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House Hunting Adventure: An Amityville Nightmare

amityvilleI’ve mentioned before of our plans to move back to the childhood home of my kids. It’s the house I sold to my paternal auntie so I could defray part of the medical bills of my brother who was sick of leukemia and had to be brought to the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. Just when I thought the deal was going my way, my aunt pegs a price that we couldn’t afford. I thought that since I sold the property at below market value , she would also give us the same deal. I think she knows how much we want the property. Even if I didn’t expect her to sell it at below market value, her selling price was illogical. Feeling disappointed, I checked out the listings of 3 brokers in the same village.

To my delight, I found a house wthin my budget not far from our old property. The sprawling bungalow owned by Dr C, a single woman in her seventies and a US citizen is almost twice the lot size of our previous home. The interiors looked brand new. If the house was a car, the mileage is quite low. What I found interesting was an apartment attached to the main house, with a kitchen /living room, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. Construction materials were of premium quality. Though I am not too keen on marble floors, I loved the overall feel of the house. And the price? 30% below market value. Amazing value. The broker told me that it was in the market for more than a year so the owner was convinced to lower her price. Hmm, although I was still cautious , I excitedly broke the news to girls. They were thrilled to have an apartment to themselves. My husband said “it’s really a good deal”. It was pretty much everything we were looking for in a home, and it was at a price that we could afford. After checking the title at the Register of Deeds and a mutual agreement to the terms, we were ready to pay earnest money.

Something ticked in me. “This is too good to be true”

Though I loved the house, I hesitated to commit to the sale.

“Maybe the street gets flooded?” I thought.

I went back to the village to sniff around for any clues to the house. I saw a small sari-sari (convenience store) store a block away from Dr C’s house. In the pretext of buying a diet Coke, I asked the lady if the street flooded all the way to Dr. C’s house. She shook her head “no. but did you know that her maid got stabbed a year ago? and died at the hospital? Her neighbors claim to hear eerie shouts every midnight. Too bad her killer was never found. No justice at all to the poor girl”

“uh-oh. No wonder Dr C is selling it so cheap”

I was quite peeved at my broker for not revealing the violent death of a household member. I asked for the details. It went like this. It didn’t happen last year but over 3 years ago. Dr C’s helper woke up early in the morning and was surprised to see their carpenter waiting by the door armed with a knife. She yelled at Dr C to run and lock herself in the room. The poor girl was unable to run back inside the house since the carpenter caught up with her and repeatedly stabbed her at the chest.

Ugh! Do we still want the house? I asked L what she thought of the eerie ghostly sounds, and the killing.

The curious writer in her squealed “Cool… a ghost in a house would be exciting and spooktacular!”

Haha, I didn’t expect that reaction.

i turned to M . “What do you think of the ghost?”

M, in an imaginative mode was more intuitive “I’m not scared of the ghost. What’s scary is the living. That killer could come back to kill the new occupants. Just like that Amityville House killer”

M is right. Safety is an important consideration. The back of the house was a vacant lot prone to burglars who can easily climb the fence. Even with high fence rails, it was still possible to gain entrance using ropes and steel cutter. Using an electrified fence is not feasible since we had cats.

Much as we loved the house and the affordable selling price, we had to let it go. No , we don’t want a Filipino version of the Amityville Nightmare.

So we’re back to another house hunting adventure. Have any ideas?

(I’m in Baguio right now cooling it off)

7 thoughts on “House Hunting Adventure: An Amityville Nightmare”

  1. hi noemi. screw brokers, huh? they’re really just in it for the money, nothing else.
    we got a house in greenwoods village, pasig city, at a very good deal. we couldn’t believe it at first, but inquiries at the neighborhood revealed that the property owner, for some inexplicable reasons, had quarreled with most of the neighbors. kaya pala.
    anyway, if the location of greenwoods village is ok with you, there are a lot of properties for sale in the village, i might be able to refer you to some brokers. however, i’ll definitely not refer you to our broker who proved to be more of a nuisance than a source of help.

  2. @lemon- we have been hearing good reviews of greenwoods but I didn’t know anyone who lived there. Some brokers I called didn’t seem to be personable.. Please refer me to some brokers. I’d appreciate that. My email is noemidado @

  3. hi noemi, i just came across your blog..that was really unfair of the broker, but i guess for most of them, business is business. though a part of me is skeptic about the ghost, a part of me feels really sad about the violent death. some ghosts are just confused and misunderstood and like living people, can still cry for help. it may not even be just the soul of the murder victim, it could be other souls as well, given the violence that happened there. no one may never know what really haunts the place, pero sana someone can offer peace, prayers and loving thoughts to whoever is there. souls can be hurt and in need of healing too. pero shempre, iba naman yung sa amityville…*shudder* anyhoo, cheers to you from another traveller 🙂

  4. Noemi,

    Good thing you found out in time.

    I’ve had my share of haunted houses in my life and I will be the first to tell you it’s not fun at all.

    None of them were as bad as the Amityville house but frightening just the same!!!


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