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Globelines Broadband Budget Bundles, Smart Bro and PLDT DSL

(Read my Review of Globe Broadband, PLDT Mydsl, Smart Bro and Smart 3g)

writing deskThe house is clean and sanitized, the air smells of paint, the pocket garden looks refreshing as I am sitting here beside my antique writing table, trying to catch up with my backlog in work . Thanks to the [tag]Philippines Cable Internet Providers[/tag], installation was fast . I always imagined that installation would take months. I remember moving in to Pasig in 1980 and I got my landline in 1984. But take a look at this. If you move to a new home (well at least in Pasig City where I am moving), you can have an internet connection the following day after payment. This is my experience.

1. Smart Bro– I paid 999 pesos for a 384 kpbs connection on March 2. An hour later, they called me to schedule the installation the following day. That’s pretty quick, huh? Smart Bro has this ongoing promotion where you get free installation for new applications if you apply within the month of March. It didn’t make sense to continue with my existing contract because I would have to pay 1600 pesos for the transfer. Might as well get locked in for a one year period. Besides, my cousins in my new neighborhood swear that Smart Bro connection is pretty reliable.

2. Globelines Broadband Budget Bundles – I called Globelines to send me an application form to my house. Since I wasn’t there yet, she dropped it with the caretaker. After I signed the form , the agent came back and processed my application form. A week later, I got my phone line and my 1 MBPS internet connection which came with a prolink modem and wi-fi bundle. So here I am enjoying a 1 MBPS wifi connection goodness. This budget bundle costs only 1450 pesos a month. I don’t know how long the free landline use lasts.

3. PLDT MyDSL– Knowing PLDT was going to take longer, I applied for a telephone line and DSL on February 19. Three weeks later, I got a call that I needed to pay something at the PLDT office . Take note: Globelines and Smart Bro were already in place at my new home. I have yet to go to the PLDT office and have my application processed but I already got my new landline number. I applied for their 784 kbps bundle. The only promo they have is 100 pesos off the landline and DSL monthly fee or a savings of 200 pesos. I will end up paying 1520 pesos a month, I think?

So there, I have three internet service providers . Why three?

I need redundancy in my internet connection for my business. I will miss my 8 year old ISP, Destiny Cable. I remember I was one of the first Makati City residents to enjoy 1.6 Mbps cable broadband in 1999 for 1,988.00 pesos (it went down to 1,688 three years ago) which included a TV cable connection. Unfortunately, they do not provide internet cable facilities in my area. I hope these newer internet cable providers can emulate the same service I received from Destiny Cable. Take for example, Globelines Broadband … they had some server problems. I know problems can never be avoided. Three days later, I still couldn’t reach their main trunkline 9198888. I was able to reach them yesterday after waiting on the phone patiently for 30 minutes.

They could have some text support like Destiny Cable so their staff can call back when their lines are free. I remember SMART Bro’s service when it was still new and crappy. They have improved a lot since then after getting so much flak from irate SMART Bro subscribers.

Oh well…I ‘m just happy everything is in place now as I move in tomorrow.

May 24, 2008 – updated review

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82 thoughts on “Globelines Broadband Budget Bundles, Smart Bro and PLDT DSL”

  1. Hi Noemi, hope your Globelines Broadband connection won’t be a problem. 🙂 Not that I am saying it’s crappy huh 😀 Well if problem arises and you need to contact their Tech Support, just text me, I will give you direct number. Hehe.. It’s really hard to get through their support hotline. You will spend more than 30 minutes on hold and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a representative but most of the time the IVR will kick you off 🙂

    1. I have to agree on this one. Let me share my story.
      I’ts been almost a month after the Globelines Broadband was installed. Yeah, we could barely use the internet and we’re not getting the correct speed.
      I then noticed a problem with our service and billing address. Agents keep on telling us an incorrect address saved in their database. And hell, it’s not our address. They keep on sending us technicians and obviously they could not get into the right address.
      It’s been a month and we have collected several reference no. for this matter. I have spoken to several supervisors (which happened after an hour of waiting), still no progress.
      As I’m writing this response, hell yeah. I am again on the phone doing a follow up.

      1. i’m a smartbro but thinking to shift to others, ie globe, pldt, etc. based on my initial validation, globe seems to be interesting as a better option over smart coz of its free landline. tho globe lanline might nt be useful to me as digitel is our line & most of our contact are pldt nos. hope u cna help me decide by sharing your thoughts on this. smart has been ok for the past years. i just want to explore for the better 🙂 thx

  2. @jhay- the business pays for it

    @Alfa- haven’t tried but heard it’s slow. I tested Globe’s Visibility and I think I will get that

    @Annamanila- yup business reasons

    @Carlo- hehe I will text you if I can’t get to their support hotline. sobra. It took me three days.

  3. @AJ- so far Globelines Broadband and Smart Bro are doing well

    @LA- Yes I need it a lot for business

    @Lemon- talaga. That’s terrible. I got my number in less than a month after application. Maybe there are really no lines available.

  4. How’s the performance of SmartBro?
    I’m also scouting for ISP as I am moving to my new house next week. If I get PLDT myDSL matagal pala.

    Looks like I have to go for Smartbro muna, minus the landline.

  5. @arnold- in pasig area, the Smart Bro connection is reliable and true to its 384 kbps promise. PLDT Mydsl gave me a reply in 3 weeks. After payment, it will take another week for the installation. It’s longer process than Smart Bro. Take advantage of their free installation which lasts end of march.

  6. how about Bayantel? They have a promo until May 1 and they do offer rebates… and u just add 99 pesos for wi-fi (they say you can connect to 500 hotspots)

    HAve been contemplating on getting a cheap 3g phone and use that for smart 3g internet on my ibook… gagawin ko lang modem to connect. my friend say sony ericsson 608i (i think) is around 6k in greenhills.. and rates for smart’s 3g internet are at 60/hour.

    now, to find the budget =)

  7. I already have PLDT myDSL but the service is very poor in my area – frequent disconnections and will take 3 to 5 days to be reconnected. I am planning to get another ISP which is Globe. Noemi, please update me regarding the performance of Globelines Broadband up to this time. Thanks in advance.

  8. @jun- bayantel is not offered in Pasig. They were the first I called. Ifever I need a roaming broadband, I’d choose Visibility because it’s really fast. I was able to test it ou

    @MT- so far Globelines broadband is okay. but it’s hard to tell since I have only used it for 2 weeks. Maybe in 6 months, I will give a report. So far, Globeline broadband has been giving me the promised 1 mbps most of the time.

  9. Hi! i’m applying for globelines broadband budget bundle P995. as a new subscriber, what should i know and take note about globe’s broadband, do you frequently exprience problems…?

  10. How is the Globe Broadband services compared with Smart Bro? We don’t have DSL yet in our area (in Muntinlupa) and I was actually thinking of choosing with Smart or Globe. Which do you recommend? Thanks.

  11. i am planning to open an internet cafe. could you please advise how much do i have to spend for a connection if i use globelines broadband connection.

    please advise,


  12. We have PLDT DSL and the connection has been up and down the past week (mostly down). My wife and I depend on our internet connection to communicate with each other and it’s very important for us. PLDT’s helpline has not been helpful at all and unable to give us any status on the problem that they are having in our area (Las Pinas). They said it was a nationwide problem at first, but it’s been more than a week now…

  13. hi, i am planning to have an internet at home but my problem is we don’t have a landline phone yet in our place.(San Leon,Balungao Pangasinan 2442).could you help me what to do.What is globe broadband services? how much do i have to pay?

    please advise,

  14. recently i also applied to mydsl and unfortunately they told us that dsl is not yet available in our area (SAV 5, sucat, pque). but they recommended us to use smart bro thus its their twin internet service provider. im also thinking applying to globe broadband and well, idk if which those two are better regarding their 1k/month plans. which of these two broadband will you recommend for me regarding also our area? and this sept are they still offering promos or free installations? if not how much is the installation for smart or globe broadband?

  15. Hello Noemi,
    I was researching which ISP is the best in the Philippines, when I came across your lovely blog. Mind telling me (or us) which ISP is the best among the three? Your reply will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  16. Hi Noemi

    hows your connections? i have a pending myDSL application (i already have PLDT landline) and its been 4weeks now and they haven’t call me for ANY updates if they have this so called “port facility” available in my area (i’m located in Pasig City, C. raymundo Ave.). I also called myDestiny cable internet and unfortunately the “nearest facility” for cable internet is like 1Kilometer away from my home and they told me its not possible. Hows your SmartBro? I’m thinking of getting it, I just don’t know if it will hold a connection for VoIP calls ( need it for comm with my wife). what do you think?

  17. For me the net that im using right now is taelines broad band, and taelines is definetly fast. its really stabled and has good customer helpers. its 1 kbps speed is really superb. you can view/watch your favorite porn site in an instant, for only 100k a week and a connection for 5 years you can already enjoy the taelines broadband… so what are you waiting for grab your titi and dial 010 and contact them right now.. i know u dont wanna be left down by other peoples using taelines so start subscribing now.

  18. Hello Noime,
    My smartbro connection is just 3weeks old.But i just enjoyed a 10-day fast connection,after that until now my connection is slower than dial-up.I have read other blogs of people who is disgusted and victimized by smartbro’s promise of a 7 times fast than dial-up connection.Check out the site THE SMART WIFI CHRONICLES,and you’ll read all those complaints.

  19. Globelines Broadband is a scam!!! Letting us customers experience their 7-day trial period of real broadband speed then they will tie us in their 1yr bond then after that the HELL ON EARTH of internet begins.

    I am experiencing problems with globelines broadband… I subscribed to their 512kbps wireless broadband package with wireless phone (PHP1295/mo.)… they gave me 7 days trial period and within that trial period I was amazed with the speed… pumapalo from 700+ kbps to 1+ mb… kaya pina-activate ko kaagad. Pero eto na ang kalbaryo… right after the 7-day trial period nagsimula nang maging intermitent ang connection speed nila either super bagal (I even got 5bps or lower!!!) o totally walang connection. Lagi ako nagrereklamo sa CS nila pero wala naman sila ginawa kundi palitan yung modem na wala naman nagbago ganon pa din naman problema. My work is related to IT and I know that there is no problem at my side (hardware, softwares, cabling, etc…). Kakainis na talaga ang service ng globelines… feeling ko naloko lang ako kase nakatali ako ngayon sa kanila for 1yr dahil sa 1yr bond na kasama sa package. Tanong ko lang guys… meron ba tayong pwedeng magawang aksyon para maipaabot sa mga kinauukulan ang panlolokong ginagawa ng globelines satin?

  20. i totally agree with domoradz. globelines broadband is slow. i had mine since november 2007 and i never got to experience a good broadband speed. i would call their technical support office every time i would open my computer and internet but no one from their end seem to care. laging merong explanation that they are already doing something about it or an upgrade in system is on-going. globe broadband is simply SLOW.

  21. Hi guys, I think I need help badly.. advise perhaps. (?)

    I’ve been using my N70 to serve as a modem for my laptop for months now, but my hub went crazy and I need to try these “faster than dial-up” stuff. I am from LB, Laguna and I went to PLDT but I think it’s too heavy in the pocket for they have this PLDT + landline 1 mbps but you need to avail a modem (P1,200) and 1,700/month with 2 months advance.. That’s about P4,600 for availing their service. (ouch!) then, there’s this cable connection here, offering 310 kbps for 880 (no installation fee whatsoever plus the modem is free).

    Hence, one of the rooms in the apartment has SmartBro but their supposedly 384 kpbs/999 a month has been screwing giving them a range of 100-150 kbps (not so exact about this though) almost all of the time. Geez, am really confused with this. I’m thinking of risking with the CCTV kwiknet connection but am quite hesitant with all the comments i’ve just scoured on this blog. Please advise me as I desperately need it.

    As for Globelines, there appears to be no office here. (darn it!)

    Thanks mucheeze..

  22. im planning to change my subscriber from bayantel to globelines sana due to the free laptop lng + landline ang cheap noh at P1499….tlga bang mabagal ang connection nla khit na anng palit nila ng modem kc 2yrs contract yun…tlgang ba kalbaryo lng..

  23. Tangina naman, pagnagdodownload aq laging nadidisconect, minsan nga 99% na ung download q tapos biglang madidisconect, 1 1/2 hour qng hinintay tapos disconect, PUTANG INA cno ba naman ang di magagalit nun, pati streaming videos di q na ginagawa, nayayamot lng aq, lalo n pag online gaming, nung 2006 p daw 2ng gani2 eh, ang hirap p n2 may bago clang commericial, ung plan 595 b un, putang ina ang kakapal ng mukha, mabankrupt sna ang globe

  24. i just had a 3mb line installed in bacolod middle of may 2008, getting speeds of 300kb down 100kb up so no where near what i am paying for, globelines said it would be fixed in a week or 2 but been more than 2 weeks and not fixed. I believe globeline’s sells high speed lines that they dont have. How long have they been selling broadband that they dont have? who knows, i know i haven’t seen what i paid them for yet. Talking to customer service gets the standard working on it, will be fixed in a week or 2. I have a feeling they are selling high speed connections that they know they are not capable of providing any longer.

  25. Noemi thanks for the ISP review , it helps me alot. I’m currently a PLDT DSL Subscriber, my connecttion this past 2weeks is worst. Always disconnected and slow connectivity. Im planing to change my ISP to Globe Broadband. Thank you veru much ^_^

  26. guys,
    relax, ihave my globe broadband since 2006 no problem i use it for my internet cafe until now. my location is Biliran leyte. why u people there in Luzon is not very lucky you are already near the HQ of this company.

  27. Well it’s nice to read other people have problems to. Try living in Bohol Smart and Globe are so poor the can’t send the service 3km out of Tagabilaran City. I had smart bro installed it only worked from time to time not excepable the manager and staff are brainwashed into thinking it works. LOL

  28. @ Lito,

    I am from Abuyog and our BayanTel DSL is really bad. Planning to replace my current DSL with Bayan, may I know if you are using Globe wired or wireless broadband?

  29. hi there guys!
    i have a connection by DSL here in Cebu ,,,,it’s 222 kbps and a download of 27.75 per sec.according to PLDT Play…so far it’s doing fine only one time it was disconnected so i called their support there in Mla….so far they very cordial and helpful …. I am thingking that you’re well off there for you’re at the source what’s wrong is the big question…i think it’s time for the IT big thinkers to pound their brains out to find the answer…wish you luck in your adventures at the internet…….

  30. i currently have Digitel as my ISP… Well, i had no problems with it, but i was thinking about Globe broadband due to their cheaper offers – P995 = 1mbps compared to my digitel connection which is P1100 = 384 kbps…

    Is Globe Broadband OK in my place(San Carlos City, Pangasinan)?

    i’m having doubts please help me!…THank you…

  31. We’ve been using SmartBro for almost 2 years maayos at mabilis pa rin. Actually 788 pa rin yung bayad namin kasi promo pa yun dati 2007.

    Nuong una medyo mabagal sya sa download pero ngayon minsan sa ibang site 200kbp/s maximum. Mabilis yun dahil nagdownload ako sa rapidshare downoad speed nila fixed sa 40kb/s.

    Pag sa anime dowloads yung site usually 60kb/s, pag 100MB yung file inaabot ng 30minutes o kaya sa bitcomet bittorrent download misan umaabot 160kb/s. Depende sa website. At umaga hanggang gabi same speed. Ibig kong sabihin sa iba kasi pag busy hours 8am-8pm bumabagal SmartBro samin wala problema.

    Dito kami sa Taytay,Rizal malapit sa Tower Hills malapit sa cellsite nila.

    Nag-improve na ba globe broadband ngayun kasi puro nababasa ko mabagal daw 384kbps 990 nila pero mabilis daw kung 1995 ata na babayaran mo? Meron kasi naglagay ng globe dito sa subd namin pinagiisipan ko kung maganda lipat sa globe+dsl. Mahal kasi cell 800 + smartbro788 monthly.

    Pero kung mabagal di na rin siguro. Advise naman sa taga taytay jan.

    1. Hi, nabasa ko comment mo. Ask ko lang kung stable pa rin yung connection mo sa SmartBro? Taga Taytay rin ako malapit sa Tikling. Ilan speed nakukuha mo sa

      1. pre try mo kabitan ng rougter yan bibilis ang internet mo smartbro din ako tiga pasig ang sppedtest di nagsasabi ng tooo yan yung tulin ng impact at spped ng pag download ng file

  32. Mabagal na at mahal pa internet sa atin compared sa ibang nearby country. bihira lang kasi may internet sa bahay lalo na sa provinces na malayo ng Manila, Cebu at Davao.

    Ang mga ISP ay hinde rin bastabasta makapagupgrade, malaking pera gagastosin kasi. When it comes to speed ay ibaiba tayo ng needs pero in general kahit hinde pa sila magupgrade, ayosin lang serbisyo, dapat walang gaanong downtime at stable ang koneksyon; kakainis kasi pagpalaging napapatid e.

  33. hey please tell me me which one is the best.
    I have a DSL connection at home but it keeps slowing down. they always have bad connections. in fact I’m not getting the amount of speed I should get. so is there any other internet connection services better than DSL?

  34. Before we applied for our business internet connection we did our research and found that among the ones currently offered that fit our budget (and had the least horror stories) was the one given by Globelines broadband . Unfortunately for us I had no idea I would eventually be sharing my own horror story. Writing all the details would make anybody cringe at the service that we got from that company. Bottomline our experience as a corporate client with Globe’s technical and sales service have made us realize that they are terribly slow and totally not dependable, the connection is super slow if at all present even the dial up connection that came with it is too limited to service the hourly disconnection we got. For 1 month our business practically suffered without any internet connection. Imagine being able to use internet for 5 minutes getting disconnected and having to wait for hours before it went back then going tru the same cycle on a daily basis. We returned their unit and modem few days before our contract approached 1 month and terminated our service with them. I will never recommend Globe to my friends or acquaintances and hope that other businesses will not have to go through what we experienced. I wish that we could go back to MyDestiny as a provider we hardly had any problems with them at all. Unfortunately for us Cityland Pasong Tamo Condo is not included in their serviced area.

  35. The problem is not that there are only a few broadband internet providers, the problem is that none of them deliver a stable or reliable connection. Now how is it in a city like bacolod there is a choice between 2 providers PLDT and Globelines but as everyone knows neither internet provider will provide a stable connection. Now if there was some government agency who’s job it was to monitor the isp’s (internet services providers) handle complaints from customers and had the power to fine them and stop them from signing up more customers until they fixed their problems then some progress could be made.
    It appears to me that the isp’s spend their money on advertising to get more customers instead upgrading their systems or tech’s. I have been a globelines customer for about 10 months, paying for a 3mb data only line and i have disconnects every week, sometimes every day. Typical weekend: internet out for 18 hours friday, out again on saturday for 4 hours, out again on monday for 9 hours. Latest problem is network time out’s, can’t connect to most sites and this has been going on for weeks now. Called globelines customer support and got the same old song and dance we are doing system restoration in your area. That excuse is getting way played out, been hearing that excuse for the 10 months. Funny how they never said anything about having to do a couple years of system restoration before signing me up.
    I suspect there is a government agency that is supposed to protect customers from the isp companies but for some reason they don’t seem to be involved or motivated to do their jobs, i really wonder why that is….

  36. 🙁 HELLO sa inyo!nagwoworry kase ako about sa mga isp dyan sa pilipinas,kase ganito yun,,nasa FRANCE ako for now and were planning to stay in the philippines this year,and because my husband’s job is a FREELANCE WEB DESIGNER,nagwowork sya through his computers sa bahay.And i’m really worried na yung internet connection dyan sa pinas ay magputol putol,pano yung work ng asawa ko?! 🙁 mga costumers pa naman nya will still be FRENCH.pano nalang pag na disconnect…lahat ng nababasa kong feedback,walang maganda…paki tulungan naman ako,kung saan maganda yung connection if ever sa MANDALUYONG AREA and sa PASIG AREA.

    1. mag smartbro na po kayo dito po sa pasig maraming globelines dito na lumipat sa smartbro ang globe umulan lang ng konti nawawala ng ang connection ang dsl naman mabagal naman sa smartbro po dapat may rougter kayo para mabilis ang internet nyo try nyo po yung advice ko

  37. Hi everyone!

    I just stumbled upon this blogpost. I was looking for a place to vent my ire for PLDT myDSL. At eto, saktong napunta ako dito.

    We have been applying for a PLDT myDSL Plan since November last year. Pero up to now yung application namin eh ipit pa rin. Akin lang, sana, hindi mag-advertise ang PLDT na they want to conquer the whole Philippines, broadband wise, tapos yung areas near Manila hindi nila mabigyan ng DSL connection. BTW, taga Las Pinas lang kami.

    Kaya for me, isang malaking scam ang PLDT myDSL.

  38. Globe Broadband really sucks i got lost of my internet connection in april 24,2009 napakahina sobra ang internet at di ako makalaro sa favorite online game ko ang ran online hahayz globe broadband talaga maganda lng sila sa simula di maganda ang serbisyo ng globe puro lng sila bisyo ilang ulit ako tumawag sa kanila dial ako 171 puro lng sinabi nila system restoration but now its been 5 days i got no internet connection globe broadband sucks! and my area is in Leyte.

  39. my globe was installed yesterday… and until today roughly 46 hours later wala paring connection (nasa internet cafe ako ngayun)

    sana hindi nalng ako nag pa transfer from smart to globe.

    tas ang csr ng globe mga walang KWENTA!

    i miss my smartbro T_T

  40. HI Noemi and to All readers and bloggers,

    I am from Lapu-Lapu Cebu. I have a SmartBro internet connection (999 Php). I’ve been using SmartBro for almost 4 years na. The connection was ok. But just recently, more or less 1 week na, I’ve been experiencing internet connection problem. Palaging na dis-connect ung internet connection ko. I called thier CS (*1888) at it realy sucks. It will be a call center representative who will anwser your call with no technical know-how. They will just keep asking you question(s) and let you do something as if you don’t know about computer. That is their delaying tactics while searching from their databse for related incident and what seems to be the problem and the solution. I told the CS ” My wire connection is ok, my computer is ok, everything is ok except that there is no internet connection. It’s annoying talking to their CS dahil pa-ikot-ikot lang ung kanilang sagot at tanong. It really sucks.

    I have read several reviews about ISP in the Philippines and it seems all ISP’s have the same problem, no persistent internet connection.

    My neighbor used to have a Globe BroadBand Bundle (Internet + Telephone) connection and it was worst. There was no internet and telephone for how many days. Calling their CS also sucks. It was a call center representative who doesn’t have a technical know-how.

    I am wondering why is it that in the Philippines, internet services really sucks. Connection problem, Lousy Customer Support, Expensive Internet Fee..etc…. while in other countries, like Japan, internet connection is very impressive. Download and upload speed is amazing.

    Don’t be fooled by ISP’s promo, because it’s a lie and tricks. You will see in the demo and presentation on their office and mall that internet connection is superb. Well, that’s part of their marketing strategy. They will lure prospected subcribers with their prsentation and trial just to catch the prospected subscriber’s confidence and attention. But when you already have the internet connection and tied with lock-in period, that’s the time that you will really see the real truth about the services that they offered to you.

    If you are planning to have an internet connection, better to read reviews, make research of what is the best ISP in your neighborhood because ISP services will differ in every places.

    Good luck on your internet connection…….

  41. hey guys!

    tatanung ko lng tungkol sa GLOBE BROADBAND!
    ung 1 mbps na wlang telephone..mabilis b un kung dito sa METRO MANILA..particularly in NAVOTAS…

    Kasi una nag SMART BRO ako,,medyo ok nmn ung connction..
    I rate it 6/10–ung 999 to 384 kbps

    tpos nmn ung ngayun nmn..merun nmn kaming PLDTmyDSL ung
    connction nmn mas ok sa smart bro mblis nmn..hehe..d
    nmn nddsconect bhira lng… rate 8/10

    e ung GLOBE BROADBAND po kaya?? i need your help,, because
    gusto nmin kc i try din e…

  42. me too, I’m currently subscribe to GlobeLies Bulokband, natatandaan ko noong pumunta yung mga tech nila para ikabit yung modem, exited na exited ako kasi magkakabroadband na kami, sa wakas makakapanood na rin ako sa youtube, pero noong kinakabit na yung modem at tinetesting na yung connection, napansin ko na mabagal kasi noong sinusubukan ng tech nila na makaconnect sa yahoo, nakikita ko na mabagal magload yung mga pages, almost it took 3 mins para lamang lumabas yung logo ng yahoo.

    sabi ko sa tech nila “bakit parang mabagal yata” ang sabi ba naman eh “madami pong naka install na program sa PC ninyo” so pagkaalis nila ay tinanggalk ko na yung games at encarta encyclopedia, akala ko ang PC ko ang mabagal, yun pala mismong yung Globe.

    almost 6 months na ngayun akong nakatali sa Globe, pero hanggang ngayun wala paring nangyayare, kinailangan ko pang magdial-up ulit para lamang makapagbrowse at e-mail, ano ba naman iyan.

  43. i’ve been reading of lot of blogs and bad comments about those dsl companies here in the philippines. it really sucks giving services to our fellow kababayans who pays for the expensive fees only to get bad services from them.. too bad!!

    im moving to avida sucat next week and plan to have dsl connection. the avida management only has globe as their official dsl internet service provider. i need help from you people here. what is the best isp that i need to get so as to make sure that i will be connected to my husband abroad.

    your help is very much appreciated. thank you!

  44. Nyaakss..shocking naman ang mga feedbacks sa philippines ISP…me & my sis is planning to open an i-cafe nxt yr might early feb..Im presently residing here in japan and married for almost wla masyado alam about sa phils.ISP…Actually my own plan is convinience store but my younger sis told me na much better if i-cafe dw..we could earn & make the puhunan nga bring back ealier pa kesa sa mini convinience & kesyo marami ng karibal dn..i started to opened mini-sari-sari last 7/18 at ok naman ang benta spcly ALAK..mahilig pala ang taong bayan dun uminom..Caloocan city kami dyan sa pinas..

    So nagsearch ako what is the best ISP…& to know dn about sa plan contract..i think mga 10~12pc muna..kc depend sa commercial place na makukuha..& i knew dn malaki ang puhunan if brand new lahat ng pc ko..Plus other expenses like renovation..need dn magpagawa ng pc desk & buy chairs pa…etc…kulang ang 200,000 peso for buss.ang labanan..permit & tax..etc palang more than 10,000peso na..

    well it doesnt matter anymore..but what i feel so doubt is about the ISP..
    most of the feedbacks & report na nakita ko was so badly na & very very worst pa..No probs naman sa mga installation..settings etc ng talking about powers i think enough naman dn para ilaban spcly games..downloading etc..i got some idea from my jpns husband naman kc computer programmer sya..ive learned a lot din naman kahit paano..

    Big deal sa akin un about sa ISP…masisira ang negosyo if ever na magkaroon ng palagiang disconnection at slow progress ng net..Naku paano ba lahat pangit ang mga comment….the only one best i found sa searching is un ZPDee(Skycable Broadband) but hindi occupied sa area nila un caloocan…so i sent mail yesterday kaso tilnow wlaparin response..
    hindi rin detalyado about sa price nila sa maramihan gamit na PC…

    d2 sa jpn kc 4pc ok sa 1 modem..ikaw na lang maglagay or bumili ng extra if kulang pa…50~100mbs…kaya dko sanay sa mabagal & maiirita kalang talaga…Wla ba talagang 100% trusted ISP sa Pinas???

    Caloocan city kami..Ano bang mas in or best sa part nayan??paki naman sa nakakaalam…tanx in advance sa magrereply..takot dn ako bglang magsara once maiopen na eh..sayang un puhunan hirap ng economy dn d2 tiis/tipid ang mga tao…

  45. globe ZTE modem sucks as well as their CSR and TECHs.. giving ass false info.. the technician said that my connection is stable but after a day till now i’m allways disconnected every other 3 mins… i’m decided to use other net connection.. can some one give me an advise? i’ here in laguna area.. GLOBE SUCKS!!!!! [email protected] thnks for the advise… my experience with globe broadband is HELL.

  46. I’m using globe broadband (1 mb) a year from now. A month after installation was so fast. No problem at all. But the following days, months was so fucking slow. Very frustrating for me every time I used internet coz very slow and there a time it will disconnect me. I always calling CS for a help, but its freackin’ me out because they said all I need is to turn off and on the prolink router. I’ve been patient enough not to do an action for this problem. DONT SUBSCRIBE TO GLOBE BROADBAND if you dont want to pester yoursef!!

  47. I’m a Globelies Bulokband subscriber for almost 2 years, and it is true that their broadband connection is amazing, but FYI – this amazing thing was just contemporary… i used to have a 1Mbps connection to them but now i am suffering from EXTREMELY SLUGGISH connection – very poor video streaming, very retarted downloading of files, and web page loading took almost like a millions of years… hayz – GLOBE ABSOLUTELY SUCKS TALAGA! so…


    Sorry guys ha! matindi lang talaga galit ko sa globe dahil mga manggugulang sila!!

    1. totoo yan tama ka dyan pareho tayo ng manyari kaya nagpalit ako ng smartbro kung gusto nyo bumilis ang smartbro text me 09177449627 super bilis ang smartbro hindi kayo talo ang globe bulok maigi pa ang dialup kaysa globe bulok

  48. @ghel
    UR RIGHT! Globe bulokband! hahah!.. Still smart is the best for me.. We have three USBs here. Globe smart and sun. I am smart user.. and my usb won the fastest!hahhaha!

  49. Wow, parang nakakapanlumo talaga ang Globe.

    Wala bang way para materminate ang contract dahil pangit ang service nila, in such a way na wa kang babayaran kasi wa nga talagang nangyari sa buhay mo dahil sa kolokohan nila?



    sayang mga online jobs ko!!!

    sayang mga youporn na…este you tube lang na pinapanood ko!!!


  50. its for me smart is the best broadband kung gusto nyo pa bumilis ang smartbro nyo text nyo ako 09177449627 para maturuan ko kayo sa akin super bilis ang smartbro ko

  51. Hello Guys,

    -ISP that are using signals to transmit, inconsistent talaga yan since SIGNAL ang ginagamit nila at TAKE NOTE naka base lage sa LOCATION nyo yan. bago kayo mag avail mag tanong tanong muna kayo sa AREA nyo if anong connection ang mabilis dun.


    -swertehan lang yan kung sang lugar if mabilis connection dun or not.
    -at isa pa kapag madami subscriber sa lugar nyo malamang sa hindi babagal NET na mararanasan nyo’

    On internet Lines naman if nakaka experience kayo ng mabagal na NET isa lang yan di maganda pagkaka install ng linya sa lugar nyo.

    *madaming mga TWEAKS na pwede gamitin to increase your internet speed such as TCP optimizers and other stuffs. May TWEAKS din sa Mozzilla pang pabilis ng browsing speed nyo.

    **Im a smart BROKE user nga pala mabagal speed ko kahit na TWEAK na lahat-lahat panget talaga location namen. sabi nga yun yung DEAD SPOT think of BIG CIRCLES na madami tapos andun kayo sa labas ng mga CIRCLES na yun, ayun yun dead spot.

    Hope naka tulong (salute)

  52. Here in Cavite for a year I’ve used the GLOBE Wimax (broadband bundled with landline) 1 mbs (995/month)for a few months it has a very fast connection!
    Later its SLOWING DOWN and yeah i always called their CS for repair..(its even hard to call their CS cause their LINES always BUSY.) besides the landline provided is for local calls only and you need to update the Globe to open the NDD/IDD.And not available when Brownout needs to be plug in always!
    Hard to recived calls ..they can hear you but u cant hear the other line..only it takes twice or trice to call back to have a conversation. they have change the OLD modem to a new one and put a 10 feet rod above my roof for the signal…STILL…NOTHING CHANGES!!!
    So therefore I TERMINATED my Globe connection and switch to PLDT my DSL!! I’m SATISFIED!!

    1. can i cancel my subscription even if i just signed up last May 10? The agents who went in my house didn’t give me the right informations. They said GlobeWimax 1mbps can host 6 computers when i told the agent that the connection is very slow he said that it’s because am still locked on a 512 kbps and that it will change once my subscription is activated to 1mbps. When I reported to Globe about my slow connection they told me that Globe Wimax is not good for heavy users like me and that it’s only good for browsing!

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