Flowers from Dangwa Flower Market

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Edit: Visit this flower vendor from the Dangwa Flower Market

If there is one business my husband wants to get into, it’s a flower shop. For the past 6 years, all we could do for our beloved son is buy [tag]flowers[/tag] and bring them over to his resting place. We have probably made our flower “suki” quite rich. Butch either buys mums or roses in bulk and arranges them in our disposable vases. He leaves a few flowers to add color on our dinner table.

Last Sunday’s stroll at the Dangwa Flower Market in Sampaloc, Manila was different. Butch felt romantic . Hehe. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard that Flower vendors from Trinidad , Benguet sell their produce in here. Prices are quite affordable too. A bouquet of various flowers can fetch a price of 200 to 250 pesos (around $5.00). I bet it’ll be three times as much as Valentine’s Day approach. As I took photos of all the various flowers (See here), I can just imagine the profit margins of the Florists. Of course, there’s the problem of rotten flowers that don’t sell so perhaps they consider the wastage as part of their carrying costs.

carnationsAs I gushed over the Daisies, Roses, Zinnias ,Marigolds, chrysanthemums, in vivid colors, the Carnations caught my attention. I love Carnations.I love the colors.. Butch took the hint and bought a bundle of 9 Imported green carnations for 180 pesos. Not bad. Usually I get 3 pieces for 80 pesos at the Rustan’s flower shop. He didn’t haggle anymore as he knows that the vendor was not overpricing.

Butch and I may not celebrate Valentine’s day but random displays of affection truly warms my heart. For once, the flowers were not for my son.

I bought some Asters and lovingly arranged them in our vase.