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iblog 3: Personal Blogging Success

iblog 3A few bloggers like Abe and Anton shared their blogging success to the participants of the iblog 3 on its second day. My talk on the first day was “Personal Blogging Success” ( download the powerpoint of the My Personal Blogging Success Story). But how is blog success really measured? In terms of metrics, I am just average compared to Abe and Anton. What about blog goals? Definitely yes! The primary goal of my blog is to promote “grief support in the Philippines” so others may find solace or comfort in their grief journey. Success is measured on the number of inquiries and members in The Compassionate Friends and in Cathy’s advocacy, Grief Share. Like I mentioned in the summit, the rest is just “icing on the cake”.

Ambivalent feelings rushed over me as I prepared for this talk. I think it had to do with “survivor guilt”. Yes it still hits me sometimes. Guilt. When I feel the fullness and joy of life, I feel guilty that my loved ones are not here today. I felt sadness wash over me knowing that this blog would not have existed if my son died. I wanted my dad to hear me speak in public. Dad is my idol when it comes to public speaking. It’s the reason I always put Lardizabal-Dado in my name. These fleeting moments of sadness pass as I realize that the pain has turned into wonderful blessings. It is still hard for me to say I lost my son in public without tearing. And then the guilt hit me again as I stood on the podium. I sounded so bland in my talk. I had to get my bearings so I wouldn’t bring the summit into a tearful activity. I kept saying to myself Be present to this day…this day which is precious in itself and different from any other day I have had or will have

Life is full of wonder and love and I embrace every new person I met in the [tag]iblog 3 summit[/tag]. If I forgot to mention you, blame it on my fragile brain cells.

iblog 3 socials
iblog 3
socializing after the [tag]iblog 3[/tag]

See you in the next iblog summit which I heard will be a Regional Summit.

14 thoughts on “iblog 3: Personal Blogging Success”

  1. Yes, that is one question worth probing — how does one measure blogging success. Siguro — the first step is to ask yourself what you’re blogging for. For self-expression? Just to have an online but otherwise private journal? To crunch idle time? To circulate your ideas, thoughts, advocacies? To make money? Then and only then will you be on your way to getting answers to how successful you are.

  2. Hello Noemi. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience at iBlog3. For sure, more mothers and women, regardless of age, are inspired by your blogging story and will consider venturing into it soon.

    I agree with you that success is measured differently by each one of us as our objective in doing something will have a big influence on our parameters.

  3. I so wanted to be at that summit, but I wasn’t in Manila that time. I hope to make it in the next one.

    “Be present to this day…this day which is precious in itself and different from any other day I have had or will have”
    -So true! Thanks for reminding me that I have to get my butt off this chair really soon and go to the gym, do the groceries… aack. it’s a long list 😀
    Have a great day!

  4. i felt that you were so brave there in front. especially when the one who asked weren’t listening (when u said the reason why u started blogging) but still asked the question.

    you know, i started blogging because my heart was torn in bits and pieces (mala-bopis ba!) and i was devastated. blogging did a lot in my journey to completeness…he he. now i can say that my heart is whole again for me and my son’s sake. 😉

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  9. Hi, I just wanna say thank you for being generous in sharing your blogging experiences. I have long wanted to put up my own blog but only got to do it today (yay!). I’m kinda excited about it and when I came upon your blog, I got more inspired! Thank you, thank you so much!
    .-= sheila´s last blog ..iLove iPad, Anyone? =-.

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