Feeling the loss of a dream

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To the Noynoy supporters

Take time to read carefully from beginning to end including citations from columnists. This is about the grief and sense of loss (then road to acceptance) as the title suggest. This is not about you. Be happy your candidate won instead of making fun of people’s pain. Of course, you are entitled to get pissed (at the author of the Business World article I quoted) as we are entitled to our sadness. Remember that the quality of a victor shows in how he treats the defeated. thank you.

Juan VoteMay 10 called upon #juanvote to close the day with our anecdotes of the historic first national automated election. Right before we went live, the breaking news of the Comelec hit us hard. The speed of the results just stunned us. Thirty-five (35%) of the votes were just transmitted. Noynoy Aquino took a lead.

I was restless that night, unable to sleep. Did I waste 9 months of my life to voters’ education when I could have ventured into more profitable endeavors? You might all know by now that I didn’t vote for Noynoy Aquino because he didn’t fit my critieria of competency, character, coherent platform and clear vision. The night before May 10, I told myself that no matter who the president will be and as long as it is a fair and clean election (unlike the Hello Garci scandal in 2004), I will support the new president whoever he/she may be.

Just like sudden death, the impact of the news was shocking. How could 40% of the voters ignore “several candidates far more qualified by a record of public achievement than Noynoy” ? As Rene Azurin expressly wrote

“Mr. Aquino, because he is famous and a celebrity, can claim authority over us without any demand to show prior proof that he is at all qualified to exercise it. That’s intrinsically unfair. Of course, this is not Mr. Aquino’s fault. It is our fault for allowing ourselves to fall — stupidly, let us admit — under the spell of celebrity.”

The rest of the 60% who did not vote for Noynoy are probably in shock like me. If we remove the 25-30% that voted for Erap, roughly 40% are feeling dismayed. This country would rather vote “for some guy who, we know merely as the son of two politician parents and whom foreigners find agreeable.”

Because, right now, we are merely continually repeating the history of a country who would not vote for a man who pulled himself up from poverty, despite having no rich family connections, by sheer grit, determination, and ability to take insults from the ruling class. This is the history of a people who would not vote for a Bar topnotcher, Harvard grad, and the country’s youngest Defense secretary. This is a country that would not vote for a senator, former mayor, and lawyer; of an agricultural country who would not vote for an agriculturalist; or a commerce graduate and pastor; or a governance advocate and professor. This is a country that will not vote for a Lincoln, a Mandela, or an Obama even if they landed right in the middle of EDSA simply because they’re self-made successful men.

How can you blame the Villar supporters for feeling sad when Manny Villar conceded the next day? Can you blame some of the voters who felt like their qualified candidate was not given a chance because they did not have celebrity status?

My children are first time voters. I enjoined their participation in the elections by encouraging them to write for Blog Watch, a voters ed project. L, my eldest girl wrote the How to vote in an automated election in November 2009 and is the most popular article in the Philippine Online Chronicles where Blog Watch is hosted. I prodded M to research and draft the platform matrix in my article, Guide to presidential candidates (it was continued on by the Philippine Online Chronicles). I shared articles on the presidentiables, the party lists, the senatorial candidates. We discussed the pros and cons of the candidates. I’m proud to say that my children are part of those who voted based on solid criteria.

Can you now blame my children’s disappointment and low spirits when the results came in? A first time voter, a first time heartache. One of my girls said “Did my vote even matter?” I cried when Manny Villar conceded. One of my kids teared as well. I talked to the Gibo and Gordon supporters in Twitter. Some of them expressed their sadness to me. Other supporters felt so weak that they just slept or stayed at home.

One often suffers temporary emotional pain in response to loss of anything that is very important to us. In this case, the loss of a dream where we looked up to potential leaders of our country who hold the future of our children. The pain is a normal internal feeling one experiences in reaction to a loss—the defeat of a candidate in the elections. The pain is even made worse by the winning candidates in the senatorial slate which are mostly celebrity or familiar names.

To the supporters/volunteers of Gibo Teodoro, Dick Gordon, Manny Villar, Ed Villanueva, JC de los Reyes, Nick Perlas and even Jamby…

The defeat of your candidate hurts. This is a loss of a dream you nurtured in your mind for the love of country and your children’s future. It is okay to cry. It is a normal reaction to loss. It is not a sign of weakness. I needed to tell myself that: feel, acknowledge, and express my emotions with an attitude of acceptance and compassion. As painful as those feelings may be, I know I can handle it if I bear them with a sense of loving acceptance. Once I did all that, I was able to mobilize my energy and direct it toward what is important in my life, instead of expending so much effort to keep the pain bottled up where I won’t feel it.

Since May 11, I have been staying at home, resting from the disappointment. I feel a little better now as I go through the roller-coaster process of loss to acceptance. The loss of a dream will not stop me from continuing on with another ambitious project- nationwide voters education where concerned citizens, academe and #juanvote will initiate next week.

war-room2-1With a new president being proclaimed soon, I cannot help but be optimistic that it will still turn out well because it’s the only country we have and the only one we can leave to our children. I comforted my two girls “I know it is disappointing but be proud and happy that your vote was based on an informed process and bolstered with your conscience.”

Like I said in an interview in ANC Halalan 2010 on May 11, “We need to support our new president”. Yes, I did not vote for Noynoy but I want to be instrumental in his success through participative citizenry.

My work is not over. Tomorrow is another day. The dream is still there to hold and make it a reality.

“Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of the situation. Then decide what you’re going to do about it.” - Kathleen Casey Theisen

143 thoughts on “Feeling the loss of a dream

  1. neah alina

    Thank you Noemi. Once again, you just about, summed up what we’ve been feeling since the election results came out. I was feeling like a zombie, alternating between grieving and hatred for The Establishment who did all those muckraking and mudslinging to my candidate. Tears were threatening to fall, but I bottled it all up inside, because I didn’t want to give those ba*%#$tards the benefit of of my grief.
    Until now, I’m still hurting, but prefers to move on. What hurts the most is, the likes of Enrile and Hontiveros got elected in the Senate. It felt like putting a huge amount of salt in my already bleeding wounds.
    Oh, how I weep for this country!

    1. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado Post author

      it is not the end of Villar’s dream. Like he said, (and what he told me in July 2009), he will continue his promises.

      All the pain we feel of the loss is normal. It is okay to cry, It is okay to grieve. In the end there is loving acceptance and making the most of the situation

    2. Rolly

      Even we lost Senator Manny Villar. You are the man who concede earlier for your defeat. However God has a great plan for you. Maybe May 2016 will be your turn. It’s the mandate of the people who will select Noy-noy we see his performannce for the six years terms. But for me you our winner, qualification wise you beat a…ll the candidates but we filipinos we are fund of popularity and we are emotional we don’t dig deeper which is supposed to be the man to become prsedient but anyway Senator Manny Villar God bless you. Never, never, never give up we pray for you to become again a senate president of our contry ti have a check and balance for our Government, I believe your term is until 2013.

  2. Reina

    I haven’t finished reading your piece yet because I don’t want to cry.

    How can I accept the result of this election if there have been anomalies being discovered everyday? It will be easy to accept if it were a clean and honest election. But it doesn’t seem like it. I thank the presidential tail enders for speaking out what they think is a shady election.

  3. tita lili

    It is tempting to feel indifferent, after putting so much passion and intensity into this election. What can I say? NALUGI ANG BAYAN. 🙁

  4. Marmelita

    Thank you for sharing this. I felt like a part of me died when I was listening to the results via the bus radio (after i voted, i had to travel for half a day because of work). hope died. i wish i was more like you. quick to accept. but somehow, i just can’t let go of that dream. it was within our grasp. i cry everytime i read about what the other volunteers are feeling. or what they have learned. i try to tell myself that i should be positive. to be part of the cure and not the problem–but it is not easy. it was easier to do positive campaigning. but facing the reality that Filipinos would still choose popularity over capacity to lead and govern is just too much to bear…

  5. manila paper

    momblogger, please know that your 9 months of hard work did not go to waste. many were enlightened by the articles you wrote and your sensible tweets. you have a gift for communicating hard-hitting truths credibly and without being antagonistic. there is a big silent audience that was better informed because of your efforts. we thank you very much 🙂

  6. mutya

    I understand the pain of your loss, since it is my loss too. But I am optimistic, because of people like you, and your children. Part of the emerging class of thinking voters. You mentioned that your children are first time voters, and that (with your guidance) they voted based on “solid criteria.” In the 2016 presidential elections, my oldest child will be a first time voter. And ever since he was old enough to ask questions I’ve tried to emphasize the importance, the power, and the sanctity of the vote. (I remember his first political question was why were there “so many heads” on the walls. It was the 1998 elections, and he was asking about the campaign posters. that simple question led to a 45 minute discussion that led to a brief explanation of the 3 branches of government.)Maybe in the next two presidential elections, the “thinking class” will outnumber those you describe as “under the spell of celebrity. Surprisingly, despite the heartache, and utter disappointment, I am hopeful.

  7. legoman

    kelan pa kaya tayo magbabago mam? nakakasawa na. plagi nlng nananalo kung sino ung uso kahit na hindi kwalipikado. at ang nakakaasar pa, pilit silang pinagtatanggol ng mga taong nagdudunung-dunungan pero puro hangin lang naman ang laman. hay pilipinas….

  8. z. barron

    Im 16 years old, kahit di ako botante trabaho ko na rin pong makielam dahil kinabukasan din po namin ang nakataya dito. so I cant also help but cry when manny villar concedes..but ano pa ba magagawa ko. nothing but accept the fact that they actually voted for that guy. thanks po sa article na to. akala ko ako lng yung nanlumo eh. thanks again!

  9. Phil

    Wonderful post Ms. Noemi.

    Your nine months of dedicated service was worth it. It might have failed to educate the majority but it helped a lot of voters realize the worth of their votes. Please continue the endeavor and I believe you will reap the sweet fruits of your labor one day.

    Honestly, your previous blog posts have helped me a lot but sad to say, I do not belong to the majority.

  10. Jose Dennio Lim

    Hindi ka po nag-iisa sa ganyang pakiramdam at pananaw Ma’am Noemi. Kahit ako, i really felt bad because I did not even convince my family on why they should really vote for the candidate they like from the very start and not the one that made them carried and swayed by their emotions.

    That made me realize that we need to educate people more. Not just on the internet but on the ground.

    Hindi po tayo dapat mawalan ng pag-asa. Our forefathers experienced 300 years of pain, sufferings and exploitation under the Spanish rule and yet they never lose hope. 🙂
    .-= Jose Dennio Lim´s last blog ..Ang BOTO ko ay para sa KABATAAN PARTYLIST, Satur OCAMPO at Liza MAZA =-.

  11. darksideX

    im 15 yrs old and i just saw this article in facebook but i dont feel that change will happen in the next six years since oligarchy is still in the Philippine government. we cant do anything about it since our people voted for noynoy but we can only say that they thrown the dream of change for this country. thanks for the article. it’s good to see democracy here i thought that people didn’t care that noynoy is gonna win. thanks for the insight 🙂

  12. A manny villar supporter

    I still can’t accept the fact that my candidate didn’t win. He is the most deserving candidate. I am really disappointed with the results. How can they trade intelligent individuals with celebrities who knew nothing about politics? Sorry for those who are offended by this post but for me, the 2010 elections is a failure. People voted this and that because of name recall. I’m depressed beyond anyone can imagine.

    1. think

      It’s not all about money for Villar. I don’t think he cried because of the money he spent, after all that money was already dog-eared for charity. He felt bad for the millions of people in the marginalized sector who are hoping for a better life. All he wanted to do is help. People failed to see that because the other party clouded the campaign with too much black propaganda just to cover up the incompetence of their candidate. I’m proud that Villar took the mudslinging without retaliation, and he kept his campaign at a high level. We did not win the approval of majority of the Filipinos, but I believe, we were victorious in God’s eyes. In the end, he showed humility by asking forgiveness from the people he might have offended, and he was the first one who accepted defeat. That’s my president! I hope one of these days Villar will be vindicated.

    2. Dan

      I know Manny well and I know that he didn’t cry. Money was not the reason for his desire to be President. From the start, he spent his own money to ensure that, if he won, it would not be a problem to implement his plans by being indebted to anyone.
      But it was so hard to convince those who thought otherwise… that someone can spend for his campaign without thinking of recovering it after winning.
      Other candidates would have spent about the same amount as Manny due to limitations imposed by the election code. And, if these same candidates had in their minds the recovery of money spent once they win, they will be the real losers. This must be the reason why some cannot accept defeat. They cannot lose, for where will they get the money to repay those who funded their campaign. These are the ones who will cry.

  13. Julie623

    I got sad too after finding out the initial results. I think they should bring back the 2 party system. Only the creme of the crop who deserves to run on the presidential race will win. I didn’t vote for Noynoy either. I’m trying to be optimistic too. All we need to do right now is to support our new president. Just simply move on and continue to be vigilant.

  14. jhong

    same pala tayo …kasi di ako bumoto pero kahit bumoto ako talo pa rin si manny villar…ganun paman makipag tulungan nalang tayo kung sino ang nahalal

  15. Mandy

    Gilbert Teodoro must be the best president we NEVER had. I do hope that he will consider running for public office again. I’ve never seen a politician like him.

    I still feel the loss. I cannot comprehend the hows & the whys of Noynoy’s stunning victory. How could the voters be so blind? What ever did they see in the guy? He’s doesn’t even come off as a very charismatic person. 🙁

  16. mark

    …did not vote for Noy too… but again,,, majority voted him… let it be. Yes, I agree wd u, all we can do is to suport.. and to hope and pray that He would be able to do all his responsibilities.. that he would do everything that will benefit the many.. that he will keep his promise…..

    ….let’s work together… let’s help each other ^_^

    God Bless to all of US 0_o

  17. Michelle

    This blog made me cry… again. After watching Manny Villar conceding, I texted my friends about it.. We shared almost same sentiments “Panu na future naten?” … “Good luck Noynoy”… blah… These sentiments may be joke for others but these are the true picture of it.. I’m not yet a voter (Hoping to be part of this election) but as a citizen of this country, it is my right & obligation to be part of it. For my future.. and for others too. it really made me sad that Filipinos vote ‘coz of mere popularity of the politician.. Parang ganito lang ehh, pag ‘di ka sikat na artista balewala ka kahit magaling ka. They’re blinded by fame! I remember Manny Villar once said in his interview “Hindi ako artista, Hindi naging pangulo ang nanay ko, hindi naging bayani ang tatay ko.. Wala akong asawang artista” That explains it!! The real qualifications of a good leader is found in Villar. The better Philippines is lying in the hands of Villar… Well.. Judgment is all set.. Noy noy takes the lead, lets just not stop believing that there’ll be a better Phil under the administration of Mr. Aquino.

  18. Eric

    42% who voted for Noynoy are jubilant.
    26% who voted for Erap couldn’t care less.
    11% who voted for Gibo are in denial.
    3% who voted for Villanueva accepted his defeat as God’s will.
    1.5% who voted for Gordon can only shrug when no miracle was forthcoming.
    0.5% who voted for Acosta remains clueless.
    0.4% who voted for Perlas, Jamby and JC are so embarrassed they needed to explain they were cheated to salvage their self-esteem.

    So you see, only 15% who voted for Villar are sad and disappointed—who felt the loss of their dream—but never shocked, as every discerning individual saw it coming, including Villar himself.

  19. enov

    grabe.. sobra akong napaiyak sa article nyo po… sana maraming makabasa nito, para ma enlighten silang lahat,lahat ng mga taong tumutingin sa katanyagan at hindi sa kapasidad. nakakalungkot lang kasi maraming tao ang di nag-iisip.

  20. Jocelyn

    I have the same feeling as you guys. I feel so sad, dissapointed and shocked as I read in the internet the election results. I am so sad. Filipinos never learn the lesson of yesterday. The voters themselves repeat our history. As I looked also to local election results, it so obvious that the people sold their votes. Poor Philippines, it will never out of trapo…..But I am proud of my family who did not vote for Noynoy…As should write some articles too in my blog about how Filipinos never awake but its useless. I tried to convince my friends and my families to choose the right person but many of them didnt see my point. They like Noynoy because he is popular. What I can do now is to pray for our country and for progress….Kawawa talaga ang bansa natin, kawawa din kaming mga OFWs dahil nakikita ko na, wala pa rin pagbabagong mangyayari. Kaya hindi nakapagtataka na kahit magpaalilla sa ibayong bansa kinakagat ng mga matatalinong Filipino dahil bulok ang sistema sa bansa natin.

  21. bertong putik

    tama lahat ng nakasulat. nanalo si villar because of popularity and most of the voters today madaling mauto and illiterate,, nakakapang hina dahil walang asenso ang pilipinas.

  22. shayne divinagracia

    i thought that we’re finally gonna have the leader who’s got the balls to pull this sinking country out of the the drain.
    but our stupidity fails us again.
    please don’t get me wrong,
    I’m not a Noynoy hater,
    i understand that he’s just a fortunate victim of this predicament.
    it’s just heartbreaking that Again, this country is goin to be run by those who have influence over our new innocuous president.
    when will our long wait end?

  23. MM Directions

    I feel your pain, Noemi. I was driving when I heard that he conceded. I really felt bad and I hate the world who voted for a man they never even knew existed before his mother died. But then again, everyone’s free to choose… so I told myself, if this new president fails, hindi lang siya ang napahiya kundi yung mga tao na bumoto sa kanya at nangampanya para sa kanya. At alam ko, marami rito ang magsisisi. Kung magtagumpay siya, hindi tayo napahiya, dahil kailangan naman niyang gampanan ang trabaho niya, public servant siya eh.

    I did what I can do best – stay firm for who I believe should win and exercised my right to vote for him. Thanks for sharing to us in the most logical and well-thought way your sentiments on the election these past few months.
    .-= MM Directions´s last blog ..How To Get To Alabang Town Center (ATC)? =-.

  24. kass

    Spot on Ms. Noemi.

    I think it’s safe to say that all of us (people who voted for Gibo) felt an immense sense of loss and disappointment. I personally had to go through my own’grieving’ period. I have accepted the election results. I had the notion that the first automated polls in the country would be free of deceit and cheating but then we hear about all these anomalies days after the May 10 polls.

    Kudos to you and your daughters. Can I repost this maam? I think you have summed up all the things that we, Gibo supporters wanted to express.

    I will try to give Noynoy a chance (Though it pains me to call him the President of this Repuclic) I will try to become a responsible citizen of this country…in my own little way. I do hope that Aquino fulfills his promises to the Filipino people.

    The thing that really bothers me is this “3 million something lang ba talaga bomoto kay Gibo?”.

    I guess it is time for all of us to move on. XD
    .-= kass´s last blog ..KassiSaContra: RT @KizzyMillington: Thank God. Justin Bieber isn’t trending right now. There’s a new kid on the block 😉 #Greyson REJOICE! =-.

  25. gina

    I’m a housewife from Cainta…i feel sorry nung nagconcede si Manny Villar kasi siya sana ang inaasahan kong magbabago sa Pilipinas..not this Noynoy..he worked hard para makarating sa status nya ngayun not like Noynoy na anak lang ni Cory!!!!!! Akala ko nag iisa lang ako sa sentiment ko buti nandyan kayo…….

  26. Mia

    Thanks for the great post. I’ve been crying a lot the past two days. It’s hard to accept that after all the work that you’ve done trying to educate others in forums, on Facebook etc., this is what you get. It’s really so sad. And it’s so unfair that the man I voted for, Manny Villar, has been the victim of so much mudslinging and media bias.

    Where is this country headed?

  27. MC Morco

    Dear Momblogger,

    What you fail to realize is that the 40% who voted for Sen. Aquino share the exact same dream as the 60% who voted for all the other candidates. For all of us, we were upholding that dream to have a better country run by an honorable leader. I’m not sure what the paltry amount of people who voted for Villar was dreaming of, so please forgive me if I balk at the thought of you crying over Sen. Villar’s consession. Whatever you believe about Sen. Aquino, I also firmly believe that Sen. Villar is a thoroughly corrupt politician unfit for the presidency.

    1. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado Post author

      @MC Morco : sure we all share the same dreams but your candidate won and the supporters of Gibo, Gordon , Villar are feeling a loss of that dream. This entry is not for noynoy supporters especially the unfeeling and smug types like your kind. I do know a few noynoy supporters who are sympathetic . I will leave you to your thoughts.

      Let me educate you though…that feelings are owned by people who experience loss, anger, sadness and they are not wrong. You are probably happy that your candidate won, Those are your feelings. They are not wrong either. They belong to you.

      So excuse me, leave us alone and enjoy your happiness with your fellow supporters

      Let me remind you that the corruption you allege is not yet proven. They are all politically motivated. I enjoin you to file charges of corruption so villar may have to the chance to clear his name. Lastly, I ‘d like to remind you that your candidate’s campaign theme was all about over-demonizing Villar instead of his platforms.

    2. kat

      I don’t want to argue with you but I’ve had enough of vague reasoning. What proof do you have that Senator Villar is corrupt? And i mean proof not just black propaganda. I’m sorry if you could just explain further what you mean by honorable? I work hard, pay my taxes, the same used to pay your Noynoy for the past 12 years for doing nothing. He voted against playing “Hello Garci”, the reason why GMA was not impeached. That’s a fact! How do you explain the deaths in Hacienda Luisita? He defended the dispersal in the massacre, thats a fact! That makes him involved! If being lazy, defending the dispersal at Hacienda Luisita Massacre, supporting GMA in “Hello Garci” is your meaning of honorable, then now I know why you support Noynoy! Btw, don’t claim to be the “good” in this election. Don’t play righteous and defend your so called “walang bahid” candidate. Read up on Philippine History to know all the empty promises the Aquinos have made! Only God knows who truly is the good and evil. Noynoy Honorable? Sure keep saying that to yourself. Sorry Noemi, just needed to respond. I too cried, for my son & for our country.

    3. Julie623

      @MC Morco: Excuse me. The allegations that your pointing against Sen. Manny Villar were not yet proven. Fact is Sen. Noynoy is more incompetent to become our President because of his past performance and the way how he protects Hacienda Luisita. Learn the whole story of Hacienda Luisita Massacre by reading the thorough research the GMA News did and you will see the whole picture what’s the whole ordeal about this famous Hacienda. According to your figures only 40% believes in him. A Majority of 60% do not believe in him.

  28. rosalinda d. malaki

    In my part as voter, Im also have the feeling of grief just because, the most qualified President of our country fall in the May 10, 2010 elections. Its a very sad history again of our country. Well…. its not the end of Manny Villar’s dream, Tapusin ang kahirapan..
    Thank you for this article, I was able to expressed my grief.

  29. Mervin Morales

    I am from Las Pinas city the said baluarte of Sen Villar and it is also sad that he barely lost with his opponent noynoy, i am said because I asked myself “ano pa ba ang kulang” Sen Villar gave everything to the people of las pinas at ito pa ang igaganti nila, our future govt will be ruled by elitists and i am afraid….

  30. noreen

    when manny villar concedes sabi namin ng partner ko kawawa naman si villar.hindi pala, kami ang kawawa. we have to “mangarap”, ng mangarap lamang. hoping the new president can show changes, good changes in our country, our only country.until today i felt bad, i lose, especially if i heard something not right about the election and the people involved in it. BUT TO THINK MORE THEY ARE THE ONES WHO LOSE.eventhough my candidate whom i believe did not win, I’M STILL A GOOD FIIPINO CITIZEN, DOING ALWAYS WHAT’S RIGHT FOR MY COUNTRY AND WILL SUPPORT THE NEW PRESIDENT..

  31. eigh tiu

    Being Defeated is only temporary, it is when we quit that makes it permanent because some defeats are even more triumphant than victories because it is a good source of fresh stimulant. Let the Change we wanted to see begin in us.

  32. Eric Phillips


    Thanks for sharing.

    Two events precipitated the outcome of the election in my view.

    (The deaths of the late President Corazon Aquino and Mr. Manalo Sr.)

    Personally, I don’t have a voice to vote, but the outcome of who won was no less surprising than the Obama Effect had on so many in the U.S.

    While it is not my role or place to share my extended views and insights on this sub-topic here, I do feel that the 3rd key of ensuring the election result was the fact that former president Joseph Estrada ran.

    How would you feel if he was the President elect?


  33. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado Post author


    So you see, only 15% who voted for Villar are sad and disappointed—who felt the loss of their dream—but never shocked, as every discerning individual saw it coming, including Villar himself.

    This entry is not for Villar supporters alone. It is for all those who did not vote for noynoy or erap. so chill. Anyway, I hope one day you do not have to feel any loss or grief. I believe in karma. I will let karma take care of you.

    1. Eric


      So I see this is like a support group for losing candidates. I don’t blame you for feeling bad, I would too had my candidate lost.

      Anyway, I don’t believe in karma but our actions certainly can have bad consequences now or in the future. I’m certain I will feel some loss or grief as I have felt many times before, but when I do, it certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with what I posted here. And oh, I’m sure you’ll feel it again too—who wouldn’t—after all, we’re all humans.

      Lastly, only through hindsight shall we know whether our candidate is the right choice or not. No one can claim infallibility in their choices. So please stop blaming those who voted for Noynoy for feeling the loss of your dream… you’re not even sure it is lost, after all, we have voted for our future and our desire for a better country; not how our candidate would feel after this electoral exercise.

      1. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado Post author

        since you have never experienced loss of great importance..understand that there are a roller coaster of emotions-sadness, blame. anger..resignation to acceptance.. if you read through the end of entry..i end with a positive resolution- support our new president

        I don’t think anything is lost because I am going to make sure that our new president will deliver.

  34. lmc

    Wow. I had decided to accept my candidate’s defeat as fast as the election results added up, and slowly I am accepting Noynoy’s win. It has been three days since I watched TV simply because the news were all the same – one man leading the race, and more disappointing men/women who will now take a seat in the government.

    The morning after the elections I simply switched off the TV, and like most of the people who were in shock that their dreams were not likely to happen, diverted my attention into doing something good as a citizen. I cleaned up the streets. But after there was nothing else I could do for the day, tears welled up. Not because I was pikon, bitter, inggit, or that my candidate did not win (like most of the yellow team would say), but because despite our want and need for change, we’re still stuck in the same rut. We wanted corrupt men out of the government, but some have chosen actors and actresses who know little or nothing about the game of politics.

    I feel even sad for the uneducated, the poor, because they are the ones who will most suffer, truth be told. Pero nandyan na yan, and all we can do is cooperate, like it or not. If Noynoy ends his term successfully, it will not be just because of him – it will be because of the people with resiliency and hopes for a better futuure.
    .-= lmc´s last blog ..Heima Store =-.

  35. lmc

    I also think it’s not just the presidential race that’s depressing. I can’t wrap my head around the new congressmen. So if I had dreams of being a politician, I would get myself a TV show in some (ehem, biased) network, then takbo na, ganon?
    .-= lmc´s last blog ..Heima Store =-.

  36. marianne olano

    what can I say? You couldn’t have said it better… I was so sad when Villar conceded…I couldn’t believe that we are witnessing another round of a lacklustre leadership with no record of political will, but I guess what made me angry was the fact that the smear campaign against Villar worked so damn well…that even my friends, would rather vote for somebody like Noynoy, for fear that villar will enrich his personal coffers with the people’s money. It doesn’t matter how much I protest that the allegations of corruption against him goes against his character, of what I have seen so far…but I guess, they were just so convinced with all the news coming from the major networks. It didn’t matter that those allegations remained as such — allegation without proof…what they heard was swallowed as truth.

    If i were villar? I would go after each of those who slandered my name and file a case of slander.

    On a last note, why do we Filipinos, remember what a man did wrong, rather than what he did right? My bet had done so many things for the Filipinos, as an outstanding statesman and as a Philanthropist — but more than that, his life has served as my personal inspiration.

    …oh well, perhaps God has other plans. Although personally, I am not at all worried about villar…his character has stood so many trials ,and I believe that Failure is not a stranger to him. He’ll bounce back with greater energy and enthusiasm than before. I hope that his remaining 3 years in the senate, the Filipinos will realize what a loss he was to our nation.

  37. 2HD

    Bitter, bitter, bitter post.

    I didn’t vote for Noynoy too, but you don’t see me getting all self-righteous about it. I don’t go “argh you stupid people. i’m smarter than each and everyone of you. i made an informed choice blah blah blah blah”

    Respect other people’s choices. Your article implies that those who voted for the President-elect are idiots, and only you and your family used your brains. I know many people who voted for Noynoy, and I know that they thought about their choice and reflected upon the impact of their vote. And they are infinitely smarter than you can ever hope to be.

    Remember that just because many people don’t agree with your views, they’re already less intelligent than you are. Stop being a crybaby. Accept your loss, let go of the bitterness, and move on.

    1. Lyn Ruth

      @2HD — what did you say? “I know many people who voted for Noynoy, and I know that they thought about their choice and reflected upon the impact of their vote. And they are infinitely smarter than you can ever hope to be.” In the first place, 2HD, you wouldn’t even be reading this blog of Ms. Noemi if it weren’t a smart blog written by a very smart writer. Otherwise,you wouldn’t react the way you do. Ms. Noemi has the right to voice her feelings. Remember: this is her blog and she can write whatever she wants.
      I agree with Ms. Noemi: Karma will take care of you.

  38. Jaime

    Three times na akong nakaboto pero sa totoo lang this is the first time na nastress ako dahil sa pagkatalo ng bet ko na si manny villar. Until now medyo masakit katawan ko. hindi ko man iniisip pero naaapektuhan talaga ako. Talagang deserving sya dapat manalo. Alam mo yung pagnakikita ko si manny parang pasan ko din pagkatalo nya. Mahal ka namin Manny villar.

  39. monz

    Hi Mom Blogger,

    I have been reading your articles discreetly. I also created my own thread on a forum regarding Villar. This is the first time I am so actively supporting a candidate. This is also my first comment on any of your blogs. I honestly feel what you feel, but when Villar conceded I know we have to move on. I am pretty sure that Villar would run again next senatorial election based on what he have been saying lately.

    Now the current issue here is that the counting is inaccurate. It is now being voiced out by 4 presidentiables: Erap, Jamby, JC, and Perlas. The first time I read the news about JC withdrawing his concession, I become curious about. Think of it, those 3 laggards’ complaint is the same as Erap. Moreover, the party of Bro Eddie has voicing out the same complaint.

    If it’s possible for Villar, Gordon and Gibo look at the issues being raised by JC, Perlas, Jamby and Erap I think the credible candidates has still a chance.

    Those 4 are complaining about the accuracy of election count. The current result is like a an exact copy of the last SWS survey. It’s really unbelievable. Imagine Villar don’t even win in Las Pinas.

    1. ninja

      Imagine Erap did not win in San Juan. He never lost in San Juan. Can it be that the people voted his son JV as congressman and his wife Guia Gomez, in a landslide, but voted Noynoy for president? Preposterous, right? I am not saying that he should be president. I am a greenie. It’s just very weird.

  40. monz

    Hi Mom Blogger,

    I am not sure why first comment failed to submit. It was a long comment but I would summarize it now. I have been discreetly reading your blogs and I share your emotions as I am one of the many active Villar supporters.

    I have doubts about the accuracy of the election count. The Las Pinas vote result is really doubtful as Villar did not even win in his own turf. I think the complaints raised by JC, Perlas, Jamby and Erap were credible. They are after the accuracy of the current election count. It seems the cards used are not credible which has the main program for transmitting the vote count. Even the party of Bro Eddie is complaining the same issue.

    I hope Villar, Gibo and Gordon could look at this issue as well.

  41. nelson

    my heart is bleeding when i learned that manny villar conceded to noy2, it really hurt me coz i know that my hope is gone. i felt sorry not because for mr villar but for my countrymen who will continue to suffer the life style -poverty and injustice under this administration. i am not saying that noy2 doesnt care about the poor, im not saying that this administration is injustice, my point is noy2 has lack of competency, intellect and vision to manage the 94 millions of filipinos ( 80% are poor).

  42. Rachelle

    Tama yung sinulat ng isang foriegner – I cannot recall his name, but I remember he mentioned that he wore a Villar writstband. Many Filipinos root it out – even to the point of belittling the losing party and its supporters – because they think that voting is a game just like sabong [hey my manok won … behhh your manok is weak, and hence since the manok is weak, the owner and everyone who trained it is weak also …]. That instead of looking for long term plans and platforms, they look for celebrity status and some other short term fix. Where did I read that the Filipino of today is only interested in instant gratification, hence the reason why they have this “beeeeeeehhhhhh … you’re such a loser” attitude when others who do not share their viewpoints fail; is that a form of crab mentality? Is that some kind of immaturity born out of a lack of long term vision? Or is that just the base attitude of a modern Filipino? I shudder to think of the latter….

    And I’m not taking that Gordon stick off my gate either …. I believe I voted according to my conscience and not according to the whims of the public.

  43. petite

    i thought i was weird for being affected by the election results. i’m glad there are several of us who still take this seriously. for the very first time, i can now empathize with those who have chosen to leave this country for lack of hope. to me, GMA’s offense is that she took away from the people their belief in competent leaders and sound platforms. we have degenerated to voting based on popularity. this isn’t a democracy that we can be proud of. it’s a struggle to remain hopeful.

  44. Juan Francis Achuela

    how matter you phrase, rephrase it– make it sounds good etc etc etc your blog still shows that you were all bunch of losers who couldn’t accept the word defeat. 13million of filipinos (and counting) already made a voice over Noynoy Aquino. what are you all saying? 13millions are bunch of idiots who voted Noynoy for a reason that he is a celebrity? if that’s the case, then my parish priest is idiot because he is a known Noynoy supporter…

  45. Connie31

    I am one with u. I’m saddened by the results of this election. NO wonder why our country has become the way it is now not mainly because of its leaders but more so because of the mentality of most of us Filipinos. I have been highly hoping that the Filipino has been educated, awakened by what is happening to our country and vote wisely. The Filipino therefore, has no right to complain, no right to hope for a brighter future, no right to ask what the next government can do for him, because he has not done what he can do, with just his vote, for his country. Poor Philippines!

  46. Effy

    The results of the elections were really disheartening at first. The members of our Online Team were asking, “Where did we go wrong?” They were somewhere between being depressed and being angry. It was heartbreaking, most especially for our young colleagues who voted for the first time. They were the ones who felt very passionate about our campaign.

    Thank you for sharing Kathleen Casey Theisen’s quote, ma’am. It’s something I’ll be sharing to my colleagues in a bit. Heartbroken as most of them are, I want them to realize (even more) that our struggles do not end in the elections. We still have a lot of important things to do, and one of them is giving our fellows more opportunities to develop critical thinking when it comes to electing public officials. It’s going to be a painstaking process, but it’s definitely worth the shot.

  47. Aubrey

    This is exactly what i felt. So disappointed with 40% who voted for the other guy. I hate to say this but i think they’re stupid. They probably thought that politics is like showbiz who will go for the most popular. I felt bitter over tv networks as well that showed partiality. It’s like they’re the ones who are in command in choosing our next leader. That’s so annoying. But later on i realized that we can’t blame majority of the voters who are so passive and doesnt care about our country. I should pity them cause they, once again, together with us, lost the opportunity of a better future.. The idea of voters education is great. Honestly, that’s the same idea that was running in my mind i was accepting the fact that the next six years is going to be “just like to old times”, without change.

    1. Effy

      I myself am no fan of “the other guy” (or any presidential candidate, for that matter), but it’s downright offensive that you are tagging those who voted for him as “stupid.” The voters are not necessarily passive or apathetic – they’re simply misinformed or uninformed. Then again, is it their fault that they don’t know any better? Instead of “pitying” them, why not partake of meaningful endeavors that are geared to raise their [political and/or social] consciousness?

  48. lee lee

    were my hopes dashed when Noynoy won? No.

    My hopes were murdered when the likes of the Marcoses, Estradas, Revillas, Enriles, Ampatuans, Dys, Pinedas, Lapids, etc were elected.

    Our country is nothing now with all these goons back in power or continue to be in power. It doesn’t matter who the president elect will be, the fact that we remain feudal will kill all our hopes for the already bleak future.

  49. Christian

    I cannot help but blame the surveys. I think surveys should be banned in the next elections. They are just condiditioning the minds of the voters. Yes, surveys are okay. But not with us Filipinos. FIlipinos have this attitude of voting for whoever is famous. Most of the filipinos do not think (based on the latest election results.

  50. Marix

    Thank you very much for this write-up. I know that even if my candidate did not win this elections, my vote was not wasted – I fought for who and what I believe in (even if during the beginning of the campaign I was being questioned on my choice).

    It is still painful, but hey! It’s more painful for those people who stood in the the front lines for us. What is important now is we continue to support whatever they have been fighting for even if they did not get the prize we hoped they could have.

    Lastly, I like that quote from Kathleen Casey Theisen. 🙂 I’m still in pain but I am inspired. I shall support this administration as a responsible citizen of this country. Let’s all work together to achieve the Philippine we would all want to see!
    .-= Marix´s last blog ..Practiced my Right to VOTE =-.

  51. karen

    Thanks for the great post. I’m Karen from LasPinas City.. I’ve been crying a lot the past two days. It’s hard for me to accept that after all the work that you’ve done trying to educate others in forums, on Facebook etc., this is what you get. It’s really so sad. And it’s so unfair that the man I voted for, Manny Villar, has been the victim of so much mudslinging and media bias… And as u can see in our City of LasPinas he did everything to his city tapos eto pa ginanti sa kanya.. This time all the people will suffer for voting Noy2 autee..So disappointed with 40% who voted for that guy “autee”. I hate to say this but i think they’re stupid. They probably thought that politics is like showbiz who will go for the most popular. I felt bitter over tv networks as well that showed partiality. It’s like they’re the ones who are in command in choosing our next leader. That’s so annoying. But later on i realized that we can’t blame majority of the voters who are so passive and doesnt care about our country. I should pity them cause they, once again, together with us, lost the opportunity of a better future.. The idea of voters education is great. Honestly, that’s the same idea that was running in my mind i was accepting the fact that the next six years is going to be “just like to old times”, without change..I have doubts about the accuracy of the election count. The Las Pinas vote result is really doubtful as Villar did not even win in his own turf. I think the complaints raised by JC, Perlas, Jamby and Erap were credible. They are after the accuracy of the current election count. It seems the cards used are not credible which has the main program for transmitting the vote count. Even the party of Bro Eddie is complaining the same issue.

  52. Perlita Galvez

    I feel so bad because Senator Manny Villar loss in this election . Sayang hindi nakita ng mga kababayan natin ang napakabuting hangarin ni Mr. Villar para ss ating bansa lalo na sa mga mahihirap. Mas naniwala sila sa mga mapanirang pulitiko. Ganun pa man umaasa pa rin ako na sana pagdating ng panahon ay magkatroon ang bansa natin ng isang mamumuno na karapat dapat at yan ay si Senador Manny Villar.

  53. Lorina

    Mam Naomi, tulad po ninyo at ng karamihan dito, i felt the same at first when hearing this news.Me and many of my friends were disappointed of the election results. galit na galit kami sa mga Filipino na bumoto sa kanila one of my friends posted on his wall saying, “GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US” 6 years of suffering …..suffer like hell all the people who voted that man………….T___T”;and another one said “good news… yellow team… good luck philippines…..eeheheh;and another comment, “I’m still for GIBO! Congratulations to our New Pres anyway. God bless the Phils.!” “I still think Gibo is the best among the presidential candidates. I just don’t get why other people didn’t see that”. nagkulong din kami sa mga bahay namin becuase it seems that Philippines is gonna sink, we lost our hope..nakakaiyak but as what you said Mam Naomi, ‘support the new president’ yes we will. 🙂 there’s nothing we can do, we are just an ordinary citizen we will just follow the wrong voice of this majority. kakalungkot talaga at nakakainis na ganito pala talaga mag-isip ang mga tao sa Pilipinas.I am not proud of their choice but what else can i do T___T. Anyway, salamat Mam Naomi for this blog feeling ko hindi na ako nag iisa…kasi inaaway din kami ng mga Noynoy supporters, why daw hindi namin ma accept ang pagkatalo…hay nako 🙁

  54. raincloud

    Let’s dream again together, Ms. Noemi. I’ve been lurking and reading your space on the net. It’s just really really sad that you can only reach out to those with internet access. So many voters who went for the 2nd placer in the presidential race need to be educated too. Some people I encountered in an island in Quezon don’t even know who the candidates for the Presidency were… Let’s keep on dreaming and support the destined President of our beloved Philippines.

  55. Manny B. Aquino

    I agreeeeeee! sa lahat ng mga pinagsasabi nyo! teka ano nga ulit pinaguusapan natin? hehehehe dota ba to?? cge istunin mo na!

  56. Maria

    There are also intelligent people who voted for Erap – people who believe in his pro-poor platforms or those who wanted a president who is not pro-elitist. (The people who were behind his ouster are the same ones supporting Noynoy.) We also feel disheartened by the results.

  57. blankpixels

    Even before the elections, I found myself teary-eyed because of how much I wanted Dick Gordon to win.

    After seeing the results, only about 400,000+ votes at that time were for Gordon. I was angered by that, especially when I learned that Noynoy was leading. But, like in the past years, I can’t do anything, but feel disappointed with my fellow Filipinos who opted to vote for someone who wasn’t as competent as the other candidates.

    Basing it on the votes, for me, only 440,000+ Filipinos are ready for change. I was really looking forward to the day when Richard Gordon is our President. I strongly believe changes will start the first day he sets foot in Malacanang as our President. I really hope I can experience that before I die.

  58. mitchiko

    Thanks for the article. It’s good to know that there’s still a few people who believe in Sen. Villar. I really felt sad with the results of the election. People choosing Noy just because of the accomplishments made by his parents. “Ndi porke bayani magulang mo ganun ka din”. San ka nkakita ng mamumuno na upto now kelangan ksama ang kanyang si Mar even on all his campaign ads before puro kelangan nya si Mar? why because Mar will be the one to teach him on how to lead a nation. Goodluck na lang sa atin. Di man lang naisip ng mga tao ang nangyari sa Hacienda Luisita. They have a lot of accusations against Manny Villar pero pinili nila may bahid na ng dugo sa kamay. I really do hope na may magawa siya para sa bansa dahil kung wala anim na taon na naman ang nasayang sa atin. 6 na taon na walang pagbabago at 6 na taong panibagong utang. Wag sana magsisi ang 13 million na taong bumoto sa kanya. Dahil kung magkamali siya sila din nagluklok sa kanya sa posisyon. God bless us all.

    1. federico domingo jr

      I agree with you on the fact that people are really that stupid enough to be fooled by the fact that Sen. Aquino is the son of a hero and a former president described as an icon of democracy.Let’s face it..we are a nation of immature voters voting primarily on emotions and surveys.Whoever is the one on top of the surveys is the one they will vote for,why? kasi yun ang uso.wag na kumontra ika nga at magmumukha kang tanga..In my office alone,lahat sila e NOYNOY. pag di ka umayon sa kanila o sumabat ka na di ka NOYNOY magagalit sila sayo.But i stood my ground and im proud to say na maka VILLAR ako..kahit ano pa sabihin nila, na magnanakaw si VILLAR at kakampi ni GMA pa raw e i do not believe them kasi i have my facts and i had my research on my candidate at di me basta basta naniniwala sa mga black propaganda na alam ko naman na pakana ni MAR ROXAS pati ang VILLARROYO issue ay si ROXAS din ang may pakana. My God! Cory magic must be here to stay na ata. Until now most people praise her for what they called democratic governance.Tama ba yun? asan ang democrasya nung pagbabarilin ng mga AFP at manila police ang ilang magsasaka sa mendiola bridge nung nanay niya ang pangulo? asan? Lahat ng paninira sinabi na kulang na lang pati pagpatay kay NINOY e ibintang kay VILLAR. Sa mga pinoy na bumoto sa kanya…..sana di kayo nagkamali..13 million pa naman kayo.

  59. joseradin

    Idol po kita, ma’am Noemi… tulad mo, pangarap ko rin po noon na ma-meet lahat ng presidentiables, gumawa ng article about their campaign at magpa-picture kasama cla…

    Pero hangga’t merong isang Manny Villar… hindi rin po ako titigil sa pangangarap… Let’s just all pray that it would not all end up in here…

    Let’s all hope that this is just the beginning… God Bless!!!

  60. ang_mungo

    I believe in history and in its power to right all wrongs. I also believe that all choices, no matter how insignificant they may seem, have an impact on shaping the future.

  61. Ishmael Ahab

    Hi Ms. Noemi,

    Like you, I felt sad when the results are being flashed on the television screen and my candidate, Gibo, is being left behind. When I cast my ballot, I have this thought that Gibo will lose the elections because he do not have the numbers according to the surveys. But still, I voted for him because I believe that he is the best of all the presidential candidates.

    Even my good friend who is just 17, and not yet a voter, felt sad because she believed that she was robbed of her future. She is so passionate with this elections that she even went to the precincts so as to witness history unfolding. She couldn’t even sleep but followed the election results as updated from the radio.

    I know that there are many young people out there who is as passionate as her when it comes to our country. I do hope that they were not too dismayed and lose hope in our country because the candidates that they believe in failed to win the elections.

    We, the registered voters, must continue in moving forward so that the youth will regain their hope.
    .-= Ishmael Ahab´s last blog ..Chic2Chic =-.

  62. joey

    I agree that we as a nation are the losers here in this election. It is very irritating to know that still after so many years of suffering and poverty,the Filipinos never learned a lesson. Come to think of it, most of my Office mates even insisted that this man ( Senator Aquino ) is our only hope of rising again as a nation. For heavens sake, how could this man be? He didn’t even bother to sponsor a single bill when he was Tarlac congressman and as a Senator wasn’t heard much in debates at the halls of congress.In laymans term, he is a bench warmer in the senate. The only thing he has to his name is being the brother of the most controversial bitch in the planet and queen of ABS-CBN no other than you know who? and Son of the most loved icon of democracy, President Cory. My God his father is better off than him being a staunch critic of President Marcos and a freedom fighter. My goodness those qualities of his parents im sure are not hereditary.Im sure he will just be a puppet leader with Hyatt 10, drillon and the Lopez family behind him.

  63. Ishmael Ahab

    Sorry Ms. Noemi if I am repeating my comment, I can’t seem to comment on your blog.

    Like you, I felt sad when the results are being flashed on the television screen and my candidate, Gibo, is being left behind. When I cast my ballot, I have this thought that Gibo will lose the elections because he do not have the numbers according to the surveys. But still, I voted for him because I believe that he is the best of all the presidential candidates.

    I voted based on my conscience and not based on a fad. It is too bad that that message did not come across to our kababayans. They

    Even my good friend who is just 17, and not yet a voter, felt sad because she believed that she was robbed of her future. She is so passionate with this elections that she even went to the precincts so as to witness history unfolding. She couldn’t even sleep but followed the election results as updated from the radio.

    I know that there are many young people out there who is as passionate as her when it comes to our country. I do hope that they were not too dismayed and lose hope in our country because the candidates that they believe in failed to win the elections.

    We, the registered voters, must continue in moving forward so that the youth will regain their hope.

  64. federico domingo jr

    I agree that we as a nation are the losers here in this election. It is very irritating to know that still after so many years of suffering and poverty,the Filipinos never learned a lesson. Come to think of it, most of my Office mates even insisted that this man ( Senator Aquino ) is our only hope of rising again as a nation. For heavens sake, how could this man be? He didn’t even bother to sponsor a single bill when he was Tarlac congressman and as a Senator wasn’t heard much in debates at the halls of congress.In laymans term, he is a bench warmer in the senate. The only thing he has to his name is being the brother of Kris Aquino and Son of the most loved icon of democracy, President Cory. My God his father is better off than him being a staunch critic of President Marcos and a freedom fighter. My goodness those qualities of his parents im sure are not hereditary. Let us see what kind of leader he is and with the backing Hyatt 10, Drillon and the Lopez family behind him.I am sure just like Erap there will be another midnight cabinet and Cronies again will rise in this administration.Just like the good old days.WE DO NOT NEED CELEBRITIES TO RUN THIS NATION! we need someone with a clear vision to make this nation great again.Only Manny Villar can do that.

  65. daph

    There has never been and there will never be a perfect candidate (presidential/senatorial/gubernatorial/etc.)… Each will have it’s own pro’s and con’s.

    Camp A of loyal followers will always argue that Camp B is blind and ignorant — Why are they ignoring candidate A’s achievements? Why can’t they see that Candidate B is really no good?!

    I would like to believe that no one is ***intentionally*** blind or ignorant. We choose based on what we value and we do not always value the same things. One might value:
    a. past accomplishments
    b. intelligence
    c. character
    d. low risk of cheating
    e. all of the above
    f. something else altogether

    And based on past experience or information available to them, people who have the same values might not choose the same candidate! A person who values past accomplishments might vote for Villar. Another person who values past accomplishments might vote for Gordon.

    At the end of the day, we need to start respecting each other. When we feel that others are stupid or selfish, they probably feel the same way about us. Respect is the first step to really start understanding each other — and only then can we start working together for the good of the country 🙂

    Let’s continue to be active citizens even now that the elections are over (especially now that the elections are over).

  66. Morris

    I’m not disappointed that my candidate lose
    I’m disappointed that my country did..

    I’m proud to be a part of 440,000+ Filipinos..

  67. Ezra

    Hello ma’am. I am a first time voter too, just last year, I turned 18 and I excitedly registered for 2010 elections when they came to our school.

    I voted for Mr. Manny Villar. I voted for him because I admire people who work their asses off to be able to succeed. His campaign for the Senatorial race years ago (I was too young to vote then) – ST, Sipag at Tiyaga – left such a great impression that I vowed to vote for him if ever he runs again for any position when it’s my turn to vote.

    While I was so ecstatic about Mr. Villar running for the Presidential elections, I was a bit alarmed that Mr. Aquino would run, too. Honestly, I felt like most Filipinos would join the popular bandwagon and vote for him, leaving the more qualified ones to the curb. But I admired Mr. Villar all the more, he didn’t give up in living his dream. Even with the tantamount accusations and ‘evidenced’ faults – he stood strong through them and remained humble all throughout. He is truly an admirable man.

    I felt even more hopeless when most my classmates turned up to be Aquino supporters (3/4 of the class, the remaining fourth for Villar and Gibo), and how they would always question why I supported Mr. Villar. Honestly, I was peeved. I was peeved at the fact that when I answered them why my vote goes to Manny Villar, and when it’s my turn to ask them why they supported Mr. Aquino, they just say, ‘just because.’

    But we can’t live off of ‘just because’, right? I had an inkling that they supported NoyNoy because they didn’t want to answer questions. It bothered me so much, I thought that my classmates were better. I thought that they were prepared to see our country change for the better.

    On May 10, I went to my precinct alone (because my mother and father wasn’t able to register and I’m the only other person legal of age at home) and was so full of hope that my first time to vote was so special – first automated elections and Manny Villar for Presidency! I waited three long hours in line, just to let my single vote be counted – my mom even called me up asking me to go home – it had rained twice and I didn’t bring an umbrella with me – but I didn’t all because I wanted change. I wanted Mr. Villar to win. I wanted him to win so badly I even wore an orange shirt that day to show my support.

    But alas, the majority have spoken. Mr. Villar isn’t exactly winning. I guess the mudslinging of the other candidates have worked too well on the masses. It’s sad, but it’s true. We never learn, do we?

    However, if I have learned one thing about all of this, it would be – think positive. If Mr. Villar took this quite well, his supporters, should too, right? I guess I’m done feeling under the weather about this, I’ve cried, along with my mother and younger sister when he conceded. However, I hope for the best for our country. Mr. Villar may not be our President, but I know he will continue working in the sidelines, changing lives for the better. I’ll surely vote for him if ever he decides to run again.

    Thank you for a very interesting write-up, ma’am. I’m so sorry I haven’t heard of this blog before election came. And I’m sorry again for the very long comment. God bless! 🙂

  68. Ed

    This elections was the first national elections I joined in. I realized, when I was about to register in Comelec, I want to contribute to our country by choosing the leader whom I think will help our country surpass whatever challenge we face.

    But seeing the results, I was dismayed. I felt loss of dreams, for myself, my family and the country.

    I hope those candidates who deserved to win should continue serving the public, if not take a seat somewhere in our government.
    .-= Ed´s last blog ..Train band Live in Manila 2010 =-.

  69. Michael V.

    “How could 40% of the voters ignore several candidates far more qualified by a record of public achievement than Noynoy?”

    Get off your high horse, girl. Who are you to judge other people? You think “public achievement” alone is enough to lead this country?

    “This country would rather vote ‘for some guy who, we know merely as the son of two politician parents and whom foreigners find agreeable.'”

    “This country” would rather vote for someone other than your favorite. They must be stupid, uneducated idiots!

    In an election, there are winners, and there are losers. Your selection just happened to end up on the losing side. Cry me a river, boo-****ing-hoo.

  70. Huey

    Very well written post.

    To all the haters of this well written article, it was never mentioned that people who voted for Noynoy are idiots. Where do you get your ideas?

    You people are saying that it’s implied? Did you even look at the subject matter which is grief and sense of loss? Same goes to the people who consistently accuses Villar of being corrupt? Evidence please, unless it’s proven in court this is straight up libel. Like the author of this article said, we challenge you to file a case of corruption, walk the walk ika nga.

    Celebrate your candidate’s victory, everyone’s learning to move on to unite and change the country for the better. Instead of bashing people in this thread, I would suggest just shutting your trap and focus on the platforms your candidate has promised the country. It’s one thing to disagree however just be sure you’re ready with the facts. Mahirap ang naniniwala sa sabi-sabi, it only shows how you think as a person.

    This has been mentioned over and over again, why do you waste your time bashing people here with screwed logic and analogies? Don’t you have anything better to do? Does it make you a better person that your candidate won? Does it make your ego bigger? I honestly don’t get the point.

    Sa mga gumagamit nung argument na “Are you saying that 13 million + voters who voted for Noynoy are idiots” binabalik ko sayo yung tanong. Are you saying that the 15% who voted for Villar are idiots? See what I did there? Becareful of the are-you-implying-argument.

    I have yet to see a Noynoy supporter who will congratulate supporters of other parties for a somewhat “clean” and “peaceful” election.

  71. Jojo Agot

    Now I feel like crying over the election results. The only consolation I could think of since the counting of votes came pouring in on all media outlets was that if Noynoy didn’t run for the presidency, we would have gotten Erap as president. Somehow I’m still glad to a certain degree.
    .-= Jojo Agot´s last blog ..Campaign Posters =-.

  72. Khritzy

    Nice blog. At the end of everything, I still choose to be deeply grateful that this election turned out to be more peaceful than everybody’s nightmare. Glad enough to know that the elections still pushed through, that we have citizens who valued their vote, inspired to make a difference. More importantly, I know that there is a God who is in control. Our hope in never on a personality; our future never dependent on who wins or who losses but where we place our faith.

    Its time to settle all differences and frustrations. It’s time to not just move on and continue with our lives, but keep the fervor for our nation and continue to make a difference wherever we are.

    Naomi, you are a great mother – educating your kids and teaching them to value their participation to make a difference. I hope you continue on, set an example so that we will see more people like you – making a difference, taking the lead in your own place of responsibility.

  73. artistcreo

    Mam Noemi i was shocked when i saw 30% of the vote results. Noynoy Aquino was leading, ERAP Estrada was second?? WHAT??? and Manny Villar in 3rd place. I think it was unfair. Before the May 10 elections many text messages destroyed Villar’s name. I believed in his dream, to lift us in poverty. He is the “one” sana kaso God may have better plans for him.

    –to Villar….
    …..i’am proud of him for being a sport, for conceding early, to accept that he will not win. ^_^

  74. Alma

    As a mom to 3 small kids, I too did not sleep well on the night of May 9 and 10. I was so worried for the future of my kids. I supported the candidate which gave me hope that this country has a chance to make it. Naiyak ako talaga when my candidate said,’hindi pwede and pwede na. We deserve the best’.

    Noynoy was voted not because of his platform, conviction or character but because he symbolizes the anti-Gloria sentiments which most of us shared. But to put the country’s fate on someone’s shoulders solely on that grounds is bull***t! If we want to get something fixed, let’s make plans on how to fix it and not bark on the one who broke it.

    Yes, am still moping around. I am trying to accept our fate. I also pray na sana everything will be alright.

  75. Abraham Jezer M. Digan, Future Nurse

    I also felt sad when manny villar conceded to aquino.
    I admire him for his ability to stay calm in times of defeat, that is a quality of a true leader. Its a loss not only to manny but also to the filipinos. I know for a fact that of all the candidates manny villar was the only one who met the qualifications for presidency. However, There is always a second chance. Manny villar 2016.

  76. ernie v

    villar lost because his accomplshments are full of questions/ his supporters call these black propagandas (?) , you guys are no different from erap’s fans . they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground ! villar is the 2nd coming of erap , correction — worse ,

  77. eba

    we cant do anything about it, mas maraming naniwala sa paninira kay villar kahit di napatunayan ang mga akusasyun sa kanya. mas pinili nila ang popular pero walang good track record sa gobyerno kundi perfect attendance at ang isang ex-convict sa pagnanakaw at plunder. onli in the philippines

  78. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado Post author

    @Michael V- hold your horse, young man. I quoted Rene Azurin. Looks like you burst an artery without reading the rest of the entry. This is not about you. This is about comforting the defeated , the losers. So chill. Be inspired by your winning candidate. the quality of a victor shows in how he treats the defeated.

  79. Manny Pangilinan

    Sa lahat ng bumoto kay noynoy, isa lang ang napatunayan ninyong lahat. Maraming abnoy sa Pilipinas hanggang ngayon. Sana bago kayo nagsiboto ay nagsipag isip naman kayo kahit ba elementary lang ang mga natapos ninyo. Paano ninyo nasikmura na iboto ang isang senador na wala man lang nagawa ng siya ay senador. kung tunay syang may malasakit sa taong bayan sana ay gumawa man lang sya ng kahit isang batas na makakatulong sa inyong mga mangmang. Pero kahit isang batas man lang para sa inyo ay wala syang naisip para itaas ang antas ng inyong kaisipan. At pati naman itong mga taga tarlac na inaapi na nag pamilya ni noynoy na sya na naman ngayong makikinabang sa pag upo ni abnoy ang mga cojuangco family. Iisa isahin ko sa inyo para maintindihan ninyo ang mga kasalanan na ngayon ay kabahagi na kayo. Noong panahon ni Cory ano ba ang napala ng bansa natin? Di ba dun nagsimula ang pagbagsak ng piso laban sa dolyar mula sa 7 pesos na palitan kada dolyar na panahon ng mga marcos. Kay cory din nauso ang mga kaguluhan, corruption sa bawat sangay ng ating gobyerno, palakasan system at kamag anak system. At dahil sa kamangmangan ni Cory nagawa naman ni Ramos na iupo ang sarili nya sa pagka presidente. Nagtataka nga ako kung bakit kahit puro kapalpakan ang nagawa ni cory ay suportado nyo parin sya. Hinusgahan nyo rin agad si erap noon at pilit na pinatalsik sa palasyo pero ano ba ang napala ninyo kay GMA? Ngayon naman ay nagluklok kayo ng isang tao para pamunuan ang bayan natin na wala namang alam kundi ang lumaban ng lumaban sa salita lamang at sabihing kailangan ko po sila. Pano na ngayon na walang nanalo sa mga senador nya at vice kayanin pa kaya nya mag isa. Dun sa nagsasabi na naiyak si villar dahil malaki ang nagastos nya, pre kung gumastos man si villar yun ay sarili nyang pera na pinag hirapan nya at hindi galing sa kaban ng bayan na ninakaw ng pamilya nya sa bayan. Sa Abs-cbn na nagsasabing si villar ay di tunay na mahirap at isa lamang syang middle class. Ano ba ang pakialam ninyo kayo ba kaya ninyong magtinda sa palengke, naranasan nyo ba yun at si noynoy nakaranas ba na paghirapan ang kayamanan na tinatamasa niya? Di ba katangahan lamang ang mga pinag sasabi ninyo at isang kawalang kredibilidad bilang isang station na dapat ay maging patas at maging isang halimbawa para sa mga manonood ninyo. Di kaya naman naiinggit lamang kayo kay villar dahil mas mayaman na sya sa inyo sa kanyang pagsisikap at abilidad na iangat ang kanyang buhay.
    Ang pulse asia na nagsabing nangunguna na si noynoy. Magkano po ba ang ibinayad sa inyo ng mga cojuangco at nagawa ninyo ibenta ang kinabukasan ng inyong pamilya at pamilya ng sambayanan. Mabuhay kayong lahat sa inyong mga kasalanan at darating din ang araw na huhusgahan kayo sa hangganan ninyo dito sa lupa.

  80. Pia Magalona

    Hi, Noemi!
    Three of my children, ages 21-23, were also first-time voters this elections. We’re proud to say we voted for Gordon based on his achievements and not even for what the Red Cross did for Francis.
    We do not know him personally and only met him once at Francis’ wake and only just said thanks to him then, personally.
    I’m so grateful for your having written this piece because I have recently learnt (the hard way) that we don’t have true freedom of speech in this country. I can’t express my opinion in public and I’ve actually been given a taste of intimidation just recently by some people.
    I wasn’t even protesting the results or anything, mind you.
    Your piece sums it all up. Thank you so much again.
    God bless the Philippines.
    Pia Magalona

    1. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado Post author

      as you can see, there are some rabid supporters invading my blog who don’t even bother to read from start to end. Though I start off with my feeling of sadness, I ended it with a positive resolution.

      I wrote this to comfort the supporters of Gibo, Gordon, Villar, Perlas et al and as you know, grief is a process. There is a sense of loss in the defeat of our candidate…feelings ranging from anger, questioning of why why…., sadness. …acceptance which can be a roller coaster ride.

      But look at some of them here? Full of negativity.

  81. beth

    I’m glad that the election is over and done but the hard part is who is to blame for the everyday events that the elected soon to be president is showing.yes i’m one of you guys who voted for someone who is credible.Someone who can really make a future for this country.As we all face each day seeing the street w/ beggars,snatchers,street children and the non stopping everyday news about people killing for money’s sake.And did somebody say that were kinda wiser than those who voted for noynoy?this may also be becoz we have the heart for this country.i have tried telling pinoys like us why and the wherfors they can’t accept a pinoy as rich as Villar?the chinese ,the americans,the europeans and other foreigners been and will always be accepted as rich as they can get.why?are filipinos meant to be born poor and not to have the capacity to dream and work hard to earn such a stature in life?anyways noynoy was born w/ a goldenspoon in his mouth and its not his fault.i just hope that he will do what he has been assigned to do and not just be in his throne to get back at his earned foes.

  82. alen

    Hi Ms. Noemi! I always read your blogs and i really appreciate your manner on how you educate the voters on choosing the right leader. Like you, i also felt the loss of a dream, the dream that the Philippines will soon rise from poverty. I worked as a volunteer for Sen. Villar and I have witnessed his sincerity in helping the less fortunate, especially during typhoon Ondoy, and it pains me to see that people have forgotten everything that he has done and chose to be blinded by the black propaganda hurled against him by his opponents. But despite the loss, the fact remains, win or lose, he’s still one of the most affluent men in our country and those who sold their votes will remain poor for life.

  83. dodie

    all of us are hoping that our next president is far better than the sitting one. villar, i believe, can be a good president. but i doubt that his political backround will tell otherwise. if you will just reseach how he do it, you might be dissapointed. what we need now is not an economist, not a lawyer, not an agriculturist, not a self made billionaire, what we need now is someone who can bind us togehter, someone who is thruthful, someone who is less corruptible, someone who is fighting for what is right and not someone who believes that the end justifies the means. what we need is moral leadership, a leadership of hope and villar fall way way short of this. i did vote for noynoy, but my reasons differs from what his detractors are saying. i did vote for noynoy because i believe he is a transformational leader. i did vote for noynoy because im also dreaming of change in this country.

  84. Fitz

    On my part, it saddens me to learn that despite everything I did to tell my friends to make an informed and rational decision, many of them still voted based on popularity and winnability.

    I have nothing against Noynoy, in fact, I’m eager to see how he will be as a president. But I do understand this feeling of loss that you have.

    I had my own dreams that this time, people, even if it’s just those around me, will take the elections seriously and exert the effort to learn about the candidates. But sadly, most of them voted without even knowing the platform of their chosen president.

    That for me, is the saddest thing about this election.

    But also, a challenge that we must continue to do our part to educate voters on how to choose the best candidate during elections.
    .-= Fitz´s last blog ..How Do You Know If It’s A Good Time To Invest? =-.

  85. Joanini

    Thank you po Ms. Noemi for this wonderful article.
    Honestly, I’ve been very very angry on the election results in our country. I keep asking myself why up to now the filipinos still doesn’t know how to vote for the right person to rule the country. I even asked myself “Talaga bang binoto sya ng mga tao o isa na naman itong dayaan?”
    Right now, I’m still contemplating on where my country will go from here. Sana lang, may pag-asa pang mabago ang Pilipinas.
    Maraming salamat po!

  86. vanessaveso

    That’s why it’s called ELECTION, majority wins!

    Millions of Filipinos so different from each other, so different from you and your guided vote have the mandate to elect who they want to lead them in this Third World country of ours! You spent 9months doing something for your country, but you can only do that much! Your reach is limited. The bulk of the electorate are way beyond your reach. They do not have the technology that you’re using. We are as Filipinos in a pyramid-like social stratification system: upper class, middle class, and lower class which occupies the largest base. The lower class who are powerless and who can be manipulated by the shrewd and the cunning.

    While you are in the middle-upper class, the dominant lower class who are active participants in the electoral process surely would dominate in the election results. It should not be a surprise! In fact, those you may have reached and have all the reasons to choose a leader in an objective manner may not have voted at all for various reasons!

    But the powerless lower class have all the time and the reasons to come out of their houses and go through the tedious process of registering at the Comelec and voting on Election Day. This, probably, was not done by many empowered Filipinos whose sound choices were not translated into votes.

    Thus, empowered becomes indifference. Therefore, as a people in all classes, we only deserve our kind of leaders. I strongly agree with your “participative citizenry” as an instrumental element to the success of our new leaders – local or national.

    So, let’s not just wait and see, let’s do what we can to improve our lot.

    God bless the Philippines!

    God bless the new leaders!

    God bless the Filipinos in upper, middle, and lower classes!

  87. Melissa

    What a great post, thank you for this.

    I myself voted for Villar, and I am disappointed by the results of the elections. Truthfully I knew that Noynoy would win, because of all the black propaganda, but I just wanted my vote to count. But its the large gap between Villar and Noynoy— and even more alarmingly, the large percentage that Erap received — that really alerted me that the Philippines really deserves to be where it is – a “third-world” country. Nobody ever seems to learn from the country’s mistakes,

    Truth be told, I agree that Noynoy is an honest individual with clean intentions and dreams for the country. But in the same way that a good man with good intentions is not enough to run a large corporation, I don’t understand how people perceive that Noynoy alone can run this country without any worthwhile experience or proof of how he can manage it. Or how he can make sure that each person underneath him is as clean as he is.

    In his past years in politics he has yet to show any work that represents what he can do as President.As a businesswoman, I find it hard to believe that a man without any worthwhile background in managing people can manage this already corrupt government. Heck, even a small store is hard to manage unless you’re really hands on. Let’s pray that being a good example will be enough for Filipinos to follow Noynoy’s lead as a clean politician (highly, highly doubt it, we know how Filipinos are. If it ain’t tough love highly monitored, good luck monitoring where the cash flow is used.)

    It saddens me to think that Noynoy is actually what Filipinos think as the “easy answer.” Filipinos keep blaming the government for poverty and lack of jobs. Not true, people are poor because many of them are lazy and uneducated (mostly lazy though). The President is not the answer to poverty – each person in the country is. And now that Noynoy has won, the poor are just going to wait lazily for help (because that’s the way most of the poor are). Manny Villar would have been a good example of what diligence can do. Perhaps Gibo and other candidates could possibly be more qualified as President, but Villar could have been a good example to the poor, instead of just the PResident finding ways to feed the poor.

    Election results were really so disappointing. Better Noy than Erap though, that’s for sure. I cant imagine what the results would have been if INC vouched for Erap instead. Oh gosh!!

  88. FSL

    if these messages come from the heart who wrote them, then there must something wrong in the pulse that coincides with it’s breathing!!!
    please be fair to everybody and to yourself forbeing ignorant of the parliamentary system that we are adopting! if the majority speaks then it’s the voice of GOD!!! can’t you have at least some respect to what the majority had said? if all the other presedentiables conceded (except erap as of presstime), why can’t you? do you think your candidate can this country much better? if your candidates topped the rank, what would you do if other supporters will throw this words on you with the same intensity and conviction! i certainly would guess not!!!

    it is, i guess, empirical to say that we all have to accept that whoever sits in the highest office will have our support! we do not expect to win everytime we place bets, right? so better stop grieving and let your day shine without giving fuss over your bets not winning the race!

    stop crying over spilled milk!

    1. HUNGKAG


      Please be kind enough to those who are hurting and experiencing the loss of their candidates. Just like the death of a close kin and or a job loss they are still in the various denial, anger, bargaining and depression stages and going back and forth until the acceptance stage or not at all for a short period of time. Please do not add more to their hurt or loss. They are still grieving, so please be kind to them.

      1. FSL

        sinong mas idiot? ako na nirerespeto ang parliamentary procedure o kau who seemed to be barking at the wrong moon! can everybody take a look who ranks ahead of VILLAR? it’s estrada! if aquino did not run for presidency, villar will still be trailing behind!!! could you please stop acting like a pathetic imbicile!!!

  89. Ben-Ariel

    Thank you for articulating my thoughts on this matter. I, too, voted for Villar and I also feel the same way. I do not believe in wasted votes but I do recognize that, though it may be too early to say, this election may have been a wasted opportunity on our part as Filipinos to choose the leaders who can make the changes we need. Same faces, same names. Sigh. I linked your post to my blog as well. Thank you.
    .-= Ben-Ariel´s last blog ..Remembering May 10 =-.

  90. bet

    hindi parin ngingiti ang langit sa bayan ko. nakakapang hinayang naman.
    Hindi bali may mga pang hahawakan naman na kasiguradohan na sana ay hindi magnanakaw ang ating bagong Pangulo.


    I symphatize with all those who are hurt and experience the loss in the last election. You will experience the following and i fervently pray that you will reach the acceptance stage soon.

    * Denial (this isn’t happening )
    * Anger (why is this happening ?)
    * Bargaining (can something still be done if…)
    * Depression (I don’t care anymore)
    * Acceptance (I’m ready for whatever comes)

  92. Yearning For Justice

    Let’s give him a chance to prove himself. Greatly affected will be not the middle class afterall. It’ll who voted in favor of him just in case he fails to deliver. It’s not the small fraction of the population and probably not even internet users will be greatly affected just in case the choice is wrong. It’s them who are meek and poor. Them who cannot stand by themeselves because they’re litterally illeterate. Them who can be easily exploited because they’re too impoverished not to accept money when somebody offered them money for votes. If our new President eventually delivers to the poor what he promised in his campaign and yet everything stood still in the A, B & C level, it’s indeed a win for the country. Let’s give their voice (larger portion of the populace) a chance and start feeling good. 🙂
    .-= Yearning For Justice´s last blog ..Rule 119 =-.

  93. rolly07

    So you voted for Manny Villar and most of your readers are also for Manny. I symphatize with the pain and “loss of your dream” but just so you know, those who vote for Noynoy also have probably the same dream as you have four our country. Most of the people I knew voted for Noynoy. And I ask why? I found the answer in this blog: http://dontgimmeanattitude.multiply.com/journal/item/246/Bakit_si_Noynoy_Aquino_at_di_si_Gibo

    Just so you know I wasn’t able to vote because I was out of the country but I would have probably pick my president from Noynoy, Gibo Teodoro, or Brother Eddie Villanueva. There’s not much of a choice for me. If only one person possesses the strengths of the three, he would’ve made a great president. But for now, for those whose candidates lost, we have a new President. Cry over your loss or whatever you want to do but after that let’s move on. Let’s unite. Take also your time to read the blog as to why those who voted for Noynoy voted for him. They also have the best intention for the country.

    God Bless to all. =)

    1. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado Post author

      The Manny Villar Facebook page linked my posts so most who come here came from that page.

      In the end, I realized that it was their choice. They had their own criteria. I illustrated the process of loss to acceptance. There is a tendency to blame, be in denial..then there is acceptance and resolution..

      In the last part, I mention that we should work with the new president. I even said it on live national TV via ANC. I guess I hit a raw nerve there when I questioned their choices but that is the process we go through and I won’t deny that to myself.

  94. rolly07

    And I would also like to add that it pains me that I wasn’t able to vote because for me this is the most successful election ever done. Not because Noynoy won. But because for me, all the people who voted, voted because they feel their candidate will be the best person to run the country. Whether it’s Noynoy, Gibo, Manny, Brother Eddie Villanueva or even Erap. I’m proud to be Pinoy! =)
    .-= rolly07´s last blog ..A Personal Invitation =-.

  95. winnie mondigo

    i voted for manny villar . i admit desperado po ako sa naging resulta ng eleksiyon .i was very much expecting that manny villar would won on that election sayang i felt like my dreams for my country failed we needed a good leader like manny villar . siya lang talaga ang deserving na maging president of the philippines . he has all the qualifications that fit for a deserving president .comment ko lang sa mga hindi bomoto sa kanya hindi pa rin kayo natoto wake up! .yung mga boto ninyo is not meant for capacity but popularity bases…

  96. andrea

    i am an avid fan of Manny Villar…. sayang talaga.. alam ko na talagang fit sya sa presidential position since he can correlate with his staff down to janitorial….. but sad to say mas pinahalagahan pa ng mga mamayang pilipino ang popularity ng mga magulang ni Aquino kaysa sa kung ano ang kanyang gagawin kapag sya ang nanalo. Sayang talaga ang talinong ipinagmamalaki natin sa ibang bansa na di natin nagamit sa may 10 election.
    When Mr. Villar Conceded,, I cried a lot… coz i want a change in our country… so sad..
    If Mr Villar wouldn’t run on May 16 election,, i will go for Bong bong Marcos for the presidency…

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