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I Am Not Plastic

not plastic project

I am not Plastic.

How dare I make such a bold statement when I just wrote about dedmahan in my last entry!

It’s true though, I am not plastic. My two daughters taught me about biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste segregation when they were about 4 years old. Remember how M cried when her ball rolled to the sewer? Thanks to Miriam’s College’ educational thrust on proper disposal of waste. So when Cathy invited me to her new business venture, I was excited for her and the business itself.

1. I am proud that she is a risk taker , venturing on a business that revolves around her bag passion. I am a believer of income diversification within limits. I mean one can’t just go to every single profitable venture. Financial independence is a long range goal to strive for. Go Cathy!

2. I love the catchy concept of “I am not Plastic”. Together with her two partners, their goal is to get Filipino shoppers into the habit of refusing plastic bags when they shop.

3. Lastly, this bag was sewn by marginalized women from Tandang Sora, Quezon City. By purchasing this bag for only 350 pesos ($8.00), one contributes to their livelihood.

I choose to make Make Mother Earth as part of my personal style . If you’re like me, you might want to know more about these bags at Cathy’s I am Not Plastic Bag entry .

The last few days has been one big adventure . I am lazy to write (but plan to write soon) some of these events so here are photos.

Why oh why did I end up demonstrating the art of cooking Sinigang na Bangus in front of 100 media guests? Read more about it in Pinoy Traditional Dishes through Knorr Sing-Sarap sa SM Launch , July 24, 2007

i am not plastic
(with Cathy and PR practioner Andrea Trinidad Sanchez)
I am just as fashionable with my “I am not Plastic” bag .

View Not Plastic Project Launch Photos, July 25, 2007

celadon manila
Real estate is a secure investment especially if the developer is Ayala Land. I am not just saying this because I was invited to Celadon Manila’s Press Launch. I am actually talking from the experience of my husband’s family investment in Ayala Land properties. I got so excited with this in-city development that I created a website ( in preparation for online sales inquiries.
View Celadon Manila Press Launch Photos, July 26, 2007

Friday morning
blogger 001.jpg
Taping with Cathy and Annamanila for Segment 3 of Moms Work Special on Lifestyle Channel (on your cable TV) to be shown on August 17 at 10:00 PM to be replayed August 18 at 10:00 AM. I’ll write more about this in a separate blog entry.

Friday Night
timbuk 2
Great bonding moments with blog mates Jayvee, Shari, Rick, Karla, Luis, AJ, Riz, Anton and my daughter Lauren at the Timbukt2 Blogger Bag Launch held at the Outback Restaurant. I might have found the perfect laptop bag for my macbook. No, it’s not the blogger laptop bag because it’s just too funky and bulky for me. Timbuk2 offers stylish bag designs for women called Marina which costs around 4,000 pesos ($87). I will check it out again at the BratPack branch in Galleria before I make the purchase. Read more of the bag’s details at my shopping blog, Blogger Bag by Timbuk2 Bag
Blogger Laptop Bag by Timbuk2 Launch, July 27, 2007

Oh and it’s Saturday morning. I have to sleep now because tonight I am having a party.

16 thoughts on “I Am Not Plastic”

  1. I kinda like that “I am not plastic” bag too. But it might take years before I go to Rockwell.

    That was a busy week you had Noems .. but the climax was a good one — taping for lifestyle channel. 🙂 We had fun with Cathy, didn’t we?

  2. @rach- I will remind everyone again as the date nears

    @ajay- I guess I am more flexible and can arrange my schedule so I can attend these events. It’s been my busiest week so far that I have to decline 2 other events. Am enjoying it as I have an excuse to write content in my commercial blogs/

  3. You’re on a roll, Noemi! Looks like it was an exciting week!
    Wow, you and annamanila will be on TV? Sayang, my cable doesn’t carry the Lifestyle Channel. Will have to find a way to watch that show!
    Hey, you look slim in the Friday morning pic ha.

  4. @chateau- that’s why I chose black clothes so I will look slimmer. You know how it is in TV, we gain 10 lbs. hah , Maybe we should meet up at my home saturday morning so you can watch or something.

  5. That bag is similar to Andya Hindsmarch’s much-publicised limited release of “Im not a plastic bag”.

    Ey you look like Maricel Soriano in the Friday morning picture

  6. My mom is into “bayongs” that she jazzes up with old hair accessories. Her bayong passion started when she, who now lives in Baguio, went to market one day with her ordinary bayong. The vendors fancied her bayong and that inspired her to be more creative with it.

    I’ll post a picture of the one she gave me for my birthday. It included a fan and a foldable umbrella. Sweet ‘no?

  7. Hi! i went to rockwell last weekend to buy the I AM NOT PLASTIC bag. They do not sell it anymore. Where can i order? Do you have a number where i can order?

    Thanks and more power

  8. I think all of us have to become more aware of the polluted situation of the earth and take these small steps to help it breathe healthy again.Very nice projects…love the bags.

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