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Inspiration from a Working Mom Magazine

working momI was 42 years old and reading the “Working Mom” magazine. I wanted to get back to the corporate world or do research work like I used to do or so I thought. Armed with an MBA, it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Reality sank in that Filipino employers never or rarely hire women past thirty five years old. Look at the classified ads…”not more than 30 years old”…or “not more than 40 years old” as if age diminishes our mental faculties. The problem was I quit the workforce at the age of 30 years old to devote the full time homemaker role to my three children. Those lost years deprived my exposure to business trends and development. I had a part time job though. During those 10 years, I devoted my brains to my husband’s family properties as he could not attend to it. He was a budding lawyer tied down to a law firm. He literally dropped his property management role to me. I had no choice but support his wishes as we derived substantial income from it too.

To add to my credentials, I acquired a license in real estate brokerage in 1989. Things didn’t work out in the end because of misunderstandings which I’d rather not explain further. I resigned in 1998 much to the disappointment of my father-in-law.

I knew I needed something else. A job?

I could get a job through network of friends but what was my specialty? The past years saw me dabbling with the internet and web site development. I was out of the loop in the corporate world.

On that fateful day , I read this article about moms who quit their jobs and went into business. There were 3 women who started a business because they were tired of working

So that was it! Start a business. But what kind of business?

The dream of starting a business started that day. I reflected on my interests and decided that my business should be something I truly enjoy. But I was afraid of the risks, the capital expenditure and the failure. It took me 3 more years at the age of 45 years old to start a small venture through the help of my daughter, Lauren. Armed with my management background, I helped her manage her small webhosting business as she had school to attend. I discovered that I loved the internet and technology. Maybe my “food technology” background helped me understand new technologies.

The road to financial independence proved real slow as I was a poor risk taker. My business model was really conservative. Though financial returns were initially small, the business never incurred losses since it started in 2002. In fact, working funds were derived from net income. The test of the business’ success came when the business paid the bills during a critical financial crisis.

My life had always been comfortable . I never thought of the possibility that money would ran out. During that dreadful 2004, we lost our steady income.The financial struggle seemed endless but there was a redeeming factor… we had this small business. That year, I took the risk and took over Lauren’s business and expanded to more servers. I had no choice. Starve, brood or prosper. I have said before that money isn’t everything but it takes money to solve certain problems. While pondering over my financial problems, I heard God speak to me in that silent voice that whispers gently in our souls

You don’t have to worry about money again not unless you want to. I told you I would take care of you. And I will.

From then on, I lifted all my worries to God and dedicated my work in writing All for Jesus.

This will really sound so cheesy to non-believers but it worked for me. Together with inspiration from role models and prayers, I am on my road to financial independence. Within the following months, my income doubled then tripled after 1 year. Since that day, I have had hard times but I have never had to go without …not for more than a moment in time.

It started with a dream and a prayer to overcome the blocks and barriers in my life to financial success.

9 thoughts on “Inspiration from a Working Mom Magazine”

  1. i always find your writings inspiring. right now, i am also on the look out on things to do other than my regular desk job, i have now this thinking that one should not be dependent solely on his/her regular salary, i think it pays to have something on the side to break monotony and to maximize one’s potential.

  2. inspiring, dear Noemi. with me now retired, i have a lot of time in my hands. with this, plus my complete trust in the good Lord, i am slowly finding my niche and re-creating myself. there is certainly a lot of opportunities in a world outside the corporate world.

  3. I too wanted to established my own career outside the corporate world. I don’t want to be an employee and like you, I devote my time to take care of my children. I constantly include to my prayers the success of being a mother and an entrepreneur. I adore you, You are a cool mom! Hope I can be like you too.

    mommyfats last blog post..JOY LIST OF A MOTHER

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