Fam Pics: Luijoe’s Meadow

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luijoe's MeadowFor the month of October, the Pinoy Moms Network Fam Pics Theme is Green. I’d like to share this green meadow called “Luijoe’s Meadow” located at my husband’s family vacation spot in Benguet. Butch’s parents own a lovely mountain retreat 5 hours away from Baguio City. You can imagine the distance it takes to get there. But whoa, the long travel time is worth it. Once you arrive at their hamlet (the girls call it hamlet), you are greeted with a super cool mountain breeze, lovely pine scent from the dense Benguet pine trees and lots of space to romp around. There’s nothing like clean mountain fresh air. It doesn’t feel like you live in the tropics.

Luijoe’s grandparents named this spot “Luijoe’s meadow” just like they named the town’s spring waters “Lamar Spring” after Lauren and M. Fortunately, Luijoe got to enjoy his meadow before he died. The girls and Luijoe played badminton and kickball without having to worry about heat stroke.

Surrounding Luijoe’s meadow are mini-hills that are thick with pine trees. Butch parents said that the meadow used to be a ranch owned by a Spaniard before the Americans took over the land.
fam pics

The surrounding hills can easily be converted to a natural slide. Look at Lauren go….and go..
luijoe's meadow

Looking at these photos make me smile as I remember the squeals and peals of laughter of my Luijoe and the girls as they frolicked amidst the greenery of the hills.

There’s nothing like a clean and Green place for the kids to play.

I will update this post soon to include the round-up list.

Photos taken in 2002