Every now and then, readers email me requesting for such and such topic to be blogged. If I think it benefits the public, I usually blog about it. One simple email request came from Diane on May 25 .

If it’s not too much to ask, can you please link my entries regarding Danvil Plans to your website? I need enough noise to stop this from happening again to other people.

Of course, I had to do my own research on Danvil Plans (soon to be Legacy Consolidated Plans) first before blogging about it. I was appalled to discover that it was the same Family First who have been using this high-pressure and unethical practices for years. The problem with blogging about this topic is that I was not a victim of Danvil Plans . After reading entries upon entries from bloggers, I was convinced that this kind of high pressure tactics need to stop. Not only Danvil Plans but other “scams” as well.

I soon blogged about the Danvil Plans and other Scams with a mirror entry at my Multiply Account entitled Buyer Beware of Danvil Plans High Pressure Tactics.

I was pretty surprised at the response not only from bloggers but by Danvil Plans’ staunch defender named Mark Philip Banaag who insulted not only my fashion sense but my non-existent financial futures and charitable acts. More than 60 comments later and viral responses through new blog entries, I am pleased to announce that PROBE of ABS-CBN will feature bloggers, Diane and Roxy tonight (July 16) at 11:30 pm on Channel 2.

Edit- after the show

I am posting the video below (sorry for the bad recording) while probetv.com video is not yet ready. Chances are you can watch it on weekends. It is replayed every Saturday at 9:30AM and Sunday at 1:30PM over ANC, the network’s cable news channel.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Oh I saw a screen cap of my Danvil Plans entry and other entries by bloggers. It was too bad that Probe didn’t come out strong enough to drive the point of BUYER BEWARE or their high pressure marketing strategy. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seemed to shrug off the change of name saying that Danvil Plans for change of name was not necessarily a reflection of their bad reputation. I feel Danvil Plans through Family First and now Legacy Consolidated lasted this far because of the “support” from the Insurance Commission and SEC. Though Probe used a hidden camera to pry on Danvil Plans marketing strategy in 3 branches, they failed to show the conversations. Bloggers’ reactions posted on Marcelle’s Plurk showed their disappointment:

I’m actually disappointed because there wasn’t enough bite in the feature. I wish Tulfo or Enriquez did this story…

I wish they’ve shown more footage on the actual hardselling

There were some gems there in the statements made, and they were drowned out in montage form.

it would have been more effective if, instead of showing it in montage, they actually showed a footage. Or even audio

The soundbytes were VERY telltale. I was annoyed when it became a cacophony montage. It ruined the impact of the soundbytes.

Perhaps their undercover setup was a mess considering that everything was edited out and been replaced with text effects. Amateur editing

hopefully this paves the way for more hard-hitting expose’s.

Maybe it did not have the bite or the sensationalism of other shows, but it is a start to expose this kind of business who espouse inducements or coercion to close a sale. It is my hope that Danvil Plans change their innovative (high pressure tactics) marketing strategy.

For Danvil Plans Victims, be empowered and read these entries:

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NOTE: Insulting comments of Mark Philip Banaag will not be posted here. Perhaps the world wide coverage of this PROBE episode has created a BUYER BEWARE impact on viewers. Mark Philip Banaag is back, probably hired again by Danvil Plans to insult Danvil Plans’ detractors.

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