David Cook Wins American Idol Season 7

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(Edit- I posted this entry yesterday before David Cook was declared the American Idol Season 7 winner. I just knew David Cook will win.)
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Even before I started this blog, my American Idol Blog was up and about since Season 3. The American Idol blog was born from one of Lauren’s abandoned blogs which was started in 2000. It started one night when I overheard M laughing her head off as she watched TV. Curious, I watched along with her. Pretty soon, I got hooked on American Idol and I laughed the loudest. It was the year of William Hung and Jasmine Trias.

Anyway….back to the current American Idol Season 7.

My vote goes to David Cook, but I have a sinking feeling that David Archuleta will be winning the competition. He’s got a large teenybopper fanbase, plus his age makes him an interesting novelty to those who aren’t teenagers. I have absolutely no idea who America will vote, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Who are you rooting for? David Cook or David Archuleta?

david cook and david archuleta

EDIT- May 22

David Cook wins by 12 million votes.

America voted. Out of 97.5 million votes, a spectacular 23 million votes more than Season 6.

David Cook got 56% of the votes while David Archuleta garnered 44%.

Meaning David Cook won 54.6 million votes and David Archuleta at 42.9 million votes.

You can watch the videos of American Idol Season 7 Results nights here.

Watch the announcement here:


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