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How to Sustain the Filipina Woman’s Image Online Campaign

filipinaHow to Reshape the Sexy Filipina Image campaign started a month ago. Around mid-July, my sister, Lorna, spoke up at WordPress’s WordCamp in San Francisco and told the 300-something participants about our campaign.

I told my fellow conference attendees about the google bombing campaign my sister, Noemi Dado, and her friends were undertaking to take back the word “[tag]Filipina[/tag]” online from its massive “dating and penpal websites” and put this word in a more balanced context. The loud applause caught me off-guard.

The bloggers liked the idea of the campaign and immediately approached my sister and chatted with her about taking back the word “Jew” online. (Google posted an explanation on the offensive results for the keyword Jew)

It’s inspiring other bloggers to start their own campaign. in the Philippines.

read more? (moved to its new domain,

21 thoughts on “How to Sustain the Filipina Woman’s Image Online Campaign”

  1. use tags after every post. i’ve been adding “filipina”, “sexy filipina”, sexy filipina family”.. etc. anything related to my post topic = the words “sexy filipina” or “pinay” or “filipina” or “mommy”….

    if anyone needs the technorati tag plugin to add in their WordPress blog, let me know. i’ll be happy to help anyone out. 🙂 my e-mail is linked in this comment.

  2. keep up the good work! “yan ang filipina” works better in google-bombing than “yan ang pinay.” and the moms getting involved really helps.

    but i do think we need more than just one site. we may get the top spot, but what about the other nine on the first page of results?

    the other problem is that people eventually lose interest–as the original yan ang pinay campaign did. using the keyword “filipina” and turning it into a link needs to become a habit.

    you may also want to create a category or label called “filipina,” so that there’s a permanent link to all your posts on “filipina.”

    btw, not all those supporting this campaign are female. and not all librarians are female =)

  3. @dexie- thanks for offering your help.

    @ladybug- sure copy the steps

    @vonjobi- you have great ideas. The campaign to link to one site is my own personal campaign among my reader’s community just so one site can make it to the top. I am hoping others bloggers with their own community will follow suit and choose their own Filipina link and make them rank higher on page 1 .

    I will add that Filipina category. Yes some who are supporting Filipina campaign are writing about her moms, sisters etc. It’s not limited to Filipina writers.

  4. am also making a post about this beautiful pinay campaign but am sorry i don’t know how to show off the badge. am using wordpress and checking my widgets, none supports me to show off badges or button of a group where am a member. that’s why i don’t have pmn badge, too. sad me. i don’t know how.

  5. I admire your initiative and the goals of the project. I will link the logo to the FWN site… Well, as soon as I return from my 2 week blog hiatus… and will actually write a “thank you” link love type of entry to thank those responsible for me winning 7th in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs contest. Wow, and I won $100, too! Whoo-hoo!

    Thanks for being one of the earliest “congrats” greeters. Thank you for visiting my site. It was a pleasant surprise.

    I “heart” your blog… It’s truly inspirational… oozes with warmth, and deserves the title “influential”. I just always feel too timid (and awestruck) to comment on “super popular” blogs… 🙂

  6. Hi Noemi,

    this is great move! for the longest time, i’ve been feeling this twinge of shame at being associated with the word “Filipina”. it’s time we reclaim the pride in that name.
    i’ll do everything i can to support your advocacy! more power!

  7. @arlene- there is an upload image feature in the wordpress blog or you can upload the image in a free gallery site . Then link to it.

    @ajay- that’s the way to go. Show off your smart and sexy Filipina like you.

    @VK- yes proudly Filipina

    @auee- it’s partial but slowly gaining ground. I’m number in the keyword sexy filipina

    @raqgold- thanks so much.

    @olga- yes it’s a shame because of the imbalance. but we are doing something about it instead of wallowing in our shame

    @Gwen- thanks a lot. Proudly Filipina

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