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In fitness and in health till…

fitness firstButch signed up at Fitness First today. One disdavantage of having a lifetime membership is one gets complacent and postpones visiting the gym. That’s what happened to my husband’s lifetime membership at Slimmer’s World. He’s been a member since the early 1990’s and barely uses it. I’ve been a member of Fitness First since May 2005 and I visit the center everyday. It’s like I have to take advantage of the services and facilities because I pay 2,300 pesos ($45) every month .

After we kissed and made up after our spat, he thought of transforming his negative energies into physical workout. I think he got envious of my transformation and happier disposition. He also noticed that my arms are stronger now. Hehe, I wonder how he noticed. Was it because I carried more grocery bags?

fitness first
After our workout, I feel refreshed and bubbly. He seems to be eager to go out of the gym because of his hunger pangs. I never get hungry after a workout.

hubbyHe grins at me because he has a craving for “Gonuts Donuts“. His silvery hair glistened as I took this photo. Hubby has premature gray hairs inspite of the fact that he is two years younger than me. I barely have any white hair. He reminds me of American Idol contestant , Taylor Hicks. Unlike Taylor Hicks, hubby only got his premature gray hairs in his mid -thirties.

Anyway, “Gonuts Donuts” have a lite version which contains 1 gram of sugar and lesser fat. Hubby orders 3 lite donuts for me. How sweet. My sweet tooth is always wrecking havoc on my weight loss management. I still think they contain evil carbos which stimulate my fats to become even more resistant to weight loss. How can I resist?

4 thoughts on “In fitness and in health till…”

  1. It’s actually better to eat after a workout. After exercise you’re still burning the calories so when you eat right after, it just goes down. Well, that’s what I’ve heard anyway..hehe.

    BTW, you’re motivating me to really get serious about my workout plans after the baby :). Thanks.

  2. dexie: In my first 2 pregnancies, I went to the gym after 8 weeks and lost all the weight in less than a year. Not bad at all but that was because I was younger. My last pregnancy was when I was 35 and I became lazy and got fat. The weight gain just got stuck either because of old age or slower metabolism. I think it’s harder to lose as one gets older but I’ve also learned that losing weight at any age is possible, I’ve since lost it only a year ago. Imagine that. So go for it and don’t give up.

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