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Five secrets about me that you probably don’t know

quiet.jpgA few years ago, I was tagged to write a “Disclosure meme” on five secrets about me that you probably don’t know. I might have blogged about some of these secrets in past entries but let me just list them down.

1. Annoyance over habitual latecomers– I am such a stickler for time that it annoys me off when people arrive ONE HOUR late without any notice. It’s common decency to advise the other party or whoever is waiting for you on your estimated time of arrival. I’m fine if you’re late as long as I know beforehand so I can do something with my time.

2. Fear of dentist– I’ve had this fear ever since I had profuse bleeding when my molar was pulled out.

3. Handy woman– I can climb on the roof of my house (then a bungalow) and repair roof leaks. I can also fix leaking pipes and electric wiring. But….I probably made my husband feel inferior when I did all that during our first year of marriage. Since I broke my ankle 11 years ago, I have not attempted to climb roofs. I still do handy woman jobs.


4. Lazy cook– I only cook on special occasions or birthdays. During the first ten years of my married life, I trained all the maids to cook , even the yaya (caregiver). I trained them to read recipes as well. After a few years, they turned out to be better cooks than I am so I let them do the cooking now.  I posted my recipes at . One or two loved baking so I also taught them to bake. These days, I write the recipe, give instructions and then taste their cooking if it’s alright. Haha, lazy.

driving a car

5. Fear of driving in high places– Driving near the Tagaytay ridge or towards Baguio City makes me throw up. High places just nauseates me. I once drove to Tagaytay but my eyes focused straight ahead not looking once at the deep ridge.

So now you know. What about you?

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