaba ng 2 months hindi na sila nagcha-charge. Something false is ringing from that company, huh!?

        I just couldnt get what you meant from your question. First, nagpastop ka ng charging sa credit card mo and then you complained as to why Danvil did not charge you? What do you mean? Being a planholder for sooooo long, I just couldnt get why up to now you still dont know that process in terms of collection arrangement. When I was in the Customer Service, I have a lot of customers to whom I had a good relationship with and most of them especially those who had their plan for a long time, know how the process goes. Second, it is your responsibility to pay your dues not for Danvil but for YOURSELF, kasi afterall pera mo yan, Danvil is just a vehicle. And lastly, Diba andyan ka sa Pinas, didnt you take the time to review the financial standing of Danvil up to the present date? And check for yourself if the company is on the right track or not?

        And you are absolutely correct that I am already having a great career here abroad. Why waste my time bashing here? Because I love you guys, mahal ko kayong mga planholders. You just didnt get the brighter side of the plan that you got. Also, during my time when I was in Family First, I had the best times of my life, grabe, di nyo lang alam ang pressure na pinagdadaanan namin, and of course andyan din ang excitement, na pag month-end kulang ka pang 1 deal either make it or not. It was like an adrenalin rush and pushing yourself to the limit to achieve your goal. But in fairness, naman Ms. Roxy, during my time I never had any Misrepresentation whatsoever, complaints-one or two but I could say that I was not the typical Sales Agent based on your idea about Danvil’s agents. Most of the clients enjoyed my presentation whether they got the plan or not. Up to now we still have contact, especially my clients from abroad. Now, I have to agree with some comments regarding the MISREP, as in madami din talaga, most of them didnt last long kasi ibig sabihin they are not good. You dont have to use MISREP to close a deal nasa charisma yan and of course closing skills.
        Anyways, Ms. Roxy, hope to hear from you again! And to all planholders, keep the fire burning dont forget the True purpose as to why you get the plan in the first place.

        1. hi mark,
          i’m also a planholder of danvil,’ve already finished paying two (5 years plan) and still paying another 10 years plan.Can you give me your email add because i have lots of questions to ask and i dont want to post it here,naguguluhan lang lalo ako sa mga blogs na nababasa ko.Hope we can talk through email.thanks

      2. My my upset both of you then? The lad does have a point but he’s a rather rude lad to be sure. Arguing with him is a bit like wrestling a pig it gets you all dirty and the pig likes it. Think on that then will ya. Ma’am you should never trust a fancy lad such as him and lad you should watch yer mouth there is a bunch of ladies present.

        Don’t know much bout customer service but I’d bet yonder lad is worse at it than I am. You got a bunch of folks wanting to tear pieces off you at the moment and insulting them ain’t no way to be making that better nor is gloating bout yer prior association with a company they don’t much care for. I bet I know why they chucked you out because you have no respect for anyone. Sir you are arrogant as anyone I believe I’ve ever met and that is why you got tossed out, take yer lesson laddy. Yeh made a mistake and do you want to be making another one?

    2. Mr.Mark d2 kmi s Abu Dhabi.Plan holder dn po.hirap kc mka contact s Customer service.Pde po b s inyo nlng kmi mg inquire?panu po computation kung i terminate na namin ang plans namin.last may 2005 po ng start ang plans .isang 5 years at dalawang 7 yrs.gaano po katagal bago ma refund ang pera?Pacencia n po s abala .Nakita kopo kasi na dati kayo s Danvil.Thanks.

  14. Im a Danvil planholder since Feb. 2006. Sa dubai po ako nag wowork umuwi po ako nung May 2008 para iistop yung monthly payment ko using my credit card dahil ang laki po ng charge sa akin ng bank dito sa Dubai. Sa ngayon po sa BDO na nila dinededuct monthly. Dapat po irerefund ko sya kaso sabi nila non refundable daw po sayang daw po yung naihulog ko na. Wal po akong time makipag argue dahil may anak po akong kasama. Tapos nadagdagan pa ng Protector dahil sa sobrang insist nila ang hirap pong tumanggi. Makaalis lang ako nagsign na ako di ko na naisip ang result at saka nakakawala po ng concentration ang dami nilang nagsasalita. Gusto ko na po talaga sya i refund pwede po ba?

    1. Hi, tagadubai din po ako and planholder din. I pay thru my Mashreq, eh maliit lang naman yung conversion in dirhams, anyways, I went home just recently and found out that Danvil did not gave up its portfolio to Legacy. So good news to cya kasi up to now Mr. Danny Villanueva will not let the company go for the sake of us planholders, I personally talked to him last December and assured me of the security of my investment especially in this tough times. Kaya dont worry about your plan, dont let these negative people here influence your decision and you mentioned you have a child, so just think of him at least may extra money cya when the future comes. Yung plan mo kasi last 2006, under pa cya ng old provision which states that only a percentage of the amount paid will be returned to you, sayang naman, Ang bagong provision nila kasi ngayun, once you want a refund within a month, full refund less admin charges. So if I were you, continue mo.

  15. Hi Roxy,

    Pwede po malaman name nyo at phone number. Just send it to my email address. May gusto lang po akong itanong sa inyo, I dont want to post it in here kasi minomonitor nga po to taga Danvil. Lalo na po na Mark Phillip na yan.

  16. it seems that all of us has a bad experience with danvil plans, especially with their employees.

    good news, i just refunded my initial deposit yesterday. i already returned the copies of the policy including all the receipts.

    also, i already fax the needed documents to my card company. i just followed the instructions of our co-victims. hope everyone will get sound justice soon.

    1. would you happen to know kung pwede ko pa-irefund lahat ng payments ko sa danvil? pero yung tipong makukuha ko lahat kasi sabi sa kin nuon hindi na pwede makuha lahat, mag-s-start na waiting period ko which is 10 yrs. kaso parang nakakaworry na tatagal pa sila pag ganyan ang takbo ng pamamalakad nila. hindi na sila nagu-update ng payments.

    2. hi, can you give me the idea on how to process for cancellation and to my refund please……….one year na po kc akong member at gusto ko din pong kumalas.,,,,,pls…pls…pls.. lng
      thankz in advance

    3. hi, im a plan holder as well.i joined last november.i want to cancel my membership also.can you tell me specifically you did in able to refund your payment.i appreciate your responce.God Bless…

  17. i have no idea ms. dolly,

    may be you can send Request letters personally to Insurance Commission and Security Exchange Commission, i also recommend that you send the Cancellation Letter personally to Danvil Head Office. just make your letter self-explanatory enough.

    God bless..

  18. hay naku! beware na lang kayu sa DANVIL SCAM ang aabutin nyu. yung friend ko pinakuha pa talaga sa kanya yung credit card nya kahit iniwan nya sakin sa labas! dun ko nalaman na scam yun. next time na may lalapit sa inyo sampalin nyu na langa ako bahala! lol!

    1. @JOHN

      You know what some of the people here, knows kung ano ang Danvil and its not a SCAM, I do not want to start all over again and explain kung ano cya. I said my piece regarding the issue, but filipina mom blogger, I just cant stand people misperceive DANVIL as a SCAM, especially this JOHN, typical “kalye attitude” na mukhang hindi naman kayang bumili ng plan sa Danvil, no offense ha, nag increase na kasi ang initial deposit nila. I think mga 9k plus na, unlike before it was only like 5,700 pesos.

  19. recently, umiingay na naman sa media ang mga pre need plans. Nagrelease na ba ang SEC kung kasama ang Danvil sa mga under kina Mr. Vasquez? Sya nga ba yung nagsasalita ngayun na attorney? Remember yung Legacy consolidated plans where in dapat itratransfer and danvil pero di natuloy. aren’t they yung nagclose na. ang gulo pero ang hirap naman magback out na, baka the more na hindi naten ituloy pagbabayad lalong magupo ng crisis yung company na to. especially if they’re saying na future claimers ang problem nila.

  20. Ms Dolly,

    I think sa case po ninyo just continue na lang kasi mahirap na nga po talaga mgback-out pag 10years n kayong nkabayad. Hindi nyo po kasi talaga mkukuha yong buo kasi yon po agreement nila. Sa case po kasi namin na nabiktima eh hindi po kami aware na nkuhanan kami ng pera through CC and w/ the ATM w/c is on my case I was mislead and misinformed kaya ako npasign-up w/c is stupid of the agent that I talked to.

  21. hi to everyone,

    i’m a plan holder of Danvil pero wala nman ako nakita na sapilitan na pagbebenta. nakatapos na ako ng payment. 5 years to pay 7 years waiting – and wish me luck a few years from now makuha ko na yung benefits.

    cguro nga nag-change sila ng strategies… 5 or 7 years ago hindi naman sapilitan pagbebenta nila unlike sa mga blog na nababasa ko ngayon. One more thing ever since na maging plan holder ako not one birthday na hindi nila ako greet and lagi may news letter probing that they still exist.

    furthermore bago nila ilipat sana sa Legacy ang mga planholders nagbigay naman sila ng notice and isa ako sa mga sumulat sa kanila na hindi ako pumapayag. Prompt nman ang reply nila na nareceive ko thru mail. Its nice hindi natuloy sa Legacy otherwise laki ng problem ko.

  22. I really hate being physically touched and I found a way to send the obnoxious telemarkers a message anyone who keeps getting disturbed during dinner hour and is annoyed with it should take their phone off the hook since I tried getting rid of the idiots by supporting a law that would make it illegal what you are complaining about and they got it struck down as a violation of the first amendment rights of freedom of speech and I think everyone should have the right to say as they wish but we oughta have the right to tell em to shut their cake hole.:)

    Legislators don’t see it like that because the companies are probably after greasing a few palms right enough so the only thing I can think to do is to take the phones off the hook during meal time since that is when they make their most amount of cash. That’s why the do not call list failed they bought some powerful folks to keep right on doing what they were doing. So it’s all you now and you decide whether or not you are going to tolerate this or not.

    Then I’m thinking to dump the junk mail into yonder burocrats yard after shreading it leaving a note saying that if they are tired of this then they should do something bout all the junk mail. Just keep dumping it until they put a stop to it. Then leave your phone off the hook until you’ve finished yer supper for two months and tell yer friends to do this and they get the message that we can do something about it finally without the government’s help.

    If you still get calls then keep doing this since the market is poor and the time to hit them is now. We can use the down turn in the market to stop the aggressive ad tactics most likely. We aren’t going to get a better chance than the one we got now. My teacher said that if you want folks to listen to you hit them in the purse. So that’s what the off the hook revolt is after doing at any rate. They are doing all this cause they are desperate and we got em now so let’s use what we have to send them a message and it is what you folks are saying but they ain’t listening. So we do not listen to them either and by taking our phones off the hook then we show them we don’t have to.

  23. OMG!

    It’s so late for me to know this news but I am grateful to have this taken out the blogsphere.

    I am working overseas and keeping an insurance policy would be best for the situation.

    Me, my brother and mom could be under potential scam about this Family First — we are policy holders.

    Now that Family First has connections with erring companies such as Danvil and Legacy. I have all the reasons to be scared… Legacy Group is in the hot seat.

    Who knows, one day there would be a resolution with Legacy. Then renamed, rebranded and owned by different people. I have a gut feeling that such changes and moves are part of a grand conspiracy in the pre-need arena.

    SEC honchos getting perks from scamming companies. How would we expect justice?

    A cartel of pre-need companies who would relabel a failing company and rotate management. For the sake of: iba na kami, iba ang patakaran namin, maayos na natin ito. Bukas ibang hitsura at lengguahe na naman sila.

    Pinaiikot lang tayo ng industriya na yan sa Pilipinas!

    Invest only with international insurance companies with longstanding records like AXA, AIG and ING. Despite their current failures they fight to keep their integrity and position in the business. They even beg for government money.

    Yung Legacy Group na yan, pag-sinalba ng gobyerno — mauuwi lang yan sa pandarambong. Layuan natin sila.

    Johnonymouss last blog post..Multiple Representation Breeds Differences

  24. hi, i’ve been a victim as well, but how will i get my refund if i am out of the country, it happened december 2007 pa, and still they are charging my card… pls. help…

  25. hello! i understand your feelings having been involved in Danvil contract.Just this afternoon,i successfully canceled the contract which was approved yesterday evening.Thank God,we did catch up with the 24-hour period.The process that we went through for the cancellation was no joke.One has to be determined & strong in order to express your side.One has to be focused as to why you want the contract canceled,since the company would not easily give in.Of course,emotions maybe involved if you are not careful.I would just like to advise that you pray before going for the cancellation request so that you will be guided by GOD.Keep your calm & be focused on the your issue.Do not let the conversation run to & fro,but stick to your point.
    Allow me to thank God for His help.I was not made to come back for the SOA, but it was given right away to me together with a copy of the received cancellation letter.It just ended well & i even shook hands with the assistant sales manager(whom i had a tough discussion earlier), & with the branch manager who extended her thanks before we left.
    Everything is just easy with God,so just ask for His help.
    GOd bless!!!

  26. In SM Cebu…dami nila ngayon dito!!! I was in Manila last November 2007 for a vacation with my friends. we were in SM Megamall when a gay approached us, then giving us stuffs like clock, umbrellas, bags..ect, it was 10:30am and we went out mga 3pm..imagine..good thing is kahit isa sa amin is wlang nakuha yung Danvil. at first ok lng, story telling about the dreams in life and ek ek ek… Pero kalaunan, bigla nlagn nag shift yung topic, about investment, saving your money daw to the bank…So sabi ko na, safe naman yung pera ko sa bank and no need for the insurance since i already have one. tapos sabi nila na i should invest daw sa kanila if gusto ko na safe yung money i got mad as she was explaining coz ayaw ko talaga, tnawag nya yung kasama nya to explain, so balik sa i said na if kng yung explanation mo is same sa kanya wag nalgn coz same pa din yung answer ko’s a NO. tapos tnanong nya ako kng ano ginagawa ko sa manila, i said I am travelling with my friends and having fun. Sinabihna pa naman ako na “ayan, nag ta travel ka pero dmo afford mag insurance” sabi ko nga na i already have insurance then if you’ll let me signed that i’ll bring nalgn the documents and have our lawyers read that coz right now im having fun and i want to buy stuffs in megamall which i cant already because they are taking so much of my time…She told me na “BAKA WALA KA NAMAN PERA, KAYA DKA MAG IINVEST SA AMIN..” grabe. did i hear it right?.there i feel that “this is too much…i need something to bang their i told her, i can afford that investment if i like, afford ko ding sampalin ka, bayaran ka ineng!” there i walked out but i went back to return the stuffs they gave…grabe..same situation with my friends who also walked out. Masasabi ko lng sa kanila, mga bastos cla…Now everytime i went to SM (cebu) and someone from DANVIL approaches me, i just smile and tell them “sori but i already experience your company in Manila…now if you really force me to listen to you, baka di mo magugustan sasabihin ko” and then smile again parang wlang nangyari. To hell with DANVIL….

    1. ang nasa aken lang is yung cancellation letter ko signed by their manager + yung receipt. tapos update ko daw cla within 30-45 days…

      anu pwede kong gawing actions from here on? please help me.. 🙁

  27. mam charm sana ganyan din ang ginawa victima ako..hindi ko alam kung paano yun..kc parang wala ako sa sarili..sana matulungan mo ako..just call me email add: [email protected] same with my fs account. putang ina talagang yang danvil na yan…bullshit..

      1. sa sm city cebu…tinawagan ko na yung hsbc ko kanina 7:00 am 06/14/09 tapos sabi nila na e-follow up ko raw yung cancellation letter na ginawa ko..kaso nga lang ako lang ang naka pirma wala pa akong copy..muntik ng masira ang pamilya ko dahil dito..taga probinsya kasi ako pare….tulungan mo ako pare…pupuntahan ko ngayon ulit doon pagkatapos na work ko mang harass din ako kung paano nila ako hinaras..
        sabi sa hsbc na pag hindi raw i refund or e cancelled yung transaction sa hsbc thats the time na mag file daw sila ng dispute and then sinabihan ko na ang hsbc na kahit anong transaction na galing between sa kanila at sa akin, wag ng e approaved..actually pre wla talaga akong alam sa mga ganyang reklamo pero ito na eh..kung paano nila na swipe ng yano ang card eh sana ganun din ang pag cancel..putang ina sila pre..same amount tayo pre…

  28. a while ago. i called my bank. HSBC. and said nga na kanina.. napacancel ko yung account/transaction ko from danvil. ang sabi ng CS representative. dapat, hindi na mapost yun Php16800 creditted from my hsbc account kung talagang napacancel ko yung account ko. the moment na nagpost siya as creditted transaction sa aking hsbc account, thats the time daw na magfile ng dispute yung hsbc and dun na rin sila mamamagitan.

    somehow i feel relieved kahit wala ung SOA ko with status cancel upon inception, ang pinanghahawakan ko nalang is yung cancellation letter ko signed by their manager.

    good thing i also have my online hsbc account para namomonitor ko. any suggestions pa? i would gladly appreciate any help.

    1. pre naliwanagan na rin ang isip ko kahit papaano..pumunta ako kanina sa danvil office to submit another cancellation para maasikaso nila yun, din humingi ako ng exact/fixed date kung kailan nila e.cancel yun tapos tatawagan nalang nila ako for status of my cancellation..then pina sulat ko yung isang rep nila na…. on that day tatawagan nila ako..then right after tinawagan ko yung hsbc then also adviced me na hintayin ko raw yung tawag ng mga puta..kung anong kahihinatnan. kung sakali raw hindi tumawag that day, inform ko raw sila (hsbc) para ma gawan nila ng dispute file…yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeee…pag-asa parekoy! apply kaya tayo sa danvil pare para magkapera agad! ano sa tingin mo? hehe

      1. buti ka pa chong.. so far, hindi pa naman siya napopost sa unbilled transactions ko.. sa oras na magpost to.. pupuntahan ko hsbc. gud thing malapit lang kame sa office. kelan nga pala yung sinabi nilang date pre? anu anu yung mga documents na nasa iyo ngayon?

        1. bale ngayon yung date na tatawag sila june 16..@ 2 o’clock….din nag email ako online hsbc din tinawagan ako nila tungkol dito..tapos ganun din hintayin ko wala namang tumawag sa devil company…bukas na ako tatawag sa hsbc to inform them na hindi sila comontact sa akin..para ma file ng dispute…sana malutas na to chong! binantaan ko yung taong kausap ko sa pagpunta ko doon..klarong scripted ang mga sagot sa mga complaints ko….parang pinaghandaan na, siguro kasali sa training nila yun. kinain lang yung reklamo ko..kapal talaga chong.

  29. pre, hintayin mo lang.. balak ko din kasing hintayin muna.. nagpost na sa online ko yung chinarge nila eh.. tumawag ako sa kanila, and sabi, for endorsement naman na daw yung cancellation ko sa head office. sinabi din nila na hindi ko naman na kelangang bayaran un, kahit nacharge. kasi they assure na machacharge back un sa credit card ko.. all we need to do is wait pare.. siguro until 2weeks.. kasi nabasa ko din sa ibang blogs na 2 weeks na yung pinakamaaga na nacharge back. 🙂 wag ka nlng magpanic.. im sure inaasikaso na nila un.. 🙂 pero DON’T stop to call them and update them on the process of ur cancellation dude. balitaan mo ko ah.. 😉

  30. pare, nakuha ko na yung SOA ko with status Cancelled From Inception (CFI) .. sana magtuloy tuloy na. at maibalik na pera.. kamusta ka jan sa cebu ? ok naman ba yung cancellation mo>


  32. hi karen!kumusta?nabiktima ako ngayon din july30,2009 sa megamall dito sa manila.Nagresearch ako sa company nila dito sa internet apos itong blog ang lumabas (galit na galit na ako!) ang dami pang nagreklamo parang scam yata!nagbalik ako sa megamall sabi ko gusto kung ecancel kasi husband ko nagalit at hindi na ako padadalhan ng pera pag hindi ko nacancel,ecancel na din yong credit card ko ngayon huhuhuhuuuu wala na akong credit card……sabi nila gawa ng cancellation paper at permahan ko tapos binigay ko sa manager,balik pa ako bukas kasi kunin ko kopya sa cancellation ko at kunin ko receipt sa kinuha nilang pera sa credit card ko.Hayyyyyyyy nakakainis….goodluck sa ating dalawa.bahala na C God sa kanila

  33. hello greetings to all,

    Im an ofw presently working here at dammam saudi arabia, & im a danvil planholder too, the maturity date of my plan is july 2009 and danvil promise my wife that they will give us our money on july30, i dont know what happened but somehow it was delayed by a day,but we get a cheque form them by july31,since this day falls on friday we’re not able to encash the cheque immediately, i guess it will be clear by aug6 if they have funds to support the cheque that they have issued, i will let you know by aug6, this is for the benefit of other planholders out there…may tseke na kami natanggap, malalaman na lang kung may pondo ito, pero tingin ko meron naman otherwise ibang kaso naman ang uuwian nito…
    Mr Rolly
    Flanholder #204934
    July 1999

  34. How is the computation in case i terminate the plans na wala pa sa panahon dahil s fault ng danvil na na lapse ang plans without informing us.?Can somebody help me wala kasi akong knowledge about this kasi wala man lang guidelines about this.You know rush kasi ang bentahan kaya wala na sa isip mo ang ilan bagay na gusto mo itanong, tutukan ba?

  35. Hello people,

    My wife already in-cashed the check that danvil has issued last july 30/09, at ok naman nag-reflect na yung pera, so individual decision nyo na lang kung itutuloy nyo ang existing plans nyo pero sa awa naman ng diyos nakuha namin ang pera namin, 10yrs din ako naghulog ng P1,260/month so malaking sigh of relief na finally tapos na ang experience namin sa danvil, ang advice ko lang sa mga kabayan natin na gusto mag-invest, sa cooperative nyo ilagay ang pera nyo, member din ako ng meycauayan coop sa bulacan at meron sila kikong langgam na tinatawag, monthly ka maghuhulog for a certain numbers of years na gusto mo, it can be 1,2 or more years na monthly mo sya huhulugan, after certain number of year/years makukuha mo pera mo plus interest, ginagamit kasi nila ito pra ipautang din sa mga members nila like palengke or tricycle loan, mas safe ang pera nyo sa coop, i can guarantee that, paano goodluck na lang at sana maayos nyo ang anuman problema nyo sa danvil….

    Planholder #204934

    1. maam i was an x-victim of danvil for the past few months, but thanks God my cash was charging back at my cc, even if i was not able to cancel it with in 24 hrs from the day i availed. I post my number in another bloggers site and you know what a lot of people who ask me on how to cancel it. I post that when I saw and read a lot of negative comments about them. By the way your site was so cool and nice…your such a good programmer, writer of whatever…

      and this is my sample cancellation letter, just click the forums link.


      this site was a homemade and this is for fan only

  36. guys f u want to know on how to cancel your plan..kindly click this link:

    just share your feelings about them and i will fix it..just for friendly reminders, advice, suggestions..

    i will share my ideas, coz i was an x-victim of danvil from SM City Cebu..for the past few months and thanks God my cancellation was approaved and the refund was charged back at my cc.

  37. hi im ace im a promo officer of danvil and now phil. prudential life insurance,sorry sa mga nainvite q na magattend ng presentation.kaya nga bago cla pumasok sa loob ng office i realy told them na pagisipan nila mabute bgo cla magdecide and set their mind that im invited them just for the promo..meron talaga naman nananalo sa promo but not everyday./kaya nga pag ung nainvite ko e nagavail ng insurance and they want to cancell it i realy teach them kung panu ang gagawin nila.mahirap maghanap ngaun ng trabaho thats why im still here.

  38. Hi Ace,
    Kung totoong pwedeng irefund yung plan, kanino pwedeng pumunta dahil mga sinungaling at manloloko ang makakausap mo sa Danvil. Baka kung didiretso kami sa upper management mapakinggan pa kami. Hindi magandang magpressure kayo ng tao. Kung gusto nyong tumulong sa tao, wag nyo kaming utuin kapag binabalik namin ang plano sa inyo dahil gusto namin mag-isip. Danvil should post a guideline kung paano makakakuha ng refund dahil araw araw iba ang istorya ng mga sales rep nyo. This is to protect both the consumers and your company, if Danvil people truly cares about us like what your sales rep continously says.

  39. Hi Ace, I’m not your customer but can you please discuss with me on how to cancel my Danvil Plan when I read this blog same story ang nangyari sa akin 1 and half year ago, day after i signed that contract na kaya ko lang naman napirmahan eh dahil sa sobrang pressure and I just notice they already swipe my card for such big amount, I don’t have enough time to appeal dahil flight ko na nun sobrang pressure ako until now sa pagbabayad ng credit card ko na halos maximum limit ang nagamit because of danvil plus a monthly installment. Thank you dahil lumabas ka sa blog na toh nagkaron ako (kami) ng hope baka pwede mabalik sa akin ang pinaghirapan kong pera sa loob ng ilang taon naubos lang sa isang iglap. Please tell me , teach us how to cancel our plan and if possible to refund our money.

    Nde biro ang ginawa nila sa akin (sa amin) the pressure that until now were still not recover with it. Please…

    Thank you in advance

  40. hi karen, just want to asked I signed this plan last April 2008 i lost my hope na marefund sya kasi it was stated in the plan that it was not refundable and i dont have enough time to appeal this big mistake is my big headache im still hoping i can refund my money with them nde talaga biro ang ginagawa nila, sabi nila it is our way para makaipon ang nangyayari nakakaipon ako (Tayo /Kami ) ng utang sa credit card…

    Most of the victim pa man din mga nagiibang bansa paano nila nadadala sa konsensya nila ang panloloko nila sa mga taong maghihirap sa ibang bansa masuportahan lang ang pamilya dito sa pinas… lahat ng pinaghirapan kukunin nila sa isang gilap lang at isang malaking utang…

    Until now im still paying my monthly due ayoko kasing yan ang maging problema ko para magkaron ng bad records at nde makapagtrabaho…

    please advise me if i can still refund my money if it is a whole amount or how many percentage lang.

    Thank you in advance.

      1. HI Karen can i get your personal email address papatulong lang sana ako how to refund … possible ko pa kayang marefund ang money ko 1yr and 7months na akong plan holder, the day after i signed their contract i planned to refund it by they told me its not refundable… until i loss hope no chance na to appeal kasi its really hard to contact them and im working abroad hirap na hirap na ako financially and mentally… please help…

        if okie lang sana sayo hingin ko personal email mo or YM … please help…

  41. Im also a DANVIL Plan holder. I also share the same feeling after i signed up to their product. The feeling of hopelessness and disgust hunt me for years and kept blaming myself. Until now, i still didnt lost hope that someday..after my plans maturity, i can get what have been stipulated on the contract. I never heard naman of a plan holder, that never received was was agreed. All i heard are the tactics and selling strategies that the company apply. Personally, after reading all your comments, i guess DANVIL is not a scam but its just that they are so agressive and the way of selling there product is so gross and nasty to us and to other possible client.

  42. Im also a DANVIL Plan holder. I also share the same feeling after i signed up to their product. The feeling of hopelessness and disgust hunt me for years and kept blaming myself. Until now, i still didnt lost hope that someday..after my plans maturity, i can get what have been stipulated on the contract. I never heard naman of a plan holder, that never received was was agreed. All i heard are the bad tactics and selling strategies that the company apply. Personally, after reading all your comments, i guess DANVIL is not a scam but its just that they are so agressive and the way of selling there product is so gross and nasty to us and to other possible client.

    1. Hi Mr. J…same feeling and same faith that i need ayoko matulad sa iba na nawala lahat ng pinaghirap after matapos mabayaran ang monthly dues and nagaantay nalang na magmature ang money…I’m hoping that Danvil is not SCAM sana magdilang anghel ka, sana once na magmature ang money natin makuha natin ang para sa atin.

  43. Hi Melai. Ako rin around 150k na ang napaauto debit ko sa kanila for the last 6 yrs. Just dont loss hope..coz we dont have any choice and as i said..wala pa namang nagrereklamo na hindi nabayaran after their plan maturity. Good thing and happy to know that somewhat may merger sila sa what Mark of Dubai had said.At least Prudential is one of the most trusted insurance company in the Phil..may educational plan din ako sa PRUDENTIAL. Hayaan mo nalang ang mga reklamo sa will just give u back another headache. Anyway, they have their rights too to complain. Im just keeping my fingers crossed and lets just pray that all will go smooth for DANVIL until our plan matures.

    1. Hi Mr. J, thanks for giving me hope napakalaki kasi ng perang naipasok ko na sa Danvil Plan na ito / Phil.Prudential Plan, sobrang worried talaga ako that cause me to stress and depress almost 350K (monthly Premium + initial premium) in just 19months palang, sobrang laking pera nitong nabitiwan ko sa kanila… I don’t know why i made that, i don’t know if i called it mistake…at this point wala talaga akong magawang appeal or any move kasi nasa malayo ako nakikipagsapalaran…1year and 7months palang akong member ng Danvil Plan na ito (tied up with Phil.Prudential) and 5years kong babayaran ang monthly plan ko and wait for another 10years to matured.

      Natatakot talaga ako sana there’s a way to refund my money kahit at least 80% of it (although of course i’m hoping to refund it a hundred percent).

      Now through your help, support and faith, i’m starting now gaining hope and crossing my finger until my the maturity of our money.

      Nde biro ang magtrabaho sa malayong lugar, sa napakadelikadong lugar para lang kumita, para maibigay lahat at mailagay sa ayos ang pamilyang isinakripisong iwanan at mapilitang lumayo para hindi nila maramdaman ang hirap at makamit ang mga pinapangarap para sa isang magandang kinabukasan…bago kumita ng kaunti sobrang hirap, pagod ang nararanasan at pagkalaon dahil sa isang pirma mawawala ang lahat lahat….

      I’m not that dramatic person, siguro kung sino man ang makakabasa ng blog na toh iisipin nya “TANGA KA! Bakit nde mo naisip yan bago mo pirmahan ang contract…” sana kung sa una palang lumalabas na ang pagsisisi wala ng maloloko ng ganito wala ng pagkakamali sa mundo…

      pasensya na Mr. J if masyado akong maraming sinasabi…

      Thank you very much, I really appreciate… If I knew something that can help us i surely share it with you…

      1. preho tau ng problema after paying the gross contract pice gusto ko n i refund kc worried ako after 10 yrs p ang maturity e ok p kya ang danvil at that time.The question is makuha kya un exact amount of gross contract price or tama ang sabi ni Eleasar Francisco n 50 percnt lng ng naibayad mo ang makukuha. dko kc na receided ang sinasabing schedule of termination value kya d ko alam kng magkanu ang makuha in case n matapos magbayad at d ituloy s maturity period.

  44. 3 yrs. na rin akong naghuhulog sa Family First which is Danvil now. With all your comments and stories, mas lalo ako natatakot na ituloy ang paghuhulog. Sa ngayon okay sila, pero pag nagmature na mga pera natin makuha kaya natin ang mga pinagusapang pera?! Kaasar, dapat may way para makuha natin yung pera natin ng buo hindi 50%, hindi 60% o 80%. Had I known na ganito ang mangyayari, naku di ko na sana pinagaksayan ng panahon yan. Isa pang nakakainis sa kanila, hindi na sila nagpapadala ng sulat ngayun ng payment mo, not even text messages, pero pag nakamiss ka ng bayad yun dun ka kukuyugin. Buti na nga lang tinigilan na nila ako sa pag-papaupgrade ng plan at pagaalok ng kung anu-anong shields. Yun nga lang ultimo mo pagupdate ng payment wala na, basta kikita ko na lang sa bills na ayun binawas na dun yung mga payment sa 2 plans ko. Hay grabe talaga, sana lang magrelease sila ng sulat na nasa mabuting kamay ang pera natin at guaranteed na may makukuha tayo when maturity sets in.

  45. I guess we have to put CLOSURE to everything on this issue.

    After all what was said and done, definitely there are so many heartbreaking lessons learned from the experience..

    All i can say at this momment:
    SHARE the experience…
    always THINK a Million times before going into any transaction that
    involves money …
    and PRAY always for guidance in every decisions…

    Good luck and God Bless us all.

    1. If you want to cancel your policy just go to their office then tell them u want to cancel it, if ever they will try to explain, don’t listen to them.. there’s a manager named jim rodriguez who will try to insult you, being proud of his name acting like a lawyer don’t mind him… takot lng cyang mabawasan ang commission nya… pwedeng e cancel yan for as long ala pang 1 month… guys pag ngmatigas yan try nyo takutin na erereport nyo cla sa admin ng sm para mwalan ulit cla ng booth

  46. Hi all, hopefully makuha talaga ang lump sum after ng paghihirap ng bayad, kmi ng hubby ko matatapos na this may 2010, then june pwede na daw ma claim ung lumpsum, pinaready na samin ng Danvil rep yong mga requirements when we issued last check for the last 6months post dated check….hopefully talaga ma claim..ksi were both unemployed right now…kya need namin talaga…

    1. Makukuha nyo po yong lump sum nyo.

      Yong sa akin, kakakuha ko lang last May 7, 2010. Nag-mature ang plan ko last March 18 at March 20 ay nag-apply ako para sa maturity claim.

      Kumpletuhin nyo lang yong requirements at wala namang hassle ang pag-claim. Maximum of 45 working days yong processing para makuha mo ang check.

    2. Hello everyone.

      Yong plan ko sa Danvil nag-mature last March 18. Nag-file ako ng maturity claim last March 20 at nong May 7, 2010 nakuha ko na yong check. Na-encash ko na sya.

      Legitimate insurance company din naman sya, di lang maganda ang marketing strategy nila.

      1. Hello Grace,
        Good Day!
        Isa rin kami sa Danvil Plan subscriber since 2002 at nagmature na rin yung 4 units namin since 2007 and we’re planning to submit for our claim. Since we’re abroad and seldom going home jan sa atin, please kindly provide us an idea how to submit a claim forms in relation to this. I’m planning to email or call them to inquire but don’t have enough time yet to do this, Since naranasan mo na ng actual ng pag claim sa plans mo, kaya i’m writing you this moment if you can provide me some details para naman may idea ako what are the necessary things to do para makagawa ako ng action agad, kasi we are very worried about all the information sa mga pinost ng mga subscribers dito sa blogs site na ito.
        Thanks you for your time Grace regarding this matter is greatly appreciated and looking forward to hear from you soon.
        Merry Christmas, keep safe always and God bless!!
        Best wishes & Regards,

  47. Hello po sa lahat.

    Nag-mature na yong plan ko sa Family First now Danvil last March 18, 2010. Nag-submit ako ng maturity claim last March 20 at noong April 7 ay nakuha ko yong cheke, Na-encash ko na sya.

    Legitimate insurance company din naman sila, it’s just that their marketing style is annoying.

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